Leah Remini TV series about how Scientology rips families apart

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    Hemmorrhoids and urethral discharge acquired from a seductive Japanese spy. You can let your imagination run as to how the spy gave him those.

    So, he didn't get the ulcer from excessive drinking and taking lots of aspirin to counter the hangover headaches?
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  2. reality2lh5-png.14094.png
    David Miscavige is the only thing looking up (he has no choice) at the abusive 'Church' of Scientology.

    Look up higher, Dave, you'll see the ratings of Leah Remini's documentary on A & E exposing the abuses of Scientology, They're going through the roof...........
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  3. Here's the full video -

  4. AUDIO: Leah Remini joins Bill Handel on KFI 540 AM to talk about Scientology and the finale of her show.

    Audio at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    You may know Leah Remini from 'King of Queens,' or 'The Exes', but did you know that for much of her life, Remini was a Scientologist?

    After leaving the church in a much-publicized split, Remini has done what she can to expose the 'abuses' that she says is going on behind closed doors. Part of that fight includes her new new, "Scientology and the Aftermath" the finale of which airs tomorrow night on A&E.

    The seven episode documentary series explores Remini's experiences growing up in Scientology and what happened to her and other former members after they left the church.

    Remini says that she hopes the series will 'shed light on information that makes the world aware of what is really going on and encourages others to speak up so the abuses can be ended forever. I hope that people who have left now feel they have a safe place to go. I hope others who have also experienced abuses will come forward and help us do something about it."

    Listen to Remini's interview with Handel here:

    * * * * *END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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    Tonight on ‘Leah Remini’: Once again, Scientology’s a horror show for the mentally ill

    By Tony Ortega, January 10, 2017


    Tonight, A&E airs the “season finale” of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the eighth episode (including a “Reddit AMA” special) but actually not the final installment of what has turned out to be an extraordinary hit for the cable network.

    A week from tonight another Reddit special will air, and like the last time Leah will have some special guests with her. We know who they are, but we figure they’ll be teased at the end of tonight’s show, so we’ll just hang on until then.

    As for tonight’s excitement, the episode opens with Leah reading from a letter sent by Scientology’s Karin Pouw on September 9 that blames her, among other things, for inciting a “hate crime” committed by a young man named Brandon Reisdorf.

    (That’s the same letter we made public on November 22, and that Leah reacted to by hiring an attorney and making a demand of $1.5 million for defaming her. The church ignored her demand, which she made as a shot across the bow of the litigious organization.)

    Leah and Mike are in Los Angeles to meet with Brandon’s parents, Lois and Gary Reisdorf.

    If you’ve been reading Lois’s interesting series about her days in the Sea Org at Mike Rinder’s website, you know that she has been out of Scientology a long time, but kept herself away from the church’s controversies and wasn’t really aware of the major defections by top former executives and other things that have been happening in recent years. She and Gary had tried to keep “low profile,” in order to stay connected to Lois’s South African Scientology family. But that low profile approach made the family vulnerable: Two of their three sons, Brandon and Craig, got sucked into Scientology and joined staff at the San Diego org.

    Brandon, the family reveals, had mental health issues. He had an undiagnosed bipolar condition, and the family handled it by putting him through Scientology’s Introspection Rundown. Yes, the notorious crackpot procedure that L. Ron Hubbard came up with in the 1970s, and which has produced numerous disasters since then, including the death of Lisa McPherson in 1995, and a more recent case of the shocking mistreatment of a woman in Arkansas.

    “Brandon came back worse than when he went in,” Gary tells Leah.

    Meanwhile, Lois and Gary were connected to some of Gary’s family, who were declared. And they were turned in by their own son Craig, which resulted in Lois and Gary getting declared. That forced a big decision on their sons Craig and Brandon.

    Brandon decided to stay with his family, but Craig chose the church. Craig followed policy and cut off all contact with the rest of his family.

    Brandon took it hard — and his undiagnosed bipolar condition got worse.

    In a manic episode, Brandon drove to Los Angeles and threw a hammer through a window at the Los Angeles Org. He drove away in his mother’s car, but he was soon stopped by police.

    As Gary Reisdorf points out, if this were a legitimate religious organization, it would probably be happy just to be made whole with enough money to cover the damages, and would probably try to find a way to help the troubled young man who had thrown a hammer through their window.

    But this is Scientology. Instead of trying to help Brandon (after it was Scientology that had misdiagnosed him, Leah points out) the church pressed for felony charges against Brandon instead. (Meanwhile, Brandon finally got the mental health care he needed.)

    Oh, and it gets worse, of course. Scientology pressed charges under hate crime legislation that makes it a felony to throw a hammer through the window of “a place of worship.” We doubt anyone was around to ask prosecutors who they thought was being “worshiped” at the Scientology Los Angeles org.

    In his interview with Leah and Mike, Brandon talks about how hard it was for him to get through his jail stay and then find his way as a person with a felony on his record. Brandon’s interview is a strong capper to this segment.

    The episode then shifts to some fine footage of John Sweeney and Mark Bunker talking about how filming Scientology comes with risks and some odd rewards, too.


    Once again, we look forward to joining you tonight as we live-blog the show in the comments section. Let’s have fun!
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  6. jeremy-elli.jpg

    Scientology - Always Deny - Attack all who speak up about abuses - Coverup - It's LRH Policy

    RIP, Elli Perkins, I'm so sorry that you ever got involved in L. Ron Hubbard's mind-numbing scam of Scientology.
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    The following has been added to Tony's article. Quote:

    UPDATE: In response to this story, Lois Reisdorf sent over this interesting account:

    There have been a number of comments questioning, in a kind way, why did we send Brandon back to Scientology rather than to psychiatric professionals. That is a very good question and one that both Gary and I struggle with. I think there were a number of contributing factors.

    — We were both indoctrinated into Scientology beliefs since birth about how great Scientology was and at the same time how horrible psychiatry was. Yes, we quit actively participating in Scientology 35 years ago. Although we knew this spiritual “mecca” would never be obtained thru Scientology, we did feel that the lower levels had some basis of spiritual betterment. With neither one of us ever suffering from mental issues and didn’t even have any friends with issues, psychiatry or even the medications used were never a part of our lives.

    — Lois’ father was a highly trained Scientologist and practiced it until he passed away in 2007. Gary’s father was also highly trained and also kept auditing until he passed in 1992. We had great respect for our parents and their choices even though Scientology was not for us. In hindsight, it should have been questioned, not given respect.

    — Even though we did not participate in Scientology, it was more of “there are some good things, but something is wrong with the upper levels”.

    — Neither Gary nor I were tech trained and just considered the Introspection R/D was a simple, good, lower level where the person was given healthy food, vitamins, and had a chance to remove themselves from the tensions of everyday life. We should have researched it but just accepted that it wasn’t harmful. We did not actually know that he would be put on this rundown, it was in the hands of the case supervisor. But at the time we would not have questioned it and to be honest, at the time we did not know what was involved in that rundown, neither of us were tech trained and had never experienced someone in it before.

    — We were completely unaware of any of the evils of Scientology, only of David Miscavige kicking us out and taking over. We had never heard of Ortega, didn’t know Mike or Marty had a blog. Never heard of Lisa McPherson or the other atrocities of the church. It was the last thing on our minds. There wasn’t an Internet when we left in 1982 and we just tried to keep it out of our lives. Only when we were under the threat of losing our children unless we got with their program, did we start to research, online and in books, what went on in Scientology for the past 35 years.

    — If we were to have gone to psychiatry as the solution for Brandon originally, we would have been declared then and there and lost Craig back then. Again, in hindsight that would have been an excellent outcome.

    But to address the big elephant in the room, I don’t think we can adequately put a finger on why? We made mistakes but as someone commented, love of our children was our total motivation. Would we do things differently with the knowledge we have now? A hundred percent, yes.

    The good thing is that we have Brandon, Brett and Jessie in our lives and Brandon is doing great now. Brett and Jessie are in the process of adopting a child who we love dearly. We are doing our utmost to get our lost son Craig back in our lives.
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    'Scientology and the Aftermath' Recap: Leah Remini Investigates Hate-Crime Claims Against Her | Us Weekly

    At the end of the episode, Leah and Mike traveled to New York to meet with lawyers about the possibility of taking legal action the church. To preserve confidentiality, they couldn’t show Us what the lawyers said about if it could be done.

    ‘Remini’: Mentally ill ex-Scientologist claims he was ‘locked in a room’ for treatment | USA Today
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  9. Last night’s family on ‘Leah Remini’ found themselves targeted by Scientology attack site.

    Tony Ortega: Last night’s family on ‘Leah Remini’ found themselves targeted by Scientology attack site

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *


    Once the episode started, we stopped chatting and watched him on screen. And then, right on cue, we noticed that while the show was playing, Scientology put up a page slamming the Reisdorfs on a website that attacks Remini’s series.

    It included a video of Craig, the brother that has disconnected from Brandon and Brett.


    We watched the short clip and then summarized it for Brandon and his mother, Lois. “Craig’s video basically comes down to: ‘I had to escape a life of sex, surfing, and pot-smoking because my parents are so controlling. So now my life in Scientology is totally fulfilling.'”

    Brandon looked at the page, which has a lot of accusations about him and his parents. “This is all expected. The lies and hell the church provides means nothing. This is all BS,” he said. But he couldn’t bring himself to watch his brother.

    “Leah and Mike and the producers and editors did a tremendous job to depict my downfalls and my upsets with the church. I have no care for what Craig has said, I and do not want to look to see what he said. It is all lies. We should continue to look forward and determine our best line of defense. We must not back down. My brother is not my enemy. RTC is my enemy,” he said, referring to the controlling entity of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center. “The IRS is my enemy, because they have made this organization more powerful. I have no care for lies.”

    Lois also couldn’t bring herself to watch the video of her disconnected son, as well as videos of her sisters, Geray and Louviegne, that Scientology has posted. “It’s predictable and we have been expecting them. Craig and my sisters know who I am and they are under such control right now. If they had refused to do them they would have been in such trouble and they know that. I don’t hold it against them at all. It’s mind control.”

    At the end of last night’s episode, after Leah Remini and Mike Rinder let us know that they’d met with someone in New York to talk about possible legal action against the Church of Scientology, the last thing we saw were the words “To be continued.”

    Literally that’s true because next week there’s another “Reddit AMA” hourlong special episode coming. But we’ve heard nothing yet about the likelihood of a second season. We’ll let you know what we hear as soon as we do.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    Another brilliant episode! Good to see Jon Sweeney, Mark Bunker and Tony Ortega!
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  11. What's Next for Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology Following A&E's Shocking Docu-Series

    E News: What's Next for Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology Following A&E's Shocking Docu-Series

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The war between Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology appears to be far from over.

    After the final episode of A&E's docu-series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath aired Tuesday night, some may be thinking the discussion about the religious organization is going to stop. But if Leah has her way, this may just be the beginning.

    For the past several weeks, former members of the church have spoken out to Leah about their experiences. And while the church is quick to call the series a "dramatized work of fiction,"* it hasn't stopped several viewers from wondering: What's next?

    When Leah appeared on ABC's 20/20 just days before the season finale, it was revealed that talks of a second season are underway. But until a final decision is made, the self-proclaimed troublemaker has some plans of her own.

    For starters, the former King of Queens star hopes the IRS will consider stripping away the church's tax exempt status.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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    There is really no end to their douchebaggery
    They should get an award. They are the authorities on douchebaggery

    Hey Cruise! How yah gonna handle this tsunami of truth coming out?:eek:
    Like Jack said, "you can't handle the truth":mad:
    Moving to Clearwater so they can keep you further in the bubble can only go so far.
    Next they will lock you up! Why not? Your brain is already their prisoner.:confused:
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  13. Remember when @ 2:47 mark - Abusive Punk / Ecclesiastical Leader: David 'Slappy ' Miscavige ushered in ''The Golden Age of Douchebaggery''? Good Times!

    I don't think the Old Gang in this 1990 video is getting together for a reunion anytime soon,several are in lower conditions in the Hole (DM's private prison at Gold Base, Hemet, Ca), many others have left Scientology altogether or disappeared.........

    An Oldie but Goodie - Slappy's Dream!
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    Ex-Supercop Daril Cinquanta Accused of Spying on Scientology Critic Leah Remini

    By Alan Prendergast, Westword, January 11, 2017


    Daril Cinquanta, one of Colorado's best-known private investigators, got his close-up recently on the A&E docudrama series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. But his brief cameo was the kind of publicity the former Denver "supercop" would have preferred to avoid — an encounter with Remini's camera crew outside a local hotel, during which he was accused of conducting surveillance on Remini for the Church of Scientology.

    The show, which has attracted a flurry of protests and threats of legal action from Scientology officials, features actress Remini interviewing other ex-Scientologists about their grievances against the Church, ranging from an alleged policy of forced abortions in the secretive Sea Org to the infamous "disconnection" policy, which encourages members to have no further contact with family who've denounced the COS — as well as the Church's penchant for hiring private investigators to dig into the activities of its most vocal critics. The episode in which Cinquanta makes his guest appearance first aired two weeks ago but has re-aired several times since.

    That episode focuses on a visit by Remini and former COS senior executive Mike Rinder to Castle Rock, to meet with ex-Sea Org workers Marc and Claire Headley. When Remini and Rinder arrive back at their hotel, they spot two men in the lobby who appear to have cell phones trained on them. After they request a hotel employee to ask the men if they're guests of the hotel, the two come out and start walking away. But not before Rinder confronts Cinquanta (who asks Rinder who he is) and Remini's crew get their license plate numbers.

    "It became obvious they were spying on us," Remini said in an interview with former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega, who runs the muckraking, all-things-Scientology blog The Underground Bunker. Ortega also tried to talk to Cinquanta, who asked if Remini wanted an autograph, denied working for the Church, and then hung up.

    Formerly one of the "Supercops" an elite Denver police undercover unit that collapsed in the late 1980s amid allegations of misconduct, tainted testimony and staged crimes, Cinquanta has worked as a private investigator for more than 25 years; a few years ago, he was even hired by Jefferson County to conduct surveillance of gadfly/journalist Mike Zinna. Contacted recently by Westword, he said he was planning to consult a lawyer about Remini's show and its accusations.

    "Where does it say I was doing surveillance on her?" he asks. "Who verified it? Anybody? That woman has put out a lot of bad press on me. It's not right. It's not fair. She doesn't even know me."

    Cinquanta would rather talk about his own memoir, Blue Chameleon, scheduled to be released in the fall. "I don't leave nothing out," he says.

    Source and comments:
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    Ratings for last night's episode:

    "Anderson Cooper’s coverage of President Obama’s farewell speech rose to the top of the Tuesday cable ratings this week, scoring consistent 1.0 ratings in adults 18-49 throughout the two-hour broadcast."

    "A&E’s “Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath” continued its recent 0.6 streak, ticking up from 1.51 million viewers last week to 1.76 million this time around."
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    Will Leah Remini's Scientology Series Return For Season 2? She Wants To Continue Her Fight | Bustle

    ...though Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath Season 2 isn't confirmed yet, according to ABC, Remini is "in talks" with A&E about producing more episodes.

    ‘Leah Remini: Scientology & the Aftermath’ ends on a dramatic, bittersweet note | Screener

    Originally promoted as an eight-part event, Remini is reportedly in talks for a renewal of the docuseries — no surprise for a show that unexpectedly pulled in big numbers when it premiered, and has maintained consistently steady ratings in the weeks after.

    Church of Scientology Abuses Mentally Ill, Torments Journalists, Leah Remini Explains | The Christian Post

    17 Things Leah Remini Taught Us With ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ | Wetpaint
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    Ex-con Joey Diaz brings his comedic chops to Hilarities

    Here's the part of the article that's relevant here. Quote:

    While in prison serving time for kidnapping and aggravated robbery, Diaz would entertain cellmates before Thursday movie-night presentation.

    Decades later, the funnyman from New Jersey is still getting laughs (and avoiding getting shanked). Diaz returns to Northeast Ohio for shows Jan. 12 through 14 at Hilarities 4th Street Theatre.

    “Over the last 25 years, I went from being a joke teller like Rodney Dangerfield, machine gunning, to more of a storyteller,” said Diaz, calling from Los Angeles. “Now I’m comparing parts of my life to what’s going on. I’m talking about my kids, the state of the country, (expletive) Scientology. Those idiots.

    “I’ve been watching (A&E series) ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.’ Scientologists are intelligent people waiting for Martians. That’s crazy.”
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    Happy New Year 2017!
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  19. How Leah Remini’s Scientology Fight Is A Front in Andrew Breitbart’s #WAR

    Red State: How Leah Remini’s Scientology Fight Is A Front in Andrew Breitbart’s #WAR

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The phrases that make up the portrait are all Andrew’s own words (along with a few words that describe him). If you take out the media and political context, it is very easy to imagine similar statements coming from Leah Remini about the Church of Scientology.

    “You bullsh*t artists. You hateful bastards. How dare you impugn these people’s reputation?”

    “I want my legacy to be that they know that they screwed with the wrong guy.”

    “You have a right to think freely and not to be a slave to an ideology.”

    “I retweet it to remind them that I know exactly who they are.”

    “They’re a bunch of totalitarian freaks.”

    I have no idea what Remini’s politics are. Maybe when you publicly pick a fight with a global cult that has virtually unlimited resources, there isn’t even room for politics in your life. Whether she knows it or not though, Remini’s fight is the same fight for liberty and truth that Andrew Breitbart fought, just on a different front. She is in effect saying to a the cult of Scientology, “I’m going to follow the facts where they lead and if you don’t like it, f*** you. Bring it on. Accuse me of whatever you want, I’m not going to be intimidated. I’m just going to take what you throw at me and use it to show everyone who you are and why you need to be taken down.”

    She is executing her takedown just like Andrew would, by telling stories. Data and analysis don’t change people’s minds anywhere near as well as good storytelling.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    What is true for Breitbart is true for Breitbart. That rag thinks facts are like opinions. If you call them out for bad facts they feel all oppressed and stuff. Still I guess I am glad they do not like Scientology. It would be nice if they understood that being at-cause over facts IS Scientology. But that is probably asking too much.
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  21. PODCAST: Part 2 of Chris C [@MiamiSixthMan] of Come Get Sum [@CGSHere] interview of Berty Leahy, who revealed the Squirrel Buster, plus more

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Bert shares his story from start to finish where it pertains to the "Church" of Scientology. From Dave Lebow's misleading recruitment to Bert's great dislike for Narcanon (A Drug rehab program that involves Scientology methods from the mind of L Ron Hubbard).

    In this entry, Bert and I speculate on Marty Rathbun's sudden change of attack. We speak about Indipendant Scientology worskhip and my crazy theory about the John Alex Wood Twitter acct. Too crazy to be true...or is it?! Plus Bert answers 10 Questions!!!

    Follow Bert on Twitter: @bertleahy

    Visit Bert's Youtube Channel:

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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  23. PODCAST: Amelia McDonnell-Parry [@xoamelia] of Rolling Stone on Leah Remini - Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Discussion re: Scientology and the Aftermath begins at 38:55.

    Crime Writers On: Serial Snobbery? A JonBenet Lawsuit! And Scientology & The Aftermath

    Audio at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Serial Snobbery? A JonBenet Lawsuit! And Scientology & The Aftermath

    When Toby's away, the mice will play...AND talk about all sorts of great stuff.

    Special guest panelist Amelia McDonnell-Parry gives us a lowdown on what she saw at Adnan Syed's PCR hearing, and why she thinks Sarah Koenig isn't doing the right thing by ignoring new evidence dug up by other podcasters.

    Plus, our true crime update takes on that $750 MILLION dollar lawsuit filed by Burke Ramsey after a CBS special pointed to him as the murderer of his sister, JonBenet. The panel has some strong feelings about that.

    And then, Scientology doesn't freak Kevin out, but talking about it does. Nonetheless, we give an overview of the incredible docuseries created by Queen of Queens (and Queen of Nails) Leah Remini, A&E's Scientology & the Aftermath.

    After our crime of the week airs, one upstate New York man may try to buy every copy of this podcast. Yeah...we know.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    The most incredible lie Scientology attorney Monique Yingling told ABC ’20/20′

    By Jeffrey Augustine, January 14, 2017


    Following the sudden departure of Tommy Davis as the Church of Scientology’s spokesman in 2011, the organization no longer has an actual Scientologist to represent it on television or in documentaries. Seemingly by default, Scientology leader David Miscavige’s attorney Monique Yingling — a non-Scientologist – has found herself cast in the unlikely role as the international spokeswoman for the church.

    During ABC 20/20’s recent episode, “Scientology: A War Without Guns,” Yingling appeared to speak on behalf of Miscavige at the last minute. Like her previous appearance in April in an episode about Ron Miscavige’s book Ruthless, Yingling was given a lot of airtime to present the church’s side of things. And this time, at one point ABC’s Dan Harris asked her a very straightforward question, and her reply was stunning:

    Harris: Scientology has described psychiatry as an “industry of death.” Why is that?

    Yingling: Well, I think that’s a catchphrase. But what Scientology has worked hard against are abusive practices of psychiatry. Not psychiatry in general.

    Harris: You say, “not psychiatry in general,” but an “industry of death” sounds pretty general.

    Yingling: Well because unfortunately there have been a lot of abuses, and psychiatry has caused a lot of deaths.

    Right there on national television, this was a pretty spectacular lie.

    If you know much about Scientology at all, you know that founder L. Ron Hubbard considered all of psychiatry an abomination that has plagued mankind for trillions — yes trillions of years. Hubbard even claimed that the “evil psychs” were a special race, traceable to the planet “Farsec.” The goal of the psychs, according to Hubbard, is to implant, enslave, and kill humans.

    From 1950 until his death in 1986, Hubbard created, expanded, and sustained Scientology’s attack upon psychiatry that continues to this day.

    As part of Hubbard’s efforts to expose psychiatry, Scientology created the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in 1969 as a “mental health industry watchdog whose mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health.” But what does CCHR actually do? One thing CCHR does is work to get psychiatrists arrested, tried, and imprisoned for abuses.

    CCHR’s Psychiatric Crime Database, yet another typically exaggerated and bizarre Scientology PR effort, puts the lie to Monique Yingling’s claims that “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” is merely a catchphrase:

    Continued at
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  28. Steven Hassan [@CultExpert] will be on the Tues 1/17 10/9c Reddit AMA edition of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.


    Attached Files:

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  29. PODCAST: Chris C [@MiamiSixthMan] of Come Get Sum [@CGSHere] interview of Nora Crest [@1RagingBuddha]: Why you can't be Gay in Scientology

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    It's a week early and we have Nora Crest!!

    In this first part of our two part conversation Nora describes homophobia at its highest point through her eyes during her time inside. We talk about how Scientology rates "Gay" as being among the lowest of beings and how they tried to "Audit" the gay away. Hear how the word "Escaped" actually is the correct word and how far she would go after being convinced through punishment and auditing she didn't deserve to live.

    Why was Nora considered a "Unicorn"? Marc Headley wrote a book about escaping Scientology that comes off like an action thriller, Will Nora's story convince you this is very plausible? Does Nora's story end at leaving? Does any one's? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this extra long extra edition of Come Get Sum!!!

    Follow Nora on Twitter at : @1RagingBuddha

    Check out her Youtube

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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    On the ‘Leah Remini’ Reddit special this week: A powerful Texas duo

    By Tony Ortega, January 15, 2017


    Cult expert Steve Hassan let the cat out of the bag last night, saying at his Facebook page that he’s one of three guests on this week’s “Reddit AMA” special episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath which is airing on A&E Tuesday at 10 pm. We can tell you who the other two guests are as well.

    Remini did a previous Reddit special episode where she took questions from the website, but also used the occasion to bring on Paulette Cooper, Chris Shelton, Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine. All of them are very familiar faces here at the Underground Bunker, and they did a superb job helping Leah explore areas that hadn’t been covered in her other episodes.

    This time she has a really intriguing slate of special guests. Besides Hassan, she’s invited a powerful duo from Texas: author Lawrence Wright and attorney Ray Jeffrey.

    Wright, of course, is the Austin journalist who penned “The Apostate,” an amazing 11,000-word New Yorker magazine feature in February 2011 about director Paul Haggis and his defection from Scientology. Wright subsequently turned that article into his book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which was released in January 2013. And two years after that, Alex Gibney used Wright’s book as a basis for his documentary film version, also titled Going Clear, which HBO premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2015 before airing it on the network that March, becoming the most-watched HBO documentary in a decade and the winner of three Emmy awards. (And full disclosure, we appeared in the film.)

    Including attorney Ray Jeffrey in Tuesday night’s episode, meanwhile, is a very interesting decision for Leah Remini and Mike Rinder to make. Jeffrey, a former local Texas mayor, first became familiar to us when he was hired as defense counsel for Debbie Cook, who was sued by the Church of Scientology for an email she sent out on New Year’s Day 2012.

    By merely daring to criticize Scientology leader David Miscavige, Cook was sued for violating the terms of draconian contracts she had signed when she left the church’s hardcore “Sea Org.” We were in a San Antonio courtroom in February 2012 watching as Ray Jeffrey argued in a preliminary hearing that Cook had signed those contracts under duress, and he wanted to put Debbie on the stand to talk about the abuse she had been through before she had signed the draconian agreements. Scientology objected, but Judge Martha Tanner said she wanted to hear from Debbie.

    Guided by Ray’s questioning, Debbie’s testimony was devastating. She described horrific conditions in a prison called “The Hole” that Miscavige had created for his top executives at Scientology’s International Base near Hemet, California. The next day, Scientology’s attorneys waived the rest of the hearing. And weeks later, they settled the case, paying millions, we think, to Debbie Cook to end the lawsuit that Scientology had actually started.

    Later that year, Ray Jeffrey was back. This time he represented two former Scientology private investigators, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, who were suing the church over breach of contract. The two were former police officers who had been hired in 1988 to follow one man, Pat Broeker, for the church. They said they had been told that they had jobs for life. And for the next 24 years, that appeared to be the case as they followed Broeker no matter where he went, even for a time to the Czech Republic. But then, when the man who had originally hired them, former top church enforcer Mark “Marty” Rathbun, defected in 2004 and then began to speak publicly in 2009, he obliquely mentioned the Marrick and Arnold operation in a press article. The two private eyes said things noticeably changed after that, and then they were fired in 2012. So they decided to take the church to court.

    Jeffrey arranged for the two former Scientology spies to give interviews — to us, and to the guys at the Tampa Bay Times — and after just a day of interviews Ray heard from the church that they were ready to talk settlement. Again, we can only guess at the amount that Ray secured for his clients, but we’re figuring it was probably in the seven figures.

    Now on a pretty amazing winning streak, Ray next took on his biggest project yet, representing Monique Rathbun, Marty’s wife, as she filed a harassment suit against the church in August 2013. For the next three years, Ray and his team — Marc Wiegand, Elliott Cappuccio, and Leslie Hyman — fended off a ferocious legal onslaught from Scientology’s small army of lawyers. Ray’s team survived a disqualification motion by the church, and also knocked down an anti-SLAPP motion that was then confirmed on appeal. And after those three years, our legal experts told us, the case was poised to begin causing Scientology serious pain and might even have put church leader David Miscavige in the witness chair.

    And then, mysteriously, in January 2016, Monique Rathbun fired her entire legal team, and badmouthed them in the process, accusing them of things that Jeffrey denied. A few months later, she dropped the case entirely and again blamed Ray Jeffrey and his colleagues for inadequately representing her in a case that they were actually winning by any objective standard. Meanwhile, Marty Rathbun, whose blog had, from 2009 to early 2014, been a powerful and constant source of criticism of David Miscavige’s leadership of the Church of Scientology, went quiet about David Miscavige’s shortcomings. And last year, in September Rathbun began defending Miscavige as he tore into Ruthless, the memoir penned by David’s father, Ron Miscavige. And less than a week later, Rathbun wrote another screed, this time in what looked like a heavy-handed attempt to sabotage Louis Theroux’s film, My Scientology Movie, which was about to open in theaters in Australia.

    Since then, Rathbun has gone completely silent about Scientology, and has begun to write about politics. It didn’t really surprise us, then, that Marty — who was once such a powerful symbol of the rebellion against David Miscavige’s leadership — did not show up in any of Leah Remini’s episodes (though she does list him in end credits among those she thanks as people who came before her to criticize the church).

    We received a lot of questions from readers about that. Why wasn’t Marty in the show? And we understood where people were coming from. If they hadn’t read his blog in a while, it’s understandable why they might be mystified not to see Rathbun in a project that so obviously had come in a straight line from the 2009 Tampa Bay Times “Truth Rundown” series through Gibney’s Going Clear. If you put it in that context, it does seem bizarre that Rathbun is not involved.

    And now, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have put on their latest show the attorney the Rathbuns badmouthed so roundly last year — Monique in official court papers, and Marty at his blog, where he referred to Ray Jeffrey as a “bottom-feeder.”

    We have a feeling that’s not how Ray is going to come off Tuesday night on Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Source, and comments:
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  31. I posted this in 2013, Scientology abusive enforcer Marty Rathbun is indeed still a coward. I've always been deeply concerned with the duplicitous motives of Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder hitching their wagons to the Anti-Scientology protest movement while promoting Independent Scientology very strongly at the same time for their own benefit.

    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are moving in opposite directions in the battle against scientology abuses.

    Marty's self-serving true nature has come shining through and I find it despicable the way that he and Monique threw Ray Jeffreys under the bus after he exposed himself to fair-game and was in the process of throwing a major hit at the abusive Scientology leader David Miscavige. Marty has proven himself to be a complete sellout.

    Mike Rinder has surprised me by taking a lot of Pro-LRH material and Independent Scientology links off of his site and he's been a big help to Leah Remini in exposing the brutal abuses of Hubbard's Scientology scam.

    It takes some ex-Scientologists years to overcome the LRH mindfuck. Mike Rinder is actually showing real empathy (imho) and remorse for the first time. Leah Remini has been absolutely amazing in overcoming the decades of indoctrination so quickly and is truly devoted to all of those still trapped even the ones who attack her. She understands why.

    I've had a family member in the highest ranks of Scientology who was heavily involved in fair-gaming anyone that stood in the way of Scientology's global conquest with no mercy just like Rinder and Rathbun. They all have no empathy for the victims because of LRH's mindfuck and control over them. I put a lot of the blame on LRH and his evil processing for turning them into such dedicated enforcers of the 'Tech'.

    It's the LRH mindset brought on by endless hours of processing that is the true culprit. This doesn't excuse any of the abuses by any of them. L. Ron Hubbard is truly responsible for turning his minions into such abusive perpetrators imho.

    Leah Remini's strength and resolve to really put an end to these horrible abuses has been and continues to be remarkable. I wish her and all connected with this amazing documentary great success. They deserve it.

    On Tony Ortega......Thank you!
    Tony Ortega's been moving in the right direction for a long time, his site has volumes of indisputable evidence chronicling Scientology's abuses and standing up for their victims. If you're new or old to this fight, it's a great site and service for the general public, ex-Scientologists and especially current Scientologists who have been duped although they don't realize it..........Yet!

    In addition to this fantastic Site that has been instrumental in exposing so many abuses.......Thank You WWP
    Please check out Tony Ortega's site as well!
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  32. tippytoe Member

  33. We'll know M. Rathbun is finally starting to wake up, when he acknowledges that his name isn't actually Marty.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

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  35. A&E updated their website for the show with a "Bonus Video" tab where you can see Christie Collbran's story.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Behold, it’s Scientology Jesus as you’ve never seen him before!

    By Tony Ortega, January 17, 2015

    It’s one of the questions we’ve been getting the most in recent weeks as A&E’s hit series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath has brought around a lot of curious new folks here and at Twitter. Is it true, they ask us, what Scientologists say — that you can join the Church of Scientology and still remain a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew?

    Former Scientology spokesman and Leah’s co-star, Mike Rinder, gave the best answer to that question we’ve ever seen over at his website a couple of weeks ago, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should.

    Continued at
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  37. I have been thinking about the disconnection and stories of abuse I first heard when I started looking on the net. Uwe Stuckenbruck (mentioned in the above article) and Mylene Pillorget (Beyer) have been two of the saddest stories I ever heard.
    Leah needs to keep going. There are so many people, sadly no longer with us, who should be heard.

    Two part interview with subtitles Mylene Pillorget

    Thread about Uwe
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