Leah Remini fired from "The Talk" (CBS)

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Smurf, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Leah is madly tweeting about not being asked back for the 2nd season of "The Talk"..

    “[Remini] was a disruptive force,” the source said. “She had a huge morale problem,” adding that Remini often brought her mother on set, who refused to follow studio rules. “Her mother never parked in her assigned space,” the insider said. “She was told not to park in the lot anymore.”
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  2. moarxenu Member

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  3. Random guy Member

    Not abiding by wog rules does not pay it seems!
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  4. subgenius Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Fuck yeah!!!! Get rid of that bitch. Nobody wants to see Scientologists on wog shows pretending to be normal.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    OTV making it go right . . .
  7. Anon1942 Member

    Since Ron isn't helping maybe she should pray to Xenu.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Great news. I had been following this for a while. There were lots of indicators of this. She was being disciplined on live TV by the host of the show and had difficulty behaving like a normal person. On one show, the Host said "You're using your outdoor voice again." This is on LIVE TV.

    What is good about this is that her future career path is going to be affected by this. She was difficult to work with, appeared to have issues with he co-workers. I wonder if producers are going to think twice about putting a b-grade Scientologist on live TV again.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I don't normally watch these talk shows, but now I will catch this one whenever I can. LOL
  10. Anonymous Member

    If you can find this video and post it here it would be great.
  11. Random guy Member

    Her career was pretty much over as it was. She never was a great actor. Her best best asset was being fapable. Now she has aged like all wog bodies do, and having not made an effort into developing other aspects of live (being cultured, nice, actually good at acting or whatever), she has nothing to fall back on. It is a stupid mistake some actresses (and a few male actors) make, and one that she will come to regret bitterly.
  12. AIN Member

    It's like Tom Cruise. The studios don't want him because he can't keep his mouth shut about scientology, which causes huge problems.
    And with Leah, the one rule of hollywood is, if you can't listen, you don't work. As long as you show up on time, keep your mouth shut about politics, religion, etc and listen to the higher ups, things go well.
  13. xenubarb Member

    She puts the 'bleah' in Leah.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    who gives a fuck about her or that shit-ass TV show, anyways?
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  15. xenubarb Member

    I think it's a show where pretty women try to demonstrate their intellectual side. But I'm just guessing, b'cause I don't watch talk shows. Opinions are like assholes. As you say, who gives a fuck?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Why ask permission to park? We are the parking authorities!
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  17. AIN Member

  18. AnonyVix Member

    Annoyingly, annoying and obnoxious people often make good TV because of the drama they generate. She may become the bad penny of "reality" TV shows.

    "You're using your outdoor voice again." - I LOL'd. :)

    The fact she admits that she wanted to go back and wasn't invited back says the story that she was leaving the show along with Sharon Osborne because of Chen being so bossy is a lie.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. DeathHamster Member

    At least she didn't say "You're using your crazy brain again."
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  21. RightOn Member

    but what I care about.....
    is that once again it proves that Scientology doesn't work and that clears and OT's are powerless and a waste of money.
    She has been clear since 1990!
    All the dough she spent on COS and she can't even stay on a fail talk show

    Leah Remini PILOT COURSE Celebrity 202 1986-11-01
    Leah Remini MARRIAGE COURSES Celebrity 236 1990-05-01
    Leah Remini CLEAR Celebrity 240 1990-09-01
    Leah Remini SUNSHINE RUNDOWN Celebrity 240 1990-09-01
    Leah Remini SUCCESS THROUGH COMMUNICATION COURSE Celebrity 242 1990-11-01
    Leah Remini LIFE ORIENTATION COURSE Celebrity 270 1993-11-01
    Leah Remini FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN LISTS Celebrity 274 1994-03-01
    Leah Remini METHOD ONE CO-AUDIT COURSE Celebrity 281 1994-12-01
    Leah Remini GRADE 2 Celebrity 281 1994-12-01
    Leah Remini GRADE 3 Celebrity 281 1994-12-01
    Leah Remini GRADE IV Celebrity 283 1995-05-01
    Leah Remini STUDENT HAT Celebrity 290 1996-02-01
    Leah Remini HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE Celebrity 292 1996-04-01
    Leah Remini END OF ENDLESS INT RUNDOWN Celebrity 299 1996-12-01
    Leah Remini PURIFICATION RUNDOWN Celebrity 306 1997-09-01
    Leah Remini SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN Source 120 1998-12-01
    Leah Remini PTS/SP Course Celebrity 319 1999-06-01
    Leah Remini OT PREPS Advance 159 2002-07-01
    Leah Remini SOLO COURSE PART II Advance 159 2002-07-01
    Leah Remini OT ELIGIBILITY Advance 159 2002-07-01
    Leah Remini HUBBARD SOLO AUDITOR COURSE PART I Celebrity 341 2002-09-01
    Leah Remini OT ELIGIBILTY Advance 160 2002-10-01
    Leah Remini OT I Advance 160 2002-10-01
    Leah Remini OT I I Advance 160 2002-10-01
    Leah Remini OT III Advance 162 2003-01-01
    Leah Remini OT IV Advance 162 2003-01-01
    Leah Remini OT V Advance 164 2003-05-15
    Leah Remini STUDY CERTAINTY COURSE Celebrity 349 2003-06-01
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  22. AnonLover Member

    One less grossly over payed scilon celebutard paycheck being siphoned off for cult campaigns and the bridge.


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  23. xenubarb Member

    Cowboy buttsex.
  24. Squirrel King Member

    OTV at least eh? How them super powers working out?
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    so now you feel stupid don't you

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  28. Hey, this campaign was started in 2008.

    That means she is only like 5+ years later than a lot of people who left scn due to its abuses.

    Nice that she finally left, tho. I would be more impressed if she would talk about the sea org and human rights abuses within the church in a public forum.
  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. AnonLover Member

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