LEAK OT8 / HCO PL 7.4.70RD / HCO B 19.3.71

Discussion in 'Anonymous Contre La Scientologie' started by anonymous vicieux, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Signification ?
  2. Roger.Guy Member

    les secrets de l'univers, profite c'est gratos normalement ça coute très très cher.
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  3. HCO : Hubbard Communication Office
    Y en a bien pour 750 000€
  4. Roger.Guy Member

    Ils vont faire la gueule ....
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, but 90% of this is the fake shit from the Fishman case.
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  6. That's not what think.
    I'll contact an OT8 to see that.
  7. Anonymous Member

    This same tired debate comes up again and again. The latest occurred in

    Think about it for a moment. Per OT3 Christ was an alien implant (in Scientology implant refers to a false memory, often used as a controlling mechanism). Per OT3 "there was no Christ". Can you see the incompatibility between "there was no Christ" and the claim that Christ was a lover of young men and boys per this fake OT8 material?
  8. Scientology is almost ever illogical.
  9. Anonymous Member

    When you compare Scientology claims to the real world then, yes, it is illogical. But within the actual system itself it is ‘logical’, if the word can be used that way.

    Maybe an example will help illustrate this. If I tell you that dogs have five legs then, within my bullshit system based on this premise, dogs do not exist. Within the system the non-existence of dogs is perfectly logical – and the system only breaks down when you compare it with the real world (i.e. the system is describing a world that is incompatible with the actual world in which we live). Scientology is like this.

    If you read the material from the pre-clear levels all the way to OT7 there is a ‘logical’ sequence to it. At each stage you are trying to throw off a controlling mechanism in order to become as able as you once were. Each step in the Scientology mythology has this as its premise, each process and rundown claims to get you there. The Fishman OT8 stuff does not in any way, shape or form do this in any manner consistent with the previous OT levels. It doesn’t even seem to obey the very premises that underpin those levels.

    It is like taking seven Terry Pratchett books and then adding a book by another author – the logic and flow of the whole mythology simply breaks down.
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  10. Roger.Guy Member

    Parce que sur l'affaire Fishman, le fin mot de l'histoire c'est quoi ?
    Le point de vue du CESNUR sur ce coup là me laisse de marbre (voir avec son pote google)
    Il vient de répondre ; ce n'est pas cohérent:) avec le reste du cirque ...
    Ca se défend.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. L1sAZE Member

    Perhaps it's THE ultimate revelation / evolution : other levels are shit, don't look behind (R.H.) :p
  13. Anonymous Member

    FREE WOW !!!
  14. Abriel Member

    Dans le doute j'ai pris quand même.

    On sais jamais... J'aime le principe de la multiplication infini d'une chose. Ca permet de faire en sorte qu'elle ne disparaisse jamais. :)
  15. tordémoissa Member

    Il faut en imprimer pour les distribuer aux prochains raids.:)
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  16. Excellente idée :D

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