Leah Remini TV series about how Scientology rips families apart

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  1. Yeah so.
    I suggested Serge bc I remembered bits of his story. Maybe it's not good for the series/him.
    Hope he is okay. Last update was hopeful. Poor kid. That is all.
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    Scientology’s Lame Response

    By Mike Rinder, March 16, 2017


    The news that A&E has commissioned another 10 episodes of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath brought another lame response from scientology.

    Instead of responding to ANYTHING exposed in the first episodes, they did the scientology thing and sought to “attack the attacker.”

    This is how they responded to The Hollywood Reporter:

    The organization, who continues to refute Remini’s claims and the information presented on her show, gave a statement to THR claiming A&E paid people to appear on-screen.

    “Real transparency would be for A&E to detail all forms of compensation made to sources spreading religious hate and bigotry on Leah Remini’s show,” they said.

    They then went further with this stupid line of attack in a statement to Page Six:

    But a rep for Scientology responded on Wednesday by alleging Remini’s “teamed with A&E to shamelessly turn religious hate into a commodity by treating it as entertainment” and accused the network of “compensating Remini’s sources” for the show.

    “Real transparency would be for A&E to detail all forms of compensation made to sources spreading religious hate and bigotry on Leah Remini’s show,” a Scientology rep said in a statement to Page Six. “When the network cancelled ‘Generation KKK,’ the network claimed that paying sources violated company policies. Yet at the same time it was hypocritically compensating Remini’s sources with money and significant in-kind payments. A&E can’t have it both [ways].”
    The religion’s rep further alleged to Page Six, “A&E has a duty to conduct a thorough investigation into the extent to which Leah Remini’s show violates its own internal policies,”
    The church — which has created an entire Web site dedicated to Remini’s show, — alleges that one person paid for the show is former member Mike Rinder.

    Well, they are the boy who cried wolf on steroids.

    Scientology knows full well:

    Leah Remini was paid as Exec Producer. Why shouldn’t she be? It is no secret and unlike scientology, she has not lied about it.

    I was paid as a consultant (and as I have said earlier on this blog, the amount of money was not enough money to live on — I would have been much better off financially not to have devoted any time to the show last year).

    Nobody else who appeared on the show was paid a dime. Their airfare and hotel were covered if they had to travel to be filmed.

    This includes:

    Amy and Mat Pesch and Amy’s family
    Tom DeVocht
    Jeff Hawkins
    Mary, David and Michael Kahn
    Aaron Smith-Levin
    Marc and Claire Headley (and any of the other people that were seen in that episode at their house)
    Gary, Lois, Brett, Jessie and Brandon Reisdorf
    Ron and Becky Miscavige
    Tony Ortega
    John Sweeney
    Mark Bunker
    Karen DeLaCarriere
    Jeffrey Augustine
    Paulette Cooper
    Chris Shelton
    Steve Hassan
    Ray Jeffrey
    Lawrence Wright

    And anyone else I may have inadvertently omitted. That is more about 30 people who were paid not one thin dime.

    And that is the totality of the information scientology claims to want to know. But it is information they ALREADY know. But they just keep repeating it, as if by saying it repeatedly it will somehow magically become “an issue.” It’s not. They are throwing shit against the wall to see if anything will stick. And it’s low grade shit. They cannot respond to what these people said or the facts they recounted. And they choose to avoid that by diverting attention to their self-created and non-existent controversy. (And just as a note — it was A&E that pulled the plug on their KKK show, not scientology, who now act as though they have some moral high ground to tell A&E what shows they should air.)

    Now, on the subject of financial transparency, here are a few questions scientology has NOT answered that would shed some real light:

    1. How much money has Monique Yingling been paid by all church related entities over the past 20 years – just round it off to the nearest million. How much does she bill an hour to be the “scientology spokesperson.”

    2. How much was David Miscavige paid last year? And what was the value of all non-monetary gifts and perks he received?

    3. How much money does the IAS have? Rounded to the nearest hundred million.

    4. How much money does Church of Scientology International have?

    5. How much money does Church of Spiritual Technology have? FSO? CSRT? BMS? etc etc Hell, to make it easy, just tell us what you report as TOTAL SEA ORG RESERVES stat each week and you can round it off to the nearest hundred million.

    And note, though they claim to “refute Remini’s claims” they offer NO specifics whatsoever to anything, and provide no evidence that anything at all is untrue. Though they did a pretty good job of demonstrating that what Leah said about how they respond to criticism IS true — with PI’s/stalkers and hate websites.

    And finally, unlike scientology:

    We are not selling anything
    We are not holding people hostage
    We are not hurting people
    And we haven’t amassed 3 billion dollars in assets

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    Scientology goes into full smear mode in reaction to Leah Remini getting 2nd season

    By Tony Ortega, March 18, 2017


    Many of us in the Scientology watching community — ex-Scientologists or not — were recipients yesterday of emails from dummy OSA accounts directing us to the Remini attack site, which now has two new pages attacking Remini herself in the most vicious ways possible.

    There’s a page, for example, where you can read salacious details from her husband Angelo Pagan’s court fights with previous wives who included swipes at Leah in their court declarations. But anticipating such attacks, Leah laid out her private life in pretty good detail in her book, Troublemaker. We doubt that people will make much of the fact that her husband’s previous wives didn’t like her. What does that have to do with the allegations she’s making about Scientology in Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath?

    But the most surprising attack on Remini that’s been added to the church’s website is a video interview with someone who was once very close to Leah, her friend Stacy Francis, a singer and veteran of numerous talent-show reality TV series, most recently her stint on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.


    Francis was later the source of controversy when she appeared on what was then Simon Cowell’s new talent show X-Factor promoting the idea that she was an untrained singer who had been held back because she was a victim of domestic violence. That background turned out mostly to be a fabrication, we found out. And based on the reporting we’ve done on her over the years, we know something about how much she was supported by her good friend, Leah Remini.

    It was Remini who was in the delivery room as Francis gave birth to her second child after her affair with Bishop Noel Jones, brother of model Grace Jones, who acknowledged later that he was the little girl’s father. It was Remini, however, who took Francis in and helped her retain a lawyer to obtain child support, and then later helped her move into a good apartment near a charter school where she wanted her children to attend classes.

    Meanwhile, Francis has only sometimes admitted that she’s actually a longtime Scientologist. But now that Remini has her second season, Francis answered the call and sat for a video for the attack website. We’re going to provide the entire transcript of the video, as awful as it is, because we think it may get a lot of attention.


    Remini declined to comment about the allegations made by Francis. But her co-star, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder, did have something to say.

    “Stacy is trying to protect the only people who treat her like she is actually a celebrity — Scientologists. She is a nobody in the real world, but in the Scientology bubble she gets to sing for Tom Cruise. That is something vitally important for her,” he says. “Like everyone else in these Korean POW style videos, they are all about what a rotten person the target is. Though hers is pretty weak — the basic gist of her rant is that Leah was not ‘nice’ and not friendly. Funny, that didn’t bother her when she was taking handouts. And of course, Stacy does not address any of the abuses that Leah has talked about or were exposed on the show. Her entire message is ‘Leah Remini isn’t a nice person….’ Odd, every single person I’ve met who isn’t being sat in front of a camera like a ventriloquist’s dummy controlled by Scientology says the exact opposite about Leah, even though Leah never claimed to be an angel — anyone who has read her book knows she laid it out right on page one in anticipation of this sort of response. Even so, it’s exactly what they do because they know no other way — literally. Scientology’s effort is always to imply that if they allege a person is not nice, then nothing they say is true. But like I said, compared to what they say about me, and Amy Scobee and Marc and Claire Headley and Tom DeVocht and, and, and… this is pretty weak sauce. Stacy Francis is a nobody going nowhere. She got the boot from Celebrity Big Brother House in the UK which was her last ‘job.’ She can only remain ‘important’ in the shrinking world of Scientology by doing their bidding. How come they didn’t roll out the real celebrities? Where is Tom? John? Kirstie? Jenna? They’re too scared to say anything because they all have agents and publicists who are telling them not to go near the shit sandwich that is Scientology. So, they get the benchwarmer from the D team to step up. Its only use is for Scientologists — if anyone in the US recognizes her at all (and I would suspect that is almost nobody) it will be as the ‘drama queen’ who cried all the time on the X Factor.”

    Complete article:

    Stacy Francis thread:
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    The real reason Leah Remini is taking a wrecking ball to Scientology

    By Tony Ortega, March 22, 2017


    ...since the titillating and edifying story we had planned for you today got pushed back, we decided that we’d share with you one of the truly dumbest videos we’ve run into that has something to do with Scientology.

    More at
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    Aaron Smith-Levin: Scientology's Hate Websites

    Growing Up In Scientology

    In this video I examine the hate website that the Church of Scientology put up about me the day after I was featured in episode 6 (Season 1) of Leah Remini's Scientology & the Aftermath.

    I separate fact from fiction to demonstrate how Scientology attempts to smear its critics with maliciously false information.

    Aaron Smith-Levin: Why a current Scientologist could never appear on "Scientology & The Aftermath"

    Growing Up In Scientology

    In this video I discuss Leah's Remini's invitation to have ANY current Scientologist appear on her A&E TV show, "Scientology & the Aftermath" to discuss the subject of Scientology, and why this could never occur.
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    Leah Remini roars back with Scientology and the Aftermath season 2 preview


    At the end of the first season, you alluded to a legal campaign you were mounting. Will season 2 get into that?

    Yes! In my heart I believed the FBI would be sitting in a war room like they do on TV. They’d be going, “Damn it, that’s it! We’re going to raid the place, we’re going to run in and save all these people and we’re shutting this s— down.” But that is not real life. [Scientology has] tax-exempt status, so you can’t just run in and say, “This is not a religious organization.” They’ve met the religious requirements on paper, so we need more time to effect change. Several law firms have contacted [me and show consultant/costar Mike Rinder], and we’re moving forward.

    What else can you tell us about the new season?

    I didn’t foresee a season 2. I didn’t want to do another season. But the response from the organization and the response from parishioners — particularly celebrity parishioners — has proven to me that we need to continue to tell these stories.

    Do you think legal action is necessary? You don’t think they’ll come to a moral awakening?

    Morally they believe they’re doing the right thing. They believe that what L. Ron Hubbard says…is being followed to a tee. I know that because I was a Scientologist for years. There is no thinking for yourself in Scientology; the policy says what it says, and [Hubbard’s word] is drilled into you from the moment you read Dianetics. The only way to expose what’s happening is to continue to tell stories. [Church leader] David Miscavige isn’t going to have a moment.

    Has anyone from the church reached out to you to appear in season 2?

    No, and I want to be clear about that: I’m not trying to turn people. We don’t need to get people to come out; we’re hearing from people who haven’t spoken before. They’ve been brainwashed into believing they could do nothing. They were told there’d be heavy repercussions if they went to the police or the FBI. [The church has called Remini’s allegations a “rehash of stale, long disproven claims.”]

    Because Scientology stretches so far into Hollywood, were you afraid that doing this show would impact your career?

    I think it’s just the opposite. I’ve been embraced even more by Hollywood, and I continue to work. [Editor’s note: Remini is currently filming the NBC pilot What About Barb?]As far as acting is concerned, if my career was affected by my speaking out against abuses, then I’m good with it. I don’t need to work in a town that’s complicit with these kinds of abuses.

    How can people get involved if they want to?

    It could be a simple call to your councilman, writing to the IRS, making noise about it, or encouraging people to come forward. People feel like they should do more, but they don’t realize how much they’ve already done by supporting us and supporting the people who’ve been on our show.

    Do you think the current political climate makes all of this even more significant?

    Absolutely. If we’re not happy, politics aside, what can we do about it? People are doing what they can, and that’s a great thing. If you can write a letter, do it! If you can simply call a congressman, do it! In this climate, often people feel they don’t have a voice or power to do something, whether it’s [in response to] a cult, an abusive relationship, or politics. A docuseries like this makes people feel that there’s hope that anyone can do something to effect change. I hope to inspire people to take action. What can you do to make you feel that you’re not nothing?
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    Reality TV's Ruling Class: Top 10 Power Players of 2017 | Hollywood Reporter


    Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman

    'Scientology and the Aftermath' Producers

    Making an impression, at least a good one, in cable's ever-sprawling reality landscape is nearly impossible at this point. Breakout Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath proved to be the rare exception in 2016, giving the beleaguered A+E a new series that was both buzzy and comparatively highbrow. It's not a bad entry point for Holzman and Saidman, reality vets whose latest independent shingle (The Intellectual Property Corp.) launched with the project. The series averaged 3 million viewers an episode, regularly dominated Twitter, and quickly earned a sophomore renewal as Remini continues to shine a light on allegations of abuse and harassment at the organization. It has set up IPC as a force in unscripted's new prestige push — fitting, considering that this duo's previous collaborations include Emmy favorite Undercover Boss.

    More at

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