Leaked ABLE International E-mail

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by anonyleaks, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. anonyleaks Member

    Leaked ABLE International E-mail


    Basically, they claim there is no such thing as depression, bi-polar disorder or ADHD/ADD and what TRULY kills children who are suicidal is their medication, not their depression/anxiety/etc.

    ABOUT ABLE INTERNATIONAL -- Association for Better Living and Education is a Scientology front-group similar to CCHR. They focus on children, baaaawing and various other areas of asshattery and bullshit.

  2. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    unclear to a scientologist yes. These drugs today are designed with very specific purposes and work very well.
  3. Crackbaby G Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    "When, the patient is known to be normal but is called "diseased" and
    is "medicated," is that not poisoning? Is it not assault and battery? If
    the same patient dies, what is that called?"

    This is what $cientology does when they rope in victims for their free stress tests, and then tell them they are totally fucked and need to buy $cientology's meds - horribly written garbage by the drunk conman Blubbard. And yes, it should definitely be considered assault. An assault on common sense!
  4. anonymal Member

  5. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    God these lying bastards sicken me.

    "At 2 ½ years of age, Rebecca Riley of Hull, Massachusetts was "diagnosed" ADHD and bipolar disorder, by child psychiatrist, Dr. Kayoko Kifuji, and was put Clonidine, Depakote and Seroquel, the last of which is a potent, poisonous, antipsychotic. None had been approved by the FDA for children so young. Rebecca became like a "floppy doll" and died December 13, 2006, at 4 years of age, not from a psychiatric disease, because there is no such thing, but from the very real, very toxic psychiatric drugs prescribed for her. Incredibly, her parents sit in jail, charged with her murder. Who made it appear that Rebecca had two "diseases"? Who convinced the parents she did and that the medications prescribed were "treatments" for them? Countless hundreds if not thousands of children thus diagnosed and drugged are dying, not from psychiatric diseases, but from the one or several drugs prescribed for them as "treatment."

    They neglect to mention that the coroners report showed evidence of consistent overdosage. This poor child had signs and symptoms of overdose that would not have occurred if she had been given the dosage prescribed.

    These scientoliars also don't tell you that the report of Rebecca being like a 'floppy doll' came from a teacher after noticing this on several occasions. They don't tell you that when the mother was asked about it, she reported that she had never witnessed this.

    So who is lying?The teacher or the mother? Both people saw the child on the same days and reported different things. I feel sorry for the parents who probably overdosed their child in order to keep her quiet. It's terrible when families have to deal with a sick kid and have no peace. This filth from the scilons reminds me why this war needs to be won.

    ABLE, CCHR, Organized scientology, the depths of their perversion of truth is unfathomable.

    gotta do something about this. grrrrrrrrr

    edit: if there was any doubt that the author of the article was just being upstanding and taking a contrary view on a certain medical practice, his deliberate omission of facts and twisting of the rest in order to make scilon points about 'evil psychs" erased that doubt.
  6. D... Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Jesus, have they even seen someone that was severely bipolar? If they did then they wouldn't be able to fool themselves in believing it does not exist. I wonder how many parents believe the "bipolar doesn't exist" routine and don't allow anybody to help their child.
  7. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    I dated a bipolar woman for a few years. Without her meds, she was honestly a horrible person who had no understanding or respect for anyone's boundaries. If she was even LATE taking her meds, I could tell immediately.
  8. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Sound like my ex ^... was she a cute lil club kid lipstik lesbian?
  9. Freyja Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Some of this I will agree with - As a child who grew up on meds, it's not a good thing to do to your kid. I have memory gaps and very bad health now because of it, but really, it could be a lot worse. But to say these disorders are completely false? I highly disagree. I have Asperger's Syndrome, a personality disorder. I no longer take drugs, but it is highly apparent that I have it, even I am noticing it (and working on it) now. If they'd take the time to watch children, they will see simply from thier behavior that these disorders are very real. Sure, they can be treated without drugs, but if the drugs are well-prescribed, it's a lot better than simply hoping it'll go away.

    I really do hope that made sense. o.o;
  10. mko Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    This: you basically told my story.
  11. QAnon Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    I've been taking Seroquel for a couple of years now. Shouldn't I be dead if it's so toxic?
  12. AnonBuff Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    i would have a fucking field day debating a scilon on this shit

    pharmacology FTW.
  13. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    This makes me want to look up and compare toxicity of seroquel versus niacin overdose lol
  14. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Where is the PROOF????...

    Show me a motherfucking clear!
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    The text doesn't seem to be a scientific paper. The important notion is not the author's title, but that what is said has been approved by third-party peers. (I know that this system is far from perfect, but it is the best we have for now.)
  16. Ball Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    following doctors orders and/or taking prescriptions is a decision for individuals, families and parents.

    in a cynical bid to create more unstable people who might be suckered into getting audited, the scientology cult is bent on interfering with our rights and options.

    if they were providing a valid alternative (or even an invalid one) to "psych-drugs" for free, for the sake of humanity, out of love...or something like it, THAT would be the mark of a religion maybe.

    but these money-grubbing bastards are after one thing.
  17. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Baughman has NO peer reviewed articles. he has one response in a journal, in PLoS 2006, and did not reveal that he has links to CCHR etc and another on parental consent to drugging kids. He is shill and has made a career out of CCHR propaganda.

    Baughman F.
    Free in PMC
    There is no such thing as a psychiatric disorder/disease/chemical imbalance.
    PLoS Med. 2006 Jul;3(7):e318. Epub 2006 Jul 25. No abstract available.
    PMID: 16848623 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
    Related Articles, Links
    Breeding J, Baughman F.
    The ethics of informed parental consent to psychiatric drugging of children.
    Ethical Hum Sci Serv. 2001 Fall-Winter;3(3):175-88.
    PMID: 15278979 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  18. nanopope Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    I believe the current mental health profession has far too great an influence on our society and children. I believe that drugging is not the cure for mental problems. I believe that psychiatry has a lot to answer for in corruption of the scientific methodology for profit.

    Still, I loathe ABLE, the CCHR and the other fronts for Scilons who only attack for disgusting selfish reasons, utilising ignorance and deceit. Luckily these techniques are easy to counter through our traditional weapons of truth and lulz. We are here to expose their lies, and this is another front for that fight.

    Just remember that there are innocents caught up in their propaganda who are genuinely good people who care for the welfare of those stigmatised as mentally ill. Make sure of your target while you take aim, and only target those who have obvious connections to the propaganda machine.
  19. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Stuff like this really, really pisses me off. I have bi-polar, and went through hell with it, "psych meds" did not work for me, but I know lots of people for whom the drugs work really well, and keep them from a life which is pretty much a living hell. Similar story with my partner. She had ADHD, went through a lot of shit with it. But hey, apparently neither of our conditions exist, so what are we, and millions of other people bitching about! :roll:

    I also worked in mental health for a few years working with people who had acute schizophrenia, part of my job was dispensing medication to patients and monitoring the effect/side affects. People who would otherwise be raving about satan/the mafia/the underworld telling them what to do through their televisions became well adjusted people who could hold jobs. The medications I dispensed were dangerous if taken improperly, and they did have side affects, but the benefits far outweighed the negative effects.

    As the the article? well it's almost entirely horseshit. There are biological indications to bipolar, genetic tendencies, but they are still being researched. When dealing with a machine like the brain, which has more electrical connections in it than there are stars in the universe, things tend to get a little complex. The rest of the article relies on "kids are on psych drugs!" and confusing "disease" with disorder, from a professionals standpoint the article is no better than "it does not exist because I say it does not. Baaaaw!".

    As for the writer? If I had my way I would lock him in a room with a few people suffering severe manic episodes, after telling them he thinks they are faking. They would be scraping bits of him off the walls for years.
  20. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    It's not that they think it doesn't exist (manifest), it's that they think it's Engrams (or BTs if you're OT) that's causing it, and it's purely psychosomatic. A state of mind that only be fixed with auditing.
  21. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    YouTube - Serj Tankian - Money
  22. Quote Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail


    Seriously, they're psychiatrists, not pharmacists. Drugs are, in almost every scenario, the LAST course of action they suggest, but many parents are too lazy or "busy" to bother with counseling and accommodations, and just want the doc to give them the pills. The psychiatrists' hands are tied, they can only try to get the parents to reconsider before giving them the drugs, because you can't actively deny a patient a treatment they request unless you have reason to believe that it would be overly dangerous to their health.
  23. mko Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Not saying that all or even many are like this but my last psychiatrist was a pillpusher. I got branded as a refuser because I looked up two pills he prescribed me to take at the same time and the one said never to take with the other. >_>

  24. Quote Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Yeah, there probably are some corrupt psyches who want to meet some sort of prescription quota or something, but it isn't fair to judge an entire science and profession because of a few corrupt individuals.
  25. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Some people, no matter how educated they are, are still stupid. Anyone who can't think for themselves, but instead buys into whatever his school/university/insurance company/pharmaco rep says is going to be doing shit like this.

    This kind of person lives for authority, and to be fed that authority blindly. So, they don't ever think for themselves, and will buy pharmaco lies hook, line, and sinker.

    The pharmacos are just trying to make money. It's the doctor's job to be the professional.
  26. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    Whats strange is that while they decry the modern drug therapys, they happily take multivitamins and fish oil.

    its the same mechanism, purposly ingesting "chemicals" for the known properties/results.

    its true that if you take multivitamins, detox and avoid over processed food that you will be healthier and have a sharper mind, that "works" for anyone who applies the knowledge, but you dont need scientology for that.

    incorporating common sense dietry practise's is not "proof the tech works"

    but they spin it that way as part of the con.

    herbalism has been around for as long as we have, even animals practise it, modern medicine is just a refinement and extension of that process

    and whether your taking fish oil or prozac, the mechanism is the same, only the compound is different

    no the real reason they have it in for modern medicine is because it competes with them at a business level.

    people can pay to see a Dr to help them when they are ill, or they can pay scientology to rid them of engrams..........

    the expression "no brainer" takes on deep significance in that equation
  27. Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    The CO$ is really back in the middle ages when it comes to understanding mental illness. Studies have documented the slow BRAIN LOSS that occurs in someone with Schizophrenia. I watched a show on that recently about how they'd take someone newly diagnosed, scan their brain, and follow them for five years with brain scans. They documented them as they progressed with the illness and the brain scan differences were astounding. They actually experience BRAIN's so sad. As far as bi-polar've experienced people with it on and off their meds...and all I have to say is THANK XENU for the meds. I also "live" with Aspergers (not me personally) and OFF is close to intolerable. WITH meds, a happy normal life...but I have also seen shrinks push pills on kids too, not in an evil way, meaning they don't have bad intent, but are a little TOO desperate to help and maybe NOT as patient and intent with therapy as they might be. Just like in anything else you will have your bad shrinks and your good shrinks.
  28. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    This piece of crap still burns me up. If I found information about the case of the little girl after 10 minutes of searching, certainly an educated physician who is writing a letter of opinion about such a serious issue would have known the facts of the case he is citing.

    Just scummy.
  29. LOLserker Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    To be honest, I have my doubts about the validity of mental illness. I think the label is applied much too frequently for it to hold alot of meaning. I mean, just because you have a kid who acts a little more wired than other kids doesn't necessarily mean he had ADHD, right?

    Still, I gotta call foul when I see it. It's better to treat someone for something they definitely have than not treat them. As far as I see it, if you're really sick and you need the meds, then by Mjollnir you should GET the meds!
  30. anon1957 Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    There is no way that any responsible person would generalize about the care that any person with a mental illness or disorder needs. There are many problems with the delivery of mental illness treatment in the western world.

    I am by nature, anti-drug. I don't even take antibiotics unless I am convinced that they are ABSOLUTELY necessary. But two members of my family have become mentally ill in the past 20 years. One suffered from schizophrenia, and died in Canada recently (he was tasered by the police) because he was NOT on his meds (when he was young, his mother didn't believe in "psyche drugs" and before she died, he went many years without mental health treatment--so it was very hard to get him to stay on the meds, which DID help when he took them) and his sister who has a form of bi-polar disorder and is able to live a fairly normal life with meds. Had my relative with schizophrenia been treated early and consistently, I am sure he would be alive today. (google Howard Hyde in Halifax, NS)

    It is worth noting that many psychiatrists would rather use a combination of drugs (when needed) and some form of counseling or therapy, but many insurance companies make this difficult. So they are forced to rely on meds only. Another issue is the availability of hospitalization (often not available when needed) and social services.

    Mental illness is complicated. Most psychiatrists are well aware that there is a no one size fits all answer, and most struggle to do the best they can for their patients in a very imperfect world. Issues re Ritalin and ADHD /= issues re schizophrenia. Or PTSD or post-partum depression. They are ALL very different issues and need to be addressed discreetly.

    I believe that the FDA should investigate the cult for practicing medicine without a license. LHR "tech" is not mental health treatment, yet it is sold that way to the unsuspecting public and to its own members, with disastrous consequences--ie, Lisa McPherson & Jeremy and Ellie Perkins.
  31. Quote Member

    Re: Leaked ABLE International E-mail

    It's kinda the same as diagnosing somebody over the phone, because nearly all mental disorders are not instantly readily apparent, and because brain chemicals are so complex, it is often difficult to correctly diagnose somebody.

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