Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by CaptainAdderall, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    Not sure if everyone knows about this or not... if so.. sorry. But here is a leaked e-mail announcement that the CCHR sent out to a scientology group. If anybody is interested in this, im glad i helped... :text:

    "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" sent you an announcement...

    Jun 27 (3 days ago)

    This email was sent by Causes. You can disable emails here.
    Holt posted an announcement to the cause Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

    Subject: Psychiatry and Pharma: The Unholy Alliance

    A new video exposing the extensive conflicts of interest between the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the pharmaceutical industry was released today on a newly launched website, (, to coincide with the 161st anniversary of the APA and its annual convention being held in Washington, D.C. Widespread psychiatric drugging of children has become an increasingly contentious issue, with pharma-funded psychiatrists at the center of the controversy. The psychiatric drugging of foster children in particular is now the subject of a May 8th congressional hearing. A study in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics, now garnering international attention, found that American children take antipsychotics at about six times the rate of UK children, while a January New York Times (NYT) investigation revealed that “the more psychiatrists have earned from drug makers, the more they have prescribed a new class of powerful medicines known as atypical antipsychotics to children.” Accor! ding to the psychiatric watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), which produced the new webpage and video, the soaring increase in psychotropic drugs to children is a result of the incestuous relationship between the APA and the pharmaceutical industry—totaling more than $10 million a year in conflicts of interest.

    Today, about 30% of the APA’s income derives from pharmaceutical industry advertising and nearly 20 drug companies this year have invested an estimated $3 million into the APA’s convention alone. Of the nearly 30 pharmaceutical industry-supported symposiums, speakers’ fees could run as high as $250,000. The APA has also made an estimated $40 million from sales of its Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), an “insurance billing bible” that pharmaceutical interests potentially influence.

    In 2006, a Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics study determined that 56% of psychiatrists on panels determining what “disorders” would be included in the DSM-IV had undisclosed financial interests in drug companies. Researchers also found that 100% of the psychiatrists on panels overseeing so-called “mood disorders” (which includes the lucrative “bipolar disorder”) and “schizophrenia/psychotic disorders” were financially involved with drug companies that manufacture the drugs prescribed for these conditions, the sales of which are around $40 billion a year worldwide.

    Lisa Cosgrove, a clinical and research psychologist from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and co-researcher in the 2006 study reported that these disorders are not based on medical science: “No blood tests exist for the disorders in the DSM. It relies on judgments from practitioners who rely on the manual,” she stated.

    Last December, U.S. News and World revealed that 19 out of the 27 task force members for DSM-V, due to be published in 2012, had financial ties to drug companies.

    The January NYT investigation further found that psychiatrists earn more money from drug makers than doctors in any other specialty. In one state, Vermont, drug company payments to psychiatrists more than doubled from $20,835 in 2005 to an average of $45,692 in 2006. Antipsychotic drugs were among the largest expenses for the state’s Medicaid program. On September 4, 2007, the NYT reported, “Drug makers and company-sponsored psychiatrists have been encouraging doctors to look for [bipolar] disorder.” The expanded use of bipolar as a pediatric rather than adult disorder has made it the fastest-growing part of the $11.5 billion U.S. market for antipsychotics, reported Bloomberg News the next day.

    Melissa Delbello, research psychiatrist with the University of Cincinnati who is speaking at the APA convention on May 7, was recently cited by Senator Charles Grassley for her failure to disclose to the university how much she had earned from pharmaceutical companies. In 2002, she was the lead author of a study that concluded that children responded well to the antipsychotic drug Seroquel, which is manufactured by AstraZeneca, one of the companies funding symposiums at the APA this year. She disclosed that she’d received $100,000 from the company between 2005 and 2007, but Senator Grassley discovered it was more than double that—$238,000.


    David Kupfer, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was a member of the DSM-IV Task Force and is Chair of the DSM-V Task Force. He has been a consultant to Eli Lilly & Co
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    I love the Konspiracy Net-Kook layout and color scheme, but for that classic 90s look, they should mix the colors and fonts .. every paragraph.
  3. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    Group Calls for Removal of Misleading Messages in DTC Antidepressant Ads

    Why, CCHR seems to think that deceptive ads and misleading tactics are wrong! Why would they not hold themselves to the same standard? Maybe it's time they were!

    Are they truly stuck in the 1900's? Don't they understand that the internet educates, it doesn't carry their brainwashing techniques at all? The website link above is awful, but their press releases are much worse.
  4. scrumpmonkey Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    good work adderall, fresh leaks are always the some of the most incite full.
  5. Ever_Anon Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    I'm a future psych, and seriously...that email bothers me on so many levels.

    I don't think I need to point out what all is wrong, since I'm sure you guys know but one thing bothers me..

    What psychiatrists are they talking to? You can, in fact, do a brain scan to test for disorders. They just tend to be pretty expensive and not all people are able to afford getting them. I'm thinking they just made it up and figured that anyone who reads the email will believe it. While they can argue that it doesn't definitively diagnose, like one could test for physical ailments, it definitely points you in the right direction. On top of which, patients are totally within their rights to refuse medication and just do therapy.

    I wonder what Scientologists would think if you told them that in a way, the e-meter is alot like biofeedback - a PSYCH technique!

    Argh! Do cults really make people this stupid? :ffs:

    Thanks for the leak insight adderall!
  6. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    Of course, truth in advertising should also apply both ways:

  7. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    ^This press release is now ready to go, Lilly Von!
  8. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    Not to mention, drugs and treatments are only approved after they are shown to be successful in clinical trials, something scientology apparently has no use for. Apparently LRH's theories based on nothing but his own psychotic ideas are enough to satisfy them.
  9. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    Ah yeah, I got hold of that message.
    Was tl;dr.

    And it still is tl;dr.

    Though mostly because it pissed me off too much after just a skim.
    I'm walking talking proof that chemical imbalances cause psychological disorders, so they can go fuck themselves tbh.
  10. anon01 Member

    Re: Leaked E-mail Announcement from CCHR

    The unholy alliance?


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