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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by carsondude, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. manoteno Member

    how can i make a new thread within Anonymous vs Scientology? I have a source that gets e-mailed by them mostly and can find out more! (I even have a book about them) , im new here just found the site so if you could reply that would v´be one step closer to victory!
  2. You need to pick the appropriate sub forum to start the thread in... sounds like you are in the irght spot, if it's a leak.... Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click the the litte tab that says "Leaks and Legal" Should be able to start a new thread there.
  3. manoteno Member

    thank you!
  4. carsondude Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Qoul Xaopia Member

    I'm new to all this and I have to say, I'm confused as to why all this stuff is being leaked. Reading through the posts, it almost seems like people are doing it just for a laugh at what these people believe. And yet, they get so excited, as if what they really want is to study the original techniques of dianetics before all the Xenu BS started.

    Are these leaks just to expose propaganda, just to fuck Scientology by making sure people don't have to pay for it (who apparently, hating Scientology, wouldn't even touch the stuff—this is why I'm confused) or to release the original dianetics techniques to the public?

    I really am confused by the fluctuations from ECSTASY to ridicule that keep popping up. Is there a mission statement of this site that I don't know about? I'm just wondering if everyone here is laughing their asses off about how stupid and worthless and mind-controlling dianetics is, or is it something else?
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  7. Glad to see you here.

    There are many reasons to celebrate a leak... HEre are a few of my favorite reasons:
    1. Anytime something Scilon is leaked for people without having to pay the cult for it, it makes them psychologically mad. That's money the cult doesn't get. So say you are a freezoner, you could look this stuff up for free now.

    2. Provides foot bullet ammo. By highlighting things in their tech, and showing how Scilons are incapable of following the tech, highlights how useless all these courses are to publics that might have been suckered in.

    3. Know thine enemy. By studying the tech, it may be possible to highlight the most basic logical fallacies. For instance, learning about how their tech advocates freedom to speak to anyone on any subject, and then showing up at a raid with a sign that says, "Why will you get in trouble for looking up ''?" MAY make a scilon think about it and realize... things aren't rid in Scilon ville.

    4. the lulz. Sometimes it's just funny to see the delusions these people believe. Pretending to be 'Homo Novis' with perfect memory recall, and then having 2 witnesses contradict each other is just plain funny if nothing else.

    5. Expanding the Rouges Gallery. Keeping tabs on who is still in and their post may prove useful to someone. Anons come from all walks of life. Sometimes it's surprising that a place, or name can spark action from Anons to get educated and support of the Cult Redacted.

    So there's my 5 that I can think of... Does that answer your question? btw the New Members area is over here.
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  8. Qoul Xaopia Member

    Thanks, it definitely does make it clearer. Reading through the pdf of the original 1950 book—at least I hope it's the original, since there were so many rewrites to make it seem more like gospel—it really seems like Hubbard was creating nothing more than a sober therapeutic technique to help people to consciously recognise, and therefore dissolve, past painful experiences, thus raising their quality of life. It's sad to think he ever had anything else in mind.

    I'm the kind of person who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt, but seeing what Scientology has become, for me the "lulz" factor is undermined by a sort of disappointment in humanity. It's hard to think the only people who get their messages popularised are the ones trying to HURT people, and never the ones trying to help. But maybe I'm being too solemn.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Someone I consider a friend has the following for a slogan:
    I like it.
  10. TheRealNoUser Member

    Just to add to DarkSpecterAnon's 5 reasons, the fact that all of the Hubbard works exist in pdf form makes mockery of the motives of the official Church Of Scientology to ignore the pdf format.

    They still have physical books, when pdfs are so much easier to index and find references. The reason is obvious. Money. PDF's can be distributed for free and have no reproduction costs, unlike physical books - and the CoS needs to justify their wildly exaggerated book prices.

    Even official church members want the pdf versions, which will lead them to all the critical sites, and eventually their eyes will open.
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  11. I'm pretty sure you can go find the Bible in (mostly) it's entirety online, because usually a church's motives are to spread their message of fellowship and compassion, respect for fellow man etc. CoS sells self help books.

    And yes... If CoS really wanted to get with it, they would have Podcasts discussing the tech, lectures available for Download, and kindle friendly tech. But they won't, because then what's your excuse for having all that RPF labor for?
  12. Anonymous Member

    The churches should edit out the parts of the Bible that advocate the opposite of "their message of fellowship and compassion, respect for fellow man etc."
  13. Yes... they could. But then you have to make sure your Spokesman is told to admit they edit things, instead of lying and getting caught about it on radio, CNN, or a news program. Don't pull in more PR flaps
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  14. carsondude Member

    Yes the lulz of causing DM anguish by giving the material out free. Also WWP member sure make funny outtakes on the leaked books tapes and films
  15. Anonkev Member

    Yo, I accessed the link, but no dox download D:
    Could be my stupid interwebz again tho...
  16. revdoggy Member

  17. bored? have some fun... Shawna Neuman"s E-mail... from their cult of scientology in BC.
    I'ts been years and I still can't belive its the same as explained in South Park... lol!
    I think that episode has it better explained than the books ;) (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, aka SPAM, are most welcomed!)
  18. carsondude Member

    Level 4 Auditor course tapes

    Rightness and Wrongness
    How to Find a Service Fac
    Suppressives and GAE's_64 (Anon made me do it)
    Service Facimilie handling_64 (Your wrong and I'm not)
    Service Facimilie Assment_64
    R2H fundamentals_64
    ARC Breaks and the com cycle_64 (aka: aky breaky heart)
    Nature of Witholds a_64

    Academy Levels4.rar
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  19. Jilojab Member

    This might be a stupid question, but how did you obtain these documents?
  20. Anonymous Member

    A lot (most?) of the leakers here purchased the materials themselves years ago. Scientology coerces every Scientologist to purchase large amounts of books and audio lectures. Scientologists in the cult for a long time frequently have rather large collections of books and tapes that they had to purchase.
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  21. OhSah Member

    Religions are generally straight forward with their belief structure and to some extent, most are fairly simple and easy to grasp - Scientology and Dianetics on the other hand are complex, long-winded and at best a fraud form of psychotherapy perpetrated. L. Ron Hubbard once said that the materials of Dianetics & Scientology are a sea of confusion and without a proper roadmap to delineate how to get through it, you'd be swimming in it for a lifetime if not more; with these leaks we are open-sourcing Scientology, RTC and Dianetics to everyone so that a fair peer-review can finally commence on it and people who are gullible and considering it (who may stumble upon this site) can judge for themselves based on evidence available, not "Scientology makes you more able".
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    Here's how the Christian publishers do it:

    1. Bible Gateway: A FREE online resource with 112 versions of the Bible in multiple languages - all available for download free. While many are well out of copyright, the list also includes:
      1. The Message - a transliteration of the bible by poet, pastor and biblical scholar Eugene Peterson, copyright between 1993 and 2002;
      2. The latest version of the New International Version of the bible, copyright 2011. The NIV was the work during the 1960's and subsequently of over 100 scholars working from the original ancient texts in the original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The work is revised periodically "As new discoveries (were) made about the biblical world and its languages, and as the norms of English usage develop(ed) and chang(ed) over time". ie. It's a hugely expensive exercise to produce and continually revise the NIV bible (as it is for other versions); and
      3. Audio versions.
    2. E-Sword: A FREE program that can access another long list of bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, maps etc - many free, many cheap. All but one of the bibles is under $15. The NIV set is a massive $29.99.
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  23. carsondude Member

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  24. carsondude Member

    Academy Level 2
    Craftsmanship Fundamentals
    Directing Attention
    Fish and Fumble Dn Needles
    How to Sec Check
    Missed Witholds
    Nature of Witholds
    Overt Motivator Sequence
    OW Modernized
    Prepchecking demo
    Sec Check Audit errors
    Sec Checking Types of Witholds
    The Missed Missed Withold
    What is a Withold

    Part 1
    Part 2
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. carsondude Member

    Academy Level 1 Tapes

    Basic Theory of CCH
    Basics of Auditing
    CCH 1-4 Demo
    CCH's circuits
    Cycles of Action
    Flattening a process
    Prior Confusion
    Problems and Solutions
    Problems Intensive
    Running CCH's
  27. carsondude Member

    Academy Level 0 tapes

    E-Meter Data: Instant Reads Part I
    E-Meter Data: Instant Reads Part II
    Comm Cycles in Auditing
    Auditing Comm Cycles
    Itsa Line
    Itsa Line ( Cont’d )
    The Communication Cycle in Auditing
  28. Anonymous Member

    But that's promoting a doomsday/UFO cult/doctrine that says 'heathens' should be put to death!
  29. revdoggy Member

    Yea yea yea you bleeding farts kill me. Here's what the great guru LRH said about heaven. We all have an opinion of the great Oz in the sky.

    "Can't we all just get stoned"?


    PS Thanks OP for the Academy Lectures.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Might wanna get that checked out soon.

  31. carsondude Member

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  32. carsondude Member

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  33. carsondude Member

    Money Tapes(Money & Success-How To Achieve Them) Lectures:

    The Five Conditions
    Todays Battle of Britian
    Definition of Organization part 1
    Definition of Organization part 2
    Org Board and Livingness
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  34. carsondude Member

    Creating A New Civilization Lectures
    The Role of Scientology Organizations

    01 - A Postulate Out of A Golden Age
    02 - The Genus of Dian. And Scn
    03 - Scn Organizations
    04 - Scn Orgs And What They Do For You
    05 - The Consequences of Organizations
    06 - Individuation
    07 - Future Org Trends
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  35. carsondude Member

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  36. carsondude Member

    PTS-SP Course Lectures(How To Confront And Shatter Suppression)

    Scientology Zero
    Suppressives and GAE
    The Antisocial Personality (((Me))) :)
    Handling the PTS
    Organization and Ethics
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  37. carsondude Member

    various 70-72 LRH tapes

    7008c02 SO - A Short Briefing of Guardians Office Technical Personnel
    7105C09 SO - Training People to Train
    7109C05 SO - A Talk on a Basic Qual
    7109C05 SO - A talk on a Basic Qual Continued
    7205c18 SO - Current & Future Ops Actions
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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. AnonLover Member

    Ahhhhh ha! i wasnt imaging it - a red on white copy of Routine 3 Heaven did get leaked & should hopefully exist in some leak hoarder's collection somewheres.

    ^^Nao, I just need to track down copies of additional pages in this cleaner/newer version
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