Leak: David Sonenfild, Hat Writeup, Body Registrar, Cincinnati org 96-98.pdf

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by opantomime, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. opantomime Member

    In light of the recent St Pete Times exposes on Scientology and their "registrar" practices... I thought this deserved its own leakiness.

    David Sonenfild, Hat Writeup, Body Registrar, Cincinnati org 96-98.pdf
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Nice. Bump.
  3. Very nice leak, OP! Thank you!
  4. Anonaronymous Member

    wow lots of info here, nice work!
  5. Anonymous Member

    All this crap just to bilk money.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Zhent Member

    Have only flicked through it but there is some really nice data here that goes hand-in-hands with the latest SP Times reports.

    Never give them a chance to second think what a stupid decision paying for Scientology is.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I trust Tony O has been sent this?
  9. opantomime Member

    Who is Tony O?
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Tony Ortega, journalist at the Village Voice.

    And subject of Femanon lust.
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  12. RightOn Member

    calling Pouw to the courtesy phone please!
    'Splain plox!
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  13. another123 Member

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  14. This material MUST go to Tony Ortega! Has anyone done it yet?
  15. AnonLover Member

    oh happy dayz - excellent leakage!

    with one big burning question... just how common is it for sea org to be fired into orgs for filling staff positions?
  16. Hat writeups are great because they really show how it really is in an org. I wish there were more for the public to see.
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  17. opantomime Member

    There were always 3 posts assigned for sea org members at class v orgs: (I think they are) the FBO, the KOT and the Flag Rep. [Check Modern Management Technology Defined aka Admin dictionary (1976).pdf for definitions.]

    When Miscavige went on his "Ideal Org binge", he had to fast-staff the orgs before the Grand Opening. These orgs are padded with imported sea org members. Nashville's org was one of those. I know there's a thread on that around here somewhere.

    I believe David Sonenfild was sent to Cinci Org because he and his wife "got pregnant"... and at that time, it meant being sent to a struggling class v org far, far away from their usual sea org area. Before then, David S was a high-pressure reg at AOLA in Los Angeles. He's had YEARS of practice in getting scio-members to part with their money.

    He did it with me, too. He's slick.
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  18. opantomime Member

    You mean like these previously leaked items?

    various hat

    • A Second-Dynamic Hat by Robin Alkins and Carrie Alkins 1980.pdf
    • Daniel Jacobs - Field auditor - Power Hat Writeup - How to find a preclear.pdf
    • Earl Goldman - Director of Public Booksales - Hat writeup (1996).pdf
    • Free Stress Test hat writeup.pdf
    • gaiman_hat_writeup, Public Relations Chief.pdf
    • Narconon funding program, Hat pack, and First Step
    • Street sales to raw public - hat writeup.pdf
    • Stress test hat writeup (2004).pdf
    • Tech Sec Hat Writeup, contents of a folder.pdf
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  19. Another fine leak, OP! Thank you. <3 it!!!
  20. Yes, like that and it doesn't matter how many writeups there are for the same job because you can compare how different people from different places live and work and view their job and Scientology. The chances are that the writeups may sound the same but even that will tell you something. The more technical ones like for instance, a print shop hat writeup or a graphic arts writeup will probably tell you little about Scientology itself but you never know.

    Great stuff.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    It is great stuff, for all the reasons stated by Jaycee. The feature that I find to be most wonderful is the fact that the PDFs are searchable/machine readable. Awesome!
  22. i'mglib Member

    This is really sad.

    Talking people into cashing in the IRAs, ack!

    I love, "It is a good idea for you to be the one asking all the questions, as usually the prospect
    will not have a lot of confront on it. " No shit! They're not going to be too excited about GIVING UP THEIR RETIREMENT MONEY!

    They lose 30% right off the bat, but that's ok. Ugh.

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  23. i'mglib Member

    Hmm, Karen#1 says that David Sonenfeld might be disaffected.;t=41348&amp;p=417036#p417036

    Also, here's an old thread about Cincinnati org:;t=13854&amp;start=15
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  24. I know. And you probably knew this too before you even saw this. But it is good to see a clam say it in their own words.

    They just don't get it and they can justify any and all of this. They probably sleep well at night too. I think they even know they are lying but since it is for the greater good...

    Not just any Scientologist can be a Registrar IMO. I am tempted to say that it takes a certain kind of asshole to be good at that sort of thing. Some of these jerks stay in the cult and go all the way, so you see, even they get regged. It is all for the greater good in the fight against the SPs who run the governments on this planet. Pretty crazy stuff.
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  25. AnonLover Member

    Thank you opantomine for all the xtra details - you rock!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Maybe the SP Times could use it too, if there are going to be more parts to the current series.
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  27. another123 Member

    Separated zips for viewing and/or download @ Gdox:
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Great stuff!
  29. It's an 'acceptable truth' in Scientology regging to conference call and falsely claim to be a financial advisor and lie about the purpose in order to drain the member's IRA's and stocks, apply for more credit, etc. for the cult of Scientology.

    In Scientology fraud is an acceptable truth, what's true for the founder is apparently true for all, "Make money, make more money, make others make money" LRH Doctrine an unchangeable 'scripture'......

    My niece works countless hours for approx 40 cents an hour for Scientology as a trained auditor and they charge parishioners for her services about $600.00 an hour, for a 12 1/2 hour intensive she receives $5.00 in pay + room and food, cult receives $6,771.00 in tax-free 'fixed donations' :

    It's disgusting to cripple people financially in this and so many other ways to allegedly achieve the states of Clear and OT (There has yet to be even 1 verified Hubbard Clear, Not 1) while David Miscavige lives like a King........

    You have to be Clear to become an OT so.......Can anyone name an actual clear (ONE?) according to convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's claims of abilities attained by a Scientology Clear?
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  30. opantomime Member

    I believe it's 10% penalty, plus taxes on what you take out (because it's considered taxable income).

    Of course, the extra income is counterbalanced by the fact that when you donate for a "service" in Scientology (like auditing or training) you can deduct it as a "charitable contribution" on your tax return (Schedule A).

    I'm sure Sonenfild used that argument many times.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    It's absolutely disgusting giving staff instructions on how to convince people to take out their retirement fund, or how to convince them to give away their savings account, put aside for "emergencies". Shame on Scientology. They've got to be the most un-ethical people on earth.
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  32. I am unable to regard them as "people." I believe that they have lost their human citizenship. I think that $cientologists are retarded thugs, from outer space.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I do not believe it’s a dollar for dollar deduction, just lowers your total taxable income.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I'm fairly certain it's 30% deduction if your break your retirement fund before retirement.
  35. opantomime Member

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. opantomime Member

    Answered earlier in the thread... and... IANYCPA!

    (I am not your CPA)
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  39. Tangerine Member

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