Leah Remini has left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2013.

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  3. Lol, lookit all the coverage. A lot of ppl give a shit, more than would normally give a shit, because Remini has done something very useful while leaving. She's brought us a lot more coverage to the mysterious disappearance of Shelley Miscavige, and by extension, to David Miscavige.

    This hits the person I want to hurt most in Scientology. I don't know whether you give a shit, but I know a lot of people who want to see David Miscavige hurt and to have his scandals & skeletons covered by the international press.
  4. The courses cost money, sure, but the cuntlapping is free.
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    Best write up, as usual, is Michael K.
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  6. Call me crass, but I want to see his goatse the day after ius primus noctis. That's what he has coming and that's what I want.

    Hi Davey ;)

    (*) > (O)
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    Bwahaha!, IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!

    Registered July 11th. Just a parking site so far. Naturally the registration is cloaked.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'd take that as that not only is she out, but she has enemy status.
    We run this!
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  8. Ye olde Dead Agent Rube Goldberg machine has been flipped on.

    I think she'll lawyer up against the slander.
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    Oops, I was going to say they get plenty cuntlapping. I just seems they should be aware that they look like Hippocrates when they support this cult .
  12. 1h Leah Remini Calling It Quits With Scientology??? –
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    1h Leah Remini Quits Church Of Scientology – USA TODAY
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    Likely duplicate(s): Google News/earsucker
    1h Leah Remini at war with Scientology head: Blacklisted for asking question –
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    1h King of Queens actress Leah Remini quits Church of Scientology – The Australian
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    2h Actress's Breakup With Scientology Raises Even More Questions About Tom ... – The Stir (blog)
    Thu, Jul 11, 2013 — Feed: Google News
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    Mike: The Church Responds to Leah Remini Stories With Arrogant Hypocrisy

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    Until there's a Verifiable statement from Leah Remini that she's out, that'll be reverted under WP:BLP.
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    This please me to no end.

    She shouldn't be able to bawl about it to the WP Editors behind the scenes and have it taken off. And a couple of tweets claiming she will pray for someone and inferring that she was Catholic shouldn't mean squat in the bigger scheme of things since Scientology lays the claim you can be a member of a different religion and still be a Scientologist.

    It's time to speak up officially Leah. The cat is out of the bag and you have gotten more positive press in the last couple of days than you've had since King of Queens ended. Coming clean publicly that you are out will only make you look better.
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    Leah Remini has issued a statement.

    Hollywood Reporter:

    Leah Remini has issued a statement regarding reports that she has cut ties with the Church of Scientology."I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and fans from around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support."

    More to come.
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    ^^Funny how she failed to either confirm or deny it. Imagine that.
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  20. AWESOME!!!!

    And LBH, wtf do they have on her that would be embarrassing in this day of confessional celebs? Wild orgies, drunk, alcoholism, drugs, bisexual, wild lesbian sex? Heroin? Nothing shocks anyone anymore, they have no power over this woman or anyone because the crazy stuff is out there. Heck the President admitted he did cocaine.
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    Article is from January 28, 2008
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    The comment thread here may heat up some in the next few hours...
    • [IMG]
      spike2 minutes ago

    • I listened to my inner voice, many years ago, and took an introductory course with the Church. As a consequence, I have had nothing but positive results with both Dianetics and Scientology ever since.
    • [IMG]

    • diva supreme • 10 minutes ago

    • I was introduced to Scientology as a potential member many years ago. However, my hackles went up almost immediately as I absorbed the " vibes" that were floating around. After my decision not to join I was bombarded with phone calls and mail from this persistent group. for a very long time. It was a very spooky environment in my estimation.
      I am so happy that I listened to my inner voice.
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  25. White Tara Global Moderator

    Well that statement is confirmation enough for me, now spill sum dirt and she can be added to the list. Yay!
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    I has a happee. I can finally leave King Of Queens on after Friends and not feel guilty.
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    People magazine now has the statement. I'm sure the statement will be republished all over the place.,,20716830,00.html

    Leah Remini has broken her silence after deciding to leave the Church of Scientology.

    "I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support," she says in a statement to PEOPLE.

    For years, the King of Queens star, 43, was one of the best-known members of the Church of Scientology.
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    Lets show her some love. She could be a tremendous help to us. This story has already shed light on the Shelly Miscavige story. If nothing else we should thank her for that, perhaps she'll push for answers with some support.
    Twitter @leahremini
    Looks like her blog is mostly inactive, but you could always hit the comments of the articles.
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    Leah Remini Quits Scientology: Twitter Feed Hinted at 'Change' to Come

    The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Thursday that Leah Remini had left the Church of Scientology, alleging she had been forced to undergo unwanted "thought modification."

    The following are tweets on her feed in which the actress hinted at questions of faith and self-evolution in the days prior to news breaking that she had cut ties with the Church.
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    International Business Times on Leah Remini

    I know this was bare-linked above, but I think the article is worthy of attention and reading in full.

    Leah Remini Scientology Split ‘A Huge Threat’ To Controversial Church

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    Actress Leah Remini leaves Church of Scientology - Reuters

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters)

    Actress Leah Remini has severed ties with the Church of Scientology, a source with knowledge of her decision said on Thursday, making her one of the most high-profile members to quit.


    She did not address Scientology directly, but the source told Reuters that Remini's statement was her confirmation that she had left the church.,0,4427814.story
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    And that's my problem with the statement. I'm sure that she's out, but this statement doesn't come out and directly say that. Instead, it's an unnamed source interpreting her statement as a confirmation.

    I guess I can't fault her for being careful and clever: Now everyone knows that she's out, but she can deny actually saying that.
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    The Scientology corporation tries very very hard to recruit anyone involved in show business, no matter how untalented or unknown. Especially when they're young and struggling to make it. The company thus has connections and can help actors/musicians get gigs and meet people. The cult promises them that it can help their careers, and sadly some buy into it. Bigger actors get into it usually before they ever became famous.

    If you throw enough darts, no matter how lousy you are, eventually you will get a bullseye.
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    Bullshit. I can fault her. If the reports are correct that her family refuses to to disconnect from her then she has nothing to lose. Being cagey about it is nothing more than a chicken shit cop out.
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    .. said the person posting pseudonymously. Why was it, again, that Anons wear masks and object so vociferously to being "doxed?"
    Perhaps, if. Her mother is a Scientologist. Her husband is a Scientologist. But, yes, she should risk hurting her family members because mask wearing people posting pseudonymously are impatient.
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    What nonsense are you on about. How would her quitting a cult hurt her family?

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