Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report on Shelly Miscavige

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by rickybobby, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. RightOn Member

    Wonder how the LAPD is going to explain how they knew it was actually Shelly on the phone. LOL Pretty ridic!
    oh that's right, because COS said it was her. carry on
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  2. RightOn Member

    my favorite comment
    "Give her a ticket for wasting their time"
    bwah ha ha!!!
    If they were issued tickets in every state (and country) for every time they wasted the authorities time with bogus reports, they would be out of business.
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  3. RightOn Member

    Sir, I find your speculation of her being happy where she is just as rampant.

    if she says she is happy where she is, it is only because she has been convinced/brainwashed/drilled into thinking that way.
    NOBODY in their right mind would like to be locked up for over 6 years and under constant surveillance and cut off from the outside world unless they were brainwashed into thinking that or feel they are a threat to society
  4. Sonichu Moderator

    I say yes, give her a ticket only if they give Scientology a ticket for every time they called the police about terrorists being outside with signs and masks.
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  5. RightOn Member

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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's Tony's update from yesterday:

    LAPD Officer Gregory Baek tells us that detectives have made contact with Shelly Miscavige and now consider the case closed and classified as “unfounded.”

    (That news started filtering out a few hours ago, first with an unnamed LAPD source to the New York Daily News.)

    But here’s the thing. Our sources tell us that Leah Remini, who filed the report earlier this week, had not been briefed by the LAPD and was told the case was still open late this afternoon.

    We asked Officer Baek — Would the LAPD begin telling the press and public that the case was closed without briefing the person who made the missing-person report?

    “That depends on the situation and the case, and the detective will decide which will get first,” he told us. “I don’t know exactly what happened.”

    Well, that’s reassuring.

    So the public still has no confirmation on where Shelly Miscavige is, what condition she’s in, and why she hasn’t been seen at church events in the last seven years.

    And Leah Remini, as far as we know, has received no answers to her questions.
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  7. RightOn Member

    "“That depends on the situation and the case, and the detective will decide which will get first,” he told us. “I don’t know exactly what happened.”"

    gee, is that how all cases are handled?
    I wouldn't be too satisfied if I filed a report and that is what I got back for an answer.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Why would anyone be surprised that the cops asked a brainwashed cultie "are you missing" and said brainwashed cultie said 'no'?

    What were folks ITT expecting...??
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  9. RightOn Member

    who is surprised?
  10. Anonymous Member

    A reminder of some history over at esmb:


    icon1.png Re: Leah Remini Files Missing-Person Report on Scientology leader’s wife

    Good to know.
    With Hubbard all they had to do was produce a letter stating he wanted to be left alone and it was good enough for the court

    quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Bare faced Messiah: Chapter 22: Missing, Presumed Dead
    This intriguing litigation generated a flurry of media speculation about the fate of the founder of Scientology, but the question of whether Hubbard was dead or alive was quickly settled when the church produced a signed declaration with the Commodore's fingerprints on every page, authenticated by independent experts. Hubbard described his son's allegations as malicious, false and ill-founded. 'With respect to Ronald DeWolf,' he wrote, 'I consider him neither a friend nor a family member in the true sense of the word. Although biologically he is my son, his hostility and animosity to me are apparent and have been for years . . . I am not a missing person. I am in seclusion for my own choosing. My privacy is important to me, and I do not wish it or my affairs invaded in the manner permitted by this action. As Thoreau secluded himself by Walden Pond, so I have chosen to do in my own fashion.'The court accepted the documents as proof that Hubbard was still alive and dismissed DeWolf's suit.
  11. Anonymous Member

    So she is in LA after all.
  12. Anonymous Member

    According to some reports she was seen in person. I wonder if they brought her to the LAPD?

    A couple of thoughts on this. First I didn't expect any other outcome. Secondly, notice how no one has mentioned David Miscavige's mistress? You'd think that someone would have brought that to the table. Not that it would have mattered, but I personally find it revealing.

    Lastly, one must wonder what Shelly thinks of all of this.
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  13. RightOn Member

    lots of people change in 6 years. how did they determine that was actually her?
    I don't think Shelly thinks on her own period. IMO
    Acceptable truths must run rampant with that gal
  14. BlackRob Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    I recall a couple months ago, a statement was released from "Shelly's lawyer" stating that she was not missing and was fine.

    I suspect the police talked to the same lawyer as their "confirmation".
  17. AnyOldName Member

    The LAPD is playing Scilon word games: "made contact", "investigated & unfounded", etc. Why aren't they saying the officer "met with", "interviewed in person", etc. What did they do talk to her on the phone? Did she email them? Post to Facebook? Maybe she tweeted a response?

    I hope the media and Leah can keep the pressure on to at least get an answer as to whether it was a face to face confirmation. Would be great if they would further classify if the officer interviewing Shelly was trained in "mindfuck" abuse (even experienced with domestic violence victims).
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  18. AnyOldName Member

    @krusty Getting your twitty tweets out to the media?
  19. wolfbane Member


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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. YouSeeNothing Member

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  22. BlackRob Member


    Shit just got real. Scientology is striking back huh? They are taking the bait. They don't know who they are fucking with.

    It's on like Donkey Kong now.
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  23. AnyOldName Member

    Thanks. I had not seen that article. It sounds like the MailOnline actually spoke to the police, unlike some of the others re-reporting others reports.

    BTW, it is a great article - good background info for the general public. They didn't let Miscavige or Scientology off scott-free. The police update gave them the opening to do a full article. Nice.
  24. Anonymous Member

    " unemployed, anti-religious zealots"

    love how they keep calling critics unemployed.
    As if being in OSA is a real job.
    and it can't be anti-religious when COS not a religion
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Laurissa Stükebrock was ponied up to play Shelly /
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Love Jezebel

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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Spread it far and wide
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  30. derail
    Just as a reminder, this is the same LAPD that tends to be extremely over-zealous while getting paid for security details by the church of scientology:

  31. anonamus Member

    Quite so. Let's never forget what assholes the law can be.
  32. A piece of paper with his prints all over it.

    Just like Paulette Cooper sent that bomb threat on her stationary with her own prints all over...
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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    What's the matter Shelly? Why can't you call your former BFF and tell her to fuck off yourself?

    I mean, that's what normal people do.
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  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Here is the official police report (The Superficial - Because You're Ugly)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    In one of the above videos it was said that Leahs missing person report was not the only one.
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  38. DeathHamster Member
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  39. RightOn Member

    who the FUCK does Krusty Alien think she is?
    With her new show coming out soon, you would think she wouldn't be pulling shit like this, but then again, it is the only attention she is getting.
  40. Leah, your advisors should have cautioned you about the local law enforcement.
    File your MPR with the FBI.



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