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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by carsondude, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. I took a long, thorough look, AL. Couldn't locate it. Will watch for it and pass the word at the next protest.
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Big Thetans are soooooo overrated......................

    and extremely expensive to track down, apparently...........

    You start with two soup cans and an electrical charge (approximately 3 grand) and write down all sexual 'crimes' at 500 bux an hour of the devotee for future control of said subject imean for errr......'spiritual' counseling.........

    throw in a science fiction story about an evil overlord and exact replicas of DC-8's used 75 million years ago to dump lost souls on this planet in volcanoes that didn't exist at the time....durr...and so on and so forth...... and so on.....mor LRH blah, blah, bleh, ...

    Well, the DC-8's don't have to be exact replicas............

    that is all.......
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Bush Gardens in Pasadena was designed like heaven. Page 136
    Heaven is a false dream, based on a lie. Page 138
    Scientology can overthrow the false gods and can improve man. Page 138
    Scientology after they (scientologist) communicate with the beetles under rocks and free them, will no doubt find the creator of heaven, who designed and built the Pearly Gates and trapped us all. Page 139
    Wow I missed that part in bible study.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I went there as a child and it was heaven on earth.
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Pique Member

    ^^ spam reported
  8. Pique Member

    ^^ spam reported
  9. DeathHamster Member
    Audio of that would be lovely.
  10. carsondude Member

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  12. carsondude Member

    Only the pure for you.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

  14. TinyDancer Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Ok lets do that
  16. Paulius Member

    Nice. Thanks.
    But still I didn't find Scientology Life Improvement Courses full pocket:) And is no leaks around in any F lenguage.
  17. Anonymous Member

    try this ; not sure if still work. ScnHandbook
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  18. Paulius Member

  19. Bruce D. Member

    I do not think myself that Scientology's purpose was to hurt people. I think that is was the desire for money and power that lead to heavy handed control which resulted in people getting hurt. Maybe no different than the corruption that political power bring about.
  20. Anonymous Member

    So the notion that one can cure leukemia with "auditing" is a very thoughtful and caring idea, in your opinion?
  21. Bruce D. Member

    I do not know anything about what you say. I knew one girl who was OT III and died of cancer. She wasn't allowed auditing after her condition was diagnosed because of the seriousness of it. I also knew one guy who had very think glasses that went to very thin glasses through processing. It is common to have a healing experience in Scientology. Call it luck or the placebo effect if you want but it is not uncommon. It is not a sure thing either.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Our eyesight is constantly undergoing changes. I've been from extreme far-sighted (and needing reading glasses for awhile) to occupational 20-20 (no reading glasses needed) while maintaining far-sightedness.

    To tie a change in eyesight and glasses to benefits from dianetic auditing is simply preposterous!
  23. Bruce D. Member

    His glasses were quite thick and changed dramatically. I do not know that it can be just passed off as preposterous. Something very much happened to the guy and it happened while he was doing a special repair on his eyesight.
  24. I've seen Jesus cure everything.
  25. slarmerator Member

    Again with the Jesus stuff......
  26. I'm just saying that if someone is looking for magical health cures Jesus is usually cheaper than Scientology.
  27. slarmerator Member

    You make it sound like you have actually seen this happen. I'm not doubting your faith, or whatever, but wouldn't that sort of thing fall under "Faith Healing", which isn't too different from Scientology doctrine.
    It's a pretty well know fact that your attitude has a lot to do with your health. I personally have seen some very dramatic changes in people getting service at the COS. While I think the "Church" has some real issues, the subject itself seems to have a lot to offer, and shouldn't be dismissed so casually. Also, I'm not sure how you figure "Jesus" is a cheaper alternative. Money must be spent, time and effort, so it's certainly not "free", in that regards. I don't think "magical health cure" is descriptive either. The idea is pretty straightforward; injure a part of the body, and it (something) remembers the injury and the part of the body injured degenerates due to the injury and the memory of it, and that cycle can be broken by recalling the injury and making the memory of it less powerful. Hell, that would work if all it really did was to bring the person's attention to the injury and possibly change the way he's dealing with the situation.
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  28. OK, you've convinced me, Scientology health cures are cheaper than Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  29. slarmerator Member

    I wasn't trying to "convince" you or anybody else of anything.
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  30. I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. slarmerator Member

    Ah, yeah, ok, whatever
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  32. Intelligence Member

  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Probably a stupid question, but I'm new here. And fairly new to reading about Scientology for that matter. Where would you folks recommend I start? I just see so many books, lectures, etc and no idea what to read first. Also, most of the epic links seem to be from years ago. Where can I find all the materials these days?
  35. slarmerator Member

    You need a materials guide chart. You could get that from the COS if you don't mind getting piles of other stuff from them. I don't know if there is one on this site anywhere. Maybe you could find something on a blog somewhere. Basically the Dianetics book is where you'd start, and go from there. Many of the links on this site are still good (or were not too long ago ), so you might check them out. I'm waiting to complete some more of the sets I've got, then I'm going to release them as torrents.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Reading Scientology =/= reading about Scientology. If you are hoping to learn the ideas of the ideology then I would recommend any of the basics books (the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course is a particularly good introduction). If you want to get your head around how it mindfucks people read the TRs, the OT levels and the PTS/SP course. If you want to understand the corporate actions then the OECs and certain other confidential policies are the place to go. If you want to understand auditing then the read volumes are the way to go.

    It all depends what it is you want to learn. My recommendation would be to read any of the detailed write-ups on the Scientology enterprise that cite policy letters and read those (while looking up the policies as you do so). The subject is simply too extensive to just start reading, and starting out with some write-ups is essential. A large part of Scientology, which isn't really covered in the lectures and written materials, is the group aspects which you can only really learn about by reading ex-member testimonies.

    It all depends which areas you are interested in.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I am most interested in the midfuck part. I know that reading their material intended for parishioners (or w/e they are called) would only show me the level of crazy that is public. I kinda want to look into crazy from an organizational standpoint as well. I still find it crazy that this shit is actually real.
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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    also, would it a bad idea to request info directly from an org here? would that start drama in my life? I am somewhat convinced that the "church" in this area doesnt really exist because the website has a bunch of dead links and when I tried to email them I never got a response. However, they did send me some auto-generated invite to l rons birthday.
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