Leah Remini has left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Tom Cruise, Scientology Come Under Fire As Leah Remini Leaves The Church

    Posted on Jul 12, 2013 @ 10:31AM | By radarstaff

    The high-profile defection of King of Queens actress Leah Reminifrom the church of Scientology has triggered accusations against the religion and also put Tom Cruise under fire, RadarOnline is reporting.
    Remini’s decision to leave the church is surrounded by reports that she was subjected to “thought modification” for five years and when the church wanted to put her through it again she refused.
    Now, Remini’s bold move is putting Tom Cruise – the most high-profile celebrity attached to Scientology – in the spotlight, with a key anti-Scientology journalist writing an open letter to the star and asking him to address and explain several controversial events.

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    Why Leah Remini’s defection from the Church of Scientology matters -

    The "King of Queens" actress is Scientology's latest apostate -- and had been an approachable defender of the faith

    By Daniel D'Addario

    Leah Remini, the onetime star of “The King of Queens” and of “The Talk,” has confirmed reports that she’s defected from the Church of Scientology — a rare celebrity apostate and the most notable one since “Crash” director Paul Haggis’s much-discussed departure.

    While Remini’s star has faded somewhat in recent years — she was fired from “The Talk” in 2011, and the New York Post, in breaking the story, didn’t even use Remini’s name in its front-page headline — her departure is yet another significant blow to the church’s public image. For all that Remini’s public profile has dimmed somewhat, she’s still a likable star of a sitcom that aired for nine years and is on in syndication nightly in many markets; she was public about her Scientology and, in particular, her friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the now-over first couple of Scientology. Remini, whose sitcom was still airing when Cruise and Holmes wed, spoke publicly about the much-speculated-upon couple and helped to humanize them, dishing about baby Suri during the long period during which Cruise and Holmes kept her hidden and, later, explaining away Cruise and Holmes’s reliance on L. Ron Hubbard’s formula to feed toddler Suri.

    Compare Remini’s friendly, amiable Scientology to Jenna Elfman’s aggressive shouting at passersby or Kirstie Alley’s criticizing psychiatric medication or the rumors swirling around Tom Cruise and John Travolta. She was one of the celebrity Scientologists it was okay to like, much as Paul Haggis was safe to honor with Academy Awards because he kept his faith fairly low-key. Scientologists live their faith in public by their very nature, but Remini’s framing of Scientology in interviews as a way to hang out with Tom and Katie seemed, if not relatable, then inoffensive.

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    Celebrities Who Left Scientology: Leah Remini, Katie Holmes & More Celebs Who Said Goodbye To Xenu

    Leah Remini has confirmed that she's left the Church of Scientology, and with that she joins a growing list of celebrities who have said goodbye to the religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

    Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology and he convinced Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes to join the church during his respective marriages to them. Of course neither marriage lasted, and Kidman and Holmes both left the church, with rumors it was the controversial religion that played a role in the demise of each relationship.

    Neither has commented on the rumors, and Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, "I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists -- Connor [17] and Isabella [20] -- and I utterly respect their beliefs."

    Meanwhile, actress Nazanin Boniadi -- the woman who was allegedly handpicked by the church to be Cruise's girlfriend from November 2004 until January 2005 before running afoul of the religion's leader David Miscavage -- also left the church. Vanity Fair claims Boniadi's decision to leave the church came after she was punished for her insubordination by having to scrub toilets with a toothbrush, clean bathroom tiles with acid and dig ditches in the middle of the night, and later was sent out to hawk Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics on street corners.

    Continued at
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    Has anyone tweeted HER about it? She may want to know....
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    Take a bow Channologists, you are seeing the fruits of your persistent work. All that probing, doxing, asking questions and putting the answers online, pestering journalists to write, blunting OSA so they can't intimidate EXes any more, now we see the results. Any journalist who we ever got to write something remember it, they google it, and whenever the culy comes up, al that information comes up too.

    This is what winning looks like.
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  10. Some people here are the sit ..... they HATED Leah when she was a Scientologists .... now they LOVE her because she isn't. WTF is wrong with you guys?
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    I still don't like her, but at least now I feel I can fapp King of Queens without feeling guilty.
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    Mike Rinder on the Leah Remini Statement

    Leah Remini Statement

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    john sweeney@johnsweeneyroar 1h
    Leah Rimini was nicest of #Scientology celebs I interviewed in 2007 - see Church Of Fear. And now she's out. Courtesy of
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  14. Anonymous Member

    me likey sweeney
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

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  17. I can’t wait until Leah goes to get auditing by Marty and then turns completely against LRH and the Tech as that is what happens to anyone that goes to Marty for “help”. I have a feeling probably Leah is wanted in the Indie field as they need someone with money and she will be used to “promote” the Indies. She is being used.
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    Jenna Miscavige Hill speaks on Leah Remini situation.

    Daily Mail:EXCLUSIVE: 'Uncle David won't be happy - all he cares about is PR': Scientology leader David Miscavige's outspoken niece hails Leah Remini as 'fantastic and brave'

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Actually, this would deserve its own thread, video, etc. Celebrities that have left Scientology. Or even better, celebrities that have left Scientology after Chanology got started!
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    DOX or GTFO
  21. BlackRob Member

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    Leah Remini Is 'A Tough Woman,' Says Jenna Miscavige Hill -

    The niece of the most powerful man in the Church of Scientology is speaking out in support of Leah Remini's decision to leave the church.

    "From what I understand, she was just fed up with the way she was being treated when she was following church policy," says Jenna Miscavige Hill, who left the church herself in 2005. "She is a tough woman and isn't the type to yield or turn a blind eye to a blatant injustice. People like that don't last too long in Scientology because they aren't easy to control."

    Miscavige Hill, who wrote an explosive memoir, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape (published by Harper Collins in February) is very familiar with the dangers of criticizing the church.

    Remini, she says, "has been viewed as being a vocal advocate for the church. But what people may not know is that sometimes church members who are in trouble due to stepping out of line, are required to display their advocacy publicly in order to prove their dedication."

    Continued at,,20717044,00.html
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  24. Anonymous Member

    iScientology, Milestone Two Fundamentalist FAIL on the Leah Remini story.

    As I've previously noted, sometimes what is important is not what happens, but what does not happen.

    Clearly (no pun intended), the biggest story in Scientology now is Leah Remini leaving the COS. To date, Mike Rinder has posted three different articles on the story: Leah Remini Has Left The Building, The Church Responds to Leah Remini Stories With Arrogant Hypocrisy, and Leah Remini Statement.

    Milestone Two Blog? Nothing. A two day old story on yet another survey. A slightly older post on dirty needles.

    iScientology Blog? Nothing. A days old undated story about a course room in Georgia.

    Steve Hall's other blog, Scientology Cult? Nothing. A month old article on stalking.

    Where is the leadership? Where is the topicality? Where is the attempt to be even minimally relevant? Where is the recognition of any need to be even minimally relevant?

    Does not Fundamentalist Independent Scientology have any desire, or feel any necessity, to address the pressing issues of the day?

    Yes, yes, a blogger has no duty to post on any given topic. Yes, yes, a blogger has no duty to try to be even minimally relevant. I mean, they don't have to try to look outside their bubble, engage the real world, and be relevant.

    Nonetheless, one can conclude only: iScientology, Milestone Two Fundamentalist FAIL on the Leah Remini story.

    The silence is deafening.

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Or maybe they just have a life, or more pressing things in their life, or just don't give a fuck.
  26. Anonymous Member

    OK! Investigates: Inside Scoop On Why Leah Remini Quit Scientology And How She Planned Her Exit


    “She has been speaking to a number of ex-members for months about the best way to extract herself with the minimum amount of drama and damage—this has been a long played out and carefully orchestrated move on her behalf.

    “Leah finally woke up to the negative parts of Scientology, which she had previously ignored or simply not seen. It’s like she finally opened up her eyes and saw the truth."[/QUOTE]
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Updated, July 12 2:10 p.m.:

    While not commenting on Remini specifically, representatives for the church said in an email Friday that the "allegations of 'interrogations' and 'thought modification' are absurd and pure nonsense, as are all the statements made about the Church's leader, Mr. David Miscavige." The church has also denounced Ortega and his blog.]

    Remini wouldn't be the first celebrity to cut ties with the church. Cruise's ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, "Arrested Development's" Jeffrey Tambor, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, actress Demi Moore and director-screenwriter Paul Haggis are among several who have left the faith.,0,4168750.story
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  30. Well played
  31. Quentinanon Member


    Synthia Fagen +1
    Kirstie Alley -10
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  32. Enturbulette Member

    Elizabeth Moss and J Lo next please. Xenu, please make it happen.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Blind Gossip knows all sees all.
    more at link=

    We first told you that Remini was preparing to leave the church almost exactly a year ago. While Remini is one tough girl, it was very scary for her to realize that leaving the famously controlling “church” might endanger her family. She consulted with singer Lisa Marie Presley, who moved away from the “church” herself over the past couple of years.
    Remini talked to Presley a lot about how to keep her family safe during the transition, and took Presley’s suggestions on changing out her phones and her security staff. We don’t know if she spoke to best friend Jennifer Lopez about her plans, as Lopez continues to have strong ties to the “church”.
    While it took Remini a year to finalize her departure and have it made public, we are glad she is now out, and hope that she remains safe.
    Congratulations to everyone who got this one right!
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  34. Anonymous Member

    She started getting paranoid that herphone conversations were being tapped and that her child/ren were being followed, so she quietly consulted with another former member of the group (who is also an entertainer and Mom concerned about the safety of her kid/s). After their talk, the actress got
    new phones and hired new bodyguards to protect herself and her child/ren.
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  35. AnyOldName Member

    Before quitting your "church":
    1) New Phones
    2) Bodyguards

    Lisa Marie, Katie & Leah.
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  36. This morning, the Leah Remini story made the national 'Today' show here in Australia. OK, it was in the 'Hollywood Gossip' segment, but it was covered - along with the reason - asking too many questions of the wrong people and being interrogated for many years.
  37. Looks like Leah is finally on The Road to Freedom!

    (Don't blame me, I didn't write that dreck.)
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  38. Charming and classy as always, Kirstie, have you taken a moment to experience the loss of your 'friend' Shelly Miscavige who hasn't been seen in years? How long did it take for you say fuck her after David Miscavige made her disappear?

    Have you also said fuck em to all of the people DM has banished to the hole @ gold base like former 'friend' Heber Jentzsch for many years undergoing punishment @ Hubbard's brutal RPF prison camp?

    Blind loyalty to L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology scam, disconnection policy and your abusive cult leader David Miscavige is most unbecoming of a 'friend'. Congratulations on all the money you've scammed for yourself and your fuckin 'Church' over the years applying the 'Tech'.

    Uncaring Twats shouldn't tweet............

    Wtg, Leah Remini in standing up to the abusive punk DM for yourself and your family, all the best.........
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  39. Some of the articles say Leah is the most high profile celebrity to leave since Paul Haggis in 2009. Did they forget about Katie?

    I guess Haggis has an Oscar and Leah was the lead in a network TV show that aired for 9 seasons and is now in wide syndication.

    Katie was a lead, but certainly not the title character, in Dawson's, and that show has been off the radar for far longer than King of Queens.

    However, she was married to Cruise, and that, IMO, bumped her profile waaayyy up. It seemed like her leaving is/was a bigger story than Remini.

    In any case, both events are epic wins.
  40. Anonymous Member

    ABC News ties in Debbie Cook and COB beat-downs.

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