Leah Remini has left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2013.

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    The Young Turks: Actress Leah Remini Breaks Free From Scientology

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    Guardian Express: Leah Remini Stands Up Against Scientology, Will She Disappear Too?

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    crumbling cult is crumbling :)
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    My impression is more women than men left Co$ recently. Are women better in keeping a little piece of intelligence while in the cult?
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    Well, in addition to all of the other cult crap, DM is a misogynist. Consider the forced abortions, what DM and Tom Cruise did to Nazanin Boniadi, keeping Karen from her son's funeral, DM "disapearing" his wife, abusing Debbie Cook and accusing her of being a lesbian. All of that shit is specifically targeted at women and/or their sexuality, roles as wife, mother, etc. I think that is one of the reasons why Katie Holmes and now Leah Remini have gotton so much support. Women see DM, and through him Scientology, as their asshole, abusive ex-husband
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    Clearly, with an asshole misogynist at the Co$ helm, women don't have much voice there. Frankly, Miscavige treats everybody like the spouse abuser that he is. Women can spot those assholes a mile away and are less likely to put up with that shit than they used to -- from anyone.

    Certainly, many men have had the same epiphany.

    I just wish all of them -- women and men -- didn't take so fucking long to leave.
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  11. anonamus Member

    Maybe the ratio of men/women, who actually got lured into the cult in the first place, is higher for women?
    Hence the chance a woman leaves is higher, due to the numbers of them inside the cult.
    Just speculation..
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    I don't think that there are more of one gender leaving than the other, I think that at this time the women are high profile and getting more press.
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    A message from Remini to Anonymous:

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    1. 44faed6f-40ce-4f9f-bd12-50840ed1ea44_normal.jpg Leah Remini@LeahRemini 10 Jul
      @back_to_xtina xo

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    2. 61dccd2d391efb3a561c44c0ddb9c6ac_normal.jpeg markus@back_to_xtina 10 Jul
      @LeahRemini OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD

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    3. 61dccd2d391efb3a561c44c0ddb9c6ac_normal.jpeg markus@back_to_xtina 10 Jul
      @LeahRemini just tweeted me oh my fucking god!! this has to be the best day ever!!
    4. Picture_1_normal.png Kevin Brueck@kevinbrueck 11 Jul
      A big congrats to @LeahRemini for having the courage to quit Scientology. #suckitxenu
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    Michelle Sterlingposted toLeah Remini

    12 hours ago near Melbourne, Victoria
    Having the guts to confront Miscavige is massive. You've become a hero to thousands & thousands of ex Scientologists all around the world.
    Thank you for caring about Shelly & about the abuses in the Sea Org & the countless other human rights abuses that go on in Scientology every day. If more people cared we might be able to stop it. Thanks again & huge respect.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Also, a very interesting set of posts regarding Kristie from Sam and Synthia- wows- you go girls.
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    One more compulsive share from fb:

    I'm an ex-Scio and I do hope you are truly out. Seeing that it's bad enough that someone who got the celeb treatment is willing to buck the system gives me hope. I was staff. I can't tell you how much abuse I went through--and leaving left me homeless and my son and I went through hell escaping.

    I have another son who is SO, and has disconnected. I know it takes steps, but since I've been out, I've done a lot of research, and it doesn't come down to David M. I've talked to enough folks that worked with LRH that I know it came before that. It's a tough pill to swallow, but you are one tough bitch.

    I'm kinda surviving. Reconstructing life, and oddly enough spending some time pursuing acting, because when I was "in", it turned out that unless you were celeb or close to it, anything artistic was "other fish to fry". Wish you the best. Read, read, read. And, google and check out ESMB (the ex-scientologist message board)'d be warmly welcomed, but even if you don't post, read some of the stories of those who spent their lives in the 'church'..

    Best wishes... I know this is too long for facebook posts, but I had to speak my mind and hope you did read. And, you are one talented chick ;P
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    Nice, nice, nice!
  25. anonamus Member

    Totally totalitarian twisted thought-manipulative answer. Good grief, cult!
  26. incog712 Member

    " Remini innocently asked where Miscavige's wife Shelly was, to which then-Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis responded, "You don’t have the [expletive] rank to ask about Shelly."

    Ok, it's coming from Rinder so there's probably at least some element of BS involved but it does leave me wondering, at what [expletive] rank would it be acceptable to ask about Shelly, because really, someone at that [expletive] rank needs to start asking.

    Then too, with so many ahem, high cough cough [expletive] rank clams having blown already, there may not be anyone left with the proper [expletive] rank to answer such a question, let alone ask it. Perhaps this might be a good time for someone in the FBI to do some asking on their own.
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    I met Kirstie Alley years ago. She came across to me as a malignant narcissist, oh, and a fat piece of crap.
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    Number of likes on Remini's Facebook page has gone up. :)

    [Ok, doesn't mean THAT much, but still...]
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    It's upstat!
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  30. I knew Leah and she was as bad or worse than Kirstie. Of course posters here now will say this is OSA, but all this "tough woman" comments about Leah are just nicely put "she is a bitch"
    former friend
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  31. OK this is a mahooosive WIN

    It's blowing up, there's not much happening elsewhere in celebrityland, and we have major news networks reporting on the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige.

    Mark Bunker is so awesome. Because Wise Beard Man.

    Leah has done a brave thing. Michelle's comment was beautiful.

    Lots more people researching Scientology Abuse, laughting at OSA and being delivered LULZ by Anonymous.

    The vital thing here is to force Miscavige to produce Shelly, alive and well.

    Ask questions. Bring that dirty creep out into the light.

    That is when we will win, win, and win again.

    David Miscavige is a fucking coward. :)
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    if she is an upstat bitch, all will be forgiven
  33. It seems that 99.99% of all celebs are mean horrible narcissists in the worst way. So don't feel bad. Almost every celeb I've dealt with (minor & major) is an absolute nightmare of the worst kind, always.

    I think that people are just celebrating Leah Remini's escape from the clam cult.
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    She may be a bitch, but she's now out and she did not go quietly. The real question is who's next?
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    There is difference between 'telling it like it is' and just plain crudeness!
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