Leah Remini TV series about how Scientology rips families apart

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  1. Steven Mango, who appears in Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie, has addressed Leah Remini about Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Scientology Used Leah Remini to Recruit Me

    Published on Dec 7, 2016

    Celebrities, such as Leah Remini, were used to recruit new actors like myself into the Scientology Celebrity Centre. Networking seminars, fancy galas, and a celebrity mentorship with Tom Cruise: Scientology promised everything imaginable to help launch my career. Little did I know, they were all empty promises used to get my credit card number and ultimate devotion to their organization.

    My Video “Inside The Scientology Celebrity Centre”:

    About Me: My name is Steven Mango and I was a parishoner of the exclusive Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, CA. In the span of four years of devoted membership until my escape in 2012, I became a lifetime member, I donated close to $50,000 to the church, and I was a victim of severe spiritual and emotional abuse inside the walls of the church. I was also a poster boy for the church, appearing in advertisements for the International Association of Scientologists across the Celebrity Centre. My photo also appeared on their The Way To Happiness booklets.

    Contact Information and Links:

    Press/Media Contact:
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  2. RightOn Member

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  4. RightOn Member

    Sue his ass Leah
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  5. Quentinanon Member

    John Alex Wood is more of a creepy freak than anything else.
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  7. Someone should tell Gemma Harris That above her tweet slagging off Amy Scobie she has posted a link to Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema.Does she not realise that Nicole Kidman is an SP?
    Gemma Harris (@gemthetwit) | Twitter
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  8. I'm very hopeful that this powerful documentary by Leah Remini may well be the final nail in the coffin of one David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard's brutally abusive "Religion' of Scientology.

    I've got a good feeling that the walls around Gold Base in Hemet, Ca are closing in on this nasty lil abusive punk / 'ecclesiastical' leader David Miscavige. Those walls have razor sharp spikes on both sides, very painful when closing in on a tiny little cowardly criminal with no conscience.

    This explosive documentary by Leah Remini seems to be generating a national outrage that may finally bring this brutally abusive crime organization to its knees. It's high time that the FBI storms the gates of Gold Base in Hemet, Ca and free the privately held prisoners of David Miscavige and Scientology.

    The Horror Show at Gold Base has been well documented by Tony Ortega and many of the victims of LRH 'Tech' and David Miscavige.

    Time's Up, David Miscavige, you're going to spend the rest of your miserable life in jail. I wish ALL Scientologists the very best in moving on from L. Ron Hubbard's total scam after many decades of being deceived and used.
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  9. RightOn Member

    ^ Not sure if storming the gates of Gold Base is the best thing to do to get DM?
    I would prefer he be arrested at an an Ideal Org opening for all his sheeple to see. :cool:

    Seriously, if the FBI went to Gold Base many years ago and "all was well". :rolleyes:
    The sheeple have the drill down pat, so there were problems back then and there would be problems now. IMO
    1. The FBI will never see anything wrong in Happy Valley.:confused:
    2. People, DM and things will be hidden:oops:
    3. Those people who are not hidden are so well "briefed", they know exactly what to say and what not to say:mad:
    4. They will certainly be tipped off way in advance for sure and be ready for them. IMO:mad:
    5. Money talks and so does fair gaming for those who won't follow suit :mad:

    I wish this wasn't true, but it's what I believe would happen. DM doesn't stay at Gold Base to be a sitting duck.
    Perhaps this latest docu-series and others coming forward will over ride the above.
    I say take away their tax exemption first and watch them wither away. BUT! They have protection there as well, remember how they were granted exemption in the first place?Taking away their tax exemption would be a lot harder on the Sea Orgers and all other slaves, as they will get squeezed even harder with a lot less to survive with.
    BUT! it may prompt more people to leave.
    Hopefully the ends will justify the means. It can go many ways.
    One thing for sure, it ain't going to be pretty. It never is for a cult.

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  10. RIGHT ON!
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  11. It's mostly wishful thinking on my part but I'm very encouraged by the public outrage over this documentary and the years of exposure here on WWP, by Tony Ortega, ESMB and many courageous exes speaking out leading up to this moment.

    The Tax`exemption going would indeed be extraordinary.

    There's a lot of very good points there, RightOn. I'm hoping that intense public outrage rises above these barriers that Scientology has used by policy to protect its abusive practices. DM happening to be there if and when Gold Base goes down is a pipe dream of mine. I'm sure DM will be in Columbia or somewhere similar hiding his sorry little ass with his ill-gotten hundreds of millions at the expense of their duped and deluded Scientology 'parishioners'.

    Is it too much to ask for the U.S. Justice department to do its job?

    Scientology is a synonym for the RICO statutes, imho.

    There's a lot to go after, ALL Wise businesses and phony 'charitable' 'non-profit' front groups, CCHR, Narconon, ABLE in addition to the abuse of children by policy, illegal internments, kidnapping, extortion, bribery, tax-evasion, money laundering, abuse of labor laws, immigration violations, the list is endless.
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  12. Quentinanon Member

    I have seen the cult eke by without tax exemption in the U.S. during the 1970's and 80's. Economic pressures pushed the auditing and training prices closer to high market prices for "New Age" type courses and coaching, because the suckers parishioners could not write those expenses off their U.S. income taxes. The morg buildings were usually leased, but if owned, full commercial real estates taxes were assessed. Scientology practicianers could not write off their income from providing cult services. I saw many of them offer cash-only discounts so they could get away with not declaring their income. Field Staff Members, those who recruit new marks and help keep the current ones paying the morg, often did not declare the kickbacks commissions they received from morgs, so the FSM newsletters started recognizing them with their initials rather than their names because the IRS was using the newsletters for income tax enforcement. The scientology organization slowly grew despite that until around 1991, when the availability of information about the cult became widespread on the internet. The only entitlement that saved them from rapid collapse was the 501(c)3 exemption they received at the end of 1993. Had Bill Clinton been less influential to Fred Goldberg, or Goldberg simply held his ground, the organization would have been much smaller and poorer today. They would not have been able to pay high-priced attorneys or purchase real estate for idle buildings with fancy facades. History, in the U.S. at least, would have taken a different course.
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Miscavige knows he's losing and he's miserable, which is why the guy can't even smile convincingly.

    He has shown that he would do anything to avoid appearing in court as a witness or even just being interviewed by a mainstream reporter, let alone facing criminal justice.

    It wouldn't surprise me to learn that he carries a capsule of cyanide.
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  14. Quentinanon Member

    Mixed with CalMag to make the convulsions less severe.
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  15. Although it is impossible to tell for sure given Marty Rathbun's cryptic, opaque, mystery sandwich, passive-aggressive, 1.1 Covertly Hostile writing style, it appears he has responded to Leah Remini and her series Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Marty was informed via Twitter that Leah Remini said the following about him:


    Note the cc @MartyRathbun

    It it is doubtful* that Marty missed the above 26 November 2016 tweet specifically tweeted to his attention since he presumably had to open Twitter to tweet out his 9 December 2016 post and tweet:


    Marty's post The Pity Play can be found here:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Apropos of current events, I offer for contemplation a passage from the book The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout. Ironically, after I introduced this book on my blog in 2010, some of its most fervent subsequent promoters turned out to be described to a tee within it. The answer to that paradox is in the book, even within the following passage.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *'

    *[EDITED TO ADD: Unless he tweeted from within Wordpress and never actually opened up Twitter between 26 November 2016 and his 9 December 2016 post and tweet?]
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  16. Scientology rips families apart by LRH policy including these horrible interrogations above (Scientology's Abusive Children's Security Check) of small children.

    Can you imagine anyone ever consenting to these mandatory interrogations of their young children (ages 6-12) and themselves as Scientologists like this standard L. Ron Hubbard Children's security check for children that has been in place for the children of Scientologists by LRH for decades?
    (Only if you've become indoctrinated yourself)

    This is one of the ways that small children have become indoctrinated into this abusive cult of Scientology. All of L. Ron Hubbard's policies are a part of his unchangeable 'Scriptures'.

    Scientology: End the Brutal Abuses: Shut it Down for Good!

    L. Ron Hubbard was a monster whose policies directly led to the neglect and mistreatment of children.

    Google: Abuse of Children in Scientology
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard abused 4 Year Old Derek Greene on his ship The Apollo
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard's Joburg Security Check for Adults (Disgusting Interrogations)
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology and ‘aliens’: What did L. Ron Hubbard actually say about space invaders?

    By Tony Ortega, December 12, 2016

    First two paragraphs:

    Leah Remini’s A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath, has kicked up a lot of new interest in Scientology, particularly on social media. So we’re seeing a lot of great questions about the subject popping up on places like Twitter. (And we’ve tried to answer some of them at our feed, @TonyOrtega94.) [ ]

    Naturally, people new to the subject tend to express amazement about some of Scientology’s more bizarre space opera tenets. And a few Scientologists do their best to tamp down that interest. In particular, some church members are touchy about the subject of outer space “aliens” in the cosmology of Scientology.

    Last three paragraphs:

    Only through the highest-level Scientology processing can you beef up your superpowers so that you can resist the between-life implanting and live as an all-powerful “operating” thetan.

    This, then, is the actual end-goal of Scientology. To break free from our alien invaders and become free, exteriorized, and all-powerful thetans. And come on, that’s pretty fun and exciting, as cosmologies go.

    It’s a shame that Scientology does everything it can to hide it, even from most of its own members.

    Full article at
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  18. RightOn Member

    Just saw a great promo!
  19. John Travolta does not care about the harm allegedly done to others by Scientology as long as he benefits from it.
    E News: John Travolta "Not Interested" in Watching Leah Remini's Scientology Docu-Series

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Indeed, television has been good to Travolta—but it hasn't always been so good to his faith. Late last month, A&E premiered Leah Remini's docu-series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. In it, Remini accuses the Church of Scientology of abuse, lies and sexual misconduct.

    (A rep for the religion has repeatedly dismissed Remini's claims and criticized her "revisionist history.")

    Travolta has not watched any of the episodes, telling E! News he's "not interested" in what Remini or other former members of the Church of Scientology have to say. "It's been nothing but helpful to me for 40 years, through all my losses of my mother, my girlfriend, my son," he said. "They never left my side, so why would I want buy into something that's not what I feel?"

    While he was "kind of" surprised Remini decided to do the docu-series, Travolta wishes Remini no ill will. "As long as I get to still do it and my family gets to do it," the actor said, "I'm happy."
    Late last month, Remini told E! News she didn't expect to hear from Travolta or Tom Cruise, another prominent member in the Church of Scientology, regarding the docu-series. "They will not reach out to me. They are not allowed to reach out to me," the King of Queens actress said. "John Travolta, by the way, is one of the nicest, sweetest people you're ever going to meet."

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *
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  20. BLiP Member

  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  22. apparently it was a misfire
    this was the content:

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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

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  24. RightOn Member

    Leah on the red carpet discusses JLo's Dad.
    Mods remove if already posted.

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  25. RightOn Member

    Travolta from the red carpet on the COS. Nice hair John!
    So John more or less just publicly admitted that he really doesn't care what the exs have to say "as long as him and his family can keep doing it"?
    First time I ever heard that term used for a "religion" .
    I as long as " I can keep doing it".
    Oh John, your secrets must be doozies!

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  26. RightOn Member

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  27. RightOn Member

    You would think that DM would have some sort of taped announcement as an answer to Leah's docu-series.
    The "Pope of COS" is silent?
    I hope it stays that way, if its just going to be "Kapow" answering for him. Or ditzy Erin Banks.
    Where is Moxon?
    OR I hope he grants another interview. He hasn't done once since 1990's.
    Even that is a good question that should be asked around the interwebs.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Posting this late:

    Tonight on ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’: When the fraud & abuse becomes overwhelming

    By Tony Ortega, December 13, 2016


    Last night, A&E fed the huge fascination for its new series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath with a remarkable sneak peek of tonight’s third episode. The network played the first fifteen minutes of the episode, which featured Remini and Mike Rinder explaining to executive producer Alex Weresow how Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom” was laid out, including the ludicrous prices that Scientologists are expected to pay.

    We’re super impressed with how Remini and Rinder have convinced a bunch of reality-TV folks used to less serious fare (Weresow’s previous credits include Celebrity Wife Swap) to create a show that is methodically and systematically taking apart the Scientology story, from how it sucks people in and takes over their lives to how it rips families apart.

    In tonight’s episode, Remini and Rinder keep the education going with their explanations about how Scientologists must pay enormous amounts, often for courses that they’ve been forced to redo, or for books that they already own copies of. Members also pay ridiculous amounts to be interrogated so that the church has a file of their most damaging secrets. “You may be paying someone $800 an hour to sit and interrogate you,” Rinder says. “If you keep doing that to someone, you get them to the point where they will say basically anything in order to put an end to it.”

    But the real star of the episode is Florida mom Mary Kahn, who surprised us with how wretched her situation turned out to be. Mary told her story at Mike Rinder’s website two years ago, and last year she held a reception for us in her Clearwater home when we were in town with Paulette Cooper for our book tour.

    Based on what she’d written at Rinder’s site, we knew that she’d had a familiar story of joining Scientology enthusiastically in her twenties in 1973, then going up the Bridge (twice, because of re-dos), until the disillusionment set in during the David Miscavige era. Her experience on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, for OT 8 was particularly dreadful. And then, like so many others, Mary was energized by Debbie Cook’s infamous 2012 letter about Miscavige’s shortcomings.

    What we didn’t realize, however, was how tortuous Scientology made it for Mary to finally leave the organization. For more than a year after she left in May 2013, Scientology operatives tried to convince her husband, David Kahn, to divorce her and stay in the church. In the show, he admits that he considered it, if only because he didn’t want to lose contact with their younger son, Sammy, who was a dedicated Scientologist. (Their older son, Michael, was not a Scientologist.)

    Mary tells a visibly disgusted Remini and Rinder how she managed to get through a final showdown with church officials at Scientology headquarters, which resulted in her being “declared” a “suppressive person,” an enemy of the church. David Kahn explains how he “strung along” the same church officials for as long as he could before he, too, was declared last year.

    And that’s how they both lost their son, Sammy, who has now disconnected from them. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Scientology and being a member for 40 years, Mary Kahn couldn’t keep her family from being ripped apart. And she can barely keep it together as she describes the anguish she experienced at the hands of church officials, calling it mental abuse.

    And then, on camera, there’s an emotional breakdown that stunned us.

    We won’t tell you more about it except that it was a moment we weren’t expecting, and it drove home for us how much pain many former Scientologists are carrying with them.

    It’s a powerful hour of television, but we were left with a few questions after it. So last night, we called up Mary and David Kahn and their son Michael to ask them to fill in a few details.

    Continued here, with about 1,500 comments:
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    'Scientology': Leah Remini Hears Former Member's Scam Claim | Us Weekly

    In the third episode of A&E’s docu-series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, we return to Clearwater, Fla. to meet a former Scientologist who described the treatment she received from a member of the Church as “mentally abusive.”

    With her husband David, Mary Kahn painted an unflattering picture of her experience in the Church while conversing with the series’ executive producer, Leah Remini, and Mike Rinder, previously identified as a former International Church spokesman.

    Kahn said after being a member of the Church for 40 years, she was the victim of “disconnection,” a practice previously defined in the series as cutting off “all contact with someone critical of the Church of Scientology.”

    ‘Leah Remini: Scientology’: Former member says she lost son, ‘hundreds of thousands’ | USA Today

    Payback time! On the Tuesday, December 13, episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Remini explored the business side of the Church of Scientology by explaining to viewers about “The Bridge,” or path to enlightenment.
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  30. RightOn Member

    Look at the comment OSA left when adding David Kahn to the Big List. Calling Mary 1.1 (which is Covert Hostility and also used this as their name to post)
    and claiming that Mary is transgender:

    "She's 1.1?
    If Mary is their current name/ident why not "Mary Kahn, AKA David"?

    As if being transgender is even a bad thing!
    Keeping it classy OSA!
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  31. I just watched the 3rd episode - watch it if you haven't, stream it on if you have cable. At the end, there was a teaser for the 4th episode, which is going to feature Ron Miscavige, so we can expect a lot about DM next week.
  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini Gives Viewers A Crash Course In Scientology For Aftermath's Most Educational Episode Yet! | Perez Hilton

    With each passing episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, we continue to be surprised by just how far the grasp of Scientology can actually reach.

    5 Things We Learned From 'Scientology & the Aftermath,' Episode 3 | Rolling Stone
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    Keep in mind that during this period, they weren't paying their taxes.
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  34. mojo Member

    this last episode was a very powerful one - and it's easy to think we're operating in an echo chamber but South Park, Anonymous, Tony Ortega, Louis Theroux, Alex Gibney they've all played a part in the steady drip drip that unmasks this cult. Watch sitcoms today - Scientology has become a punchline and synonymous with whacked out thinking at the least - but shows like Leah's show the human side at a very personal level of all the documentaries. This is important stuff - and thanks Anonymous for starting the conversation!
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