Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by enronanonron, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. enronanonron Member

    Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    There are more than 400 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures. A lot of these lectures are no longer available on the current SHSBC.

    Here are the first 90 lectures. Scientology managed to get my source's online files deleted before all the lectures could be uploaded.

    Obviously this collection is not complete, but its a start.

    Filename: SHSBC Lectures 001 to
    Size: 2.33 Mb

    Download link

    Download SHSBC Lectures 001 to -
  2. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    Muchos grazias.

    Are the rest of them to come??!!?!11eleven11!
  3. TrevAnon Member

    Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    :text: Good job! :flowers:

    All these leaks make me think the admins had some inside information when they decided to split up the "breaking news" section... :wink:
  4. enronanonron Member

    Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    oops, I think this was uploaded as a .rar file rather than a .zip file.

    Free .rar software download here, for creating and opening files:

    WinRAR - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

    Sorry, no access from my source at this time for the remaining SHSBC lectures.
  5. Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN. These leaks contain quality crazy.

    My favorite so far is from #35 in the series: "Well, there are societies in England that are having an awfully good time fighting the cigarette. They can't do anything else, so they fight cigarettes. And they say that the cigarette causes lung cancer. And they've— you've been hearing something of this, I'm sure. Yeah. Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer. Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer!"

    His point here, in case you think I'm mis-quoting, is that lung cancer is REALLY caused by radiation dosage, and nicotinic acid -- which may or may not actually be in cigarettes -- will /magically burn the radiation away/.

    He knows this because he has learnings, you see, and... oh. Wait. No. He knows it because: "And if you add a 100 milligrams of [nicotinic acid] and a few grains of iron—it doesn't much matter how many grains of iron—you'll start running off all of the sunburns, all atomic blast flushes. You'll have a ball, man. You'll be on fire one moment and getting cold the next and it's hotter than a pistol. It feels like bathing in mustard."

  6. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    I think I speak for many people here when I say WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU JUST TYPE AND WHAT DID I JUST READ?! *headdesk*

    Blimey. Bathing in mustard? What next, exfoliating with mayonaise?!
  7. Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    And, whoa. Maybe Elron DID have superpowers that let him see into the future. From the first page of the ninth transcript in this series:

    "All right. Now, this is the 7th of June, isn't it?
    Audience: Right. Uh-huh..
    Marcabian intelligence report date – something or other. Did you hear about the Marcabians who had to PDH the Thedeans who had to – in order to make Frank Sullivan safe for democracy. Anyhow [laughs] – ah, it's a wonderful life."

    I have no idea WTF he's gibbering about, but still! Marcabians! Sniff. Elron loves us. I always KNEW he loved us!
  8. Re: Leaked transcripts : the first 90 SHSBC lectures

    And here we see LRH cheerfully maintaining the delusion that anyone CARED enough to persecute him:

    "But you see the great ease it would be to scoop me up, or shoot me down or do something to me. You might ask, why is it that this has never really happened?
    It's come close to happening a couple of times. There's been an airplane out on a land-ing field warming up, waiting to kidnap me, and a couple of hoods standing by, real tough mugs. Only they couldn't handle a .45, and I could. This in the confines of Los Angeles."

    Vol. 19, p. 2. Right before that came /another/ prime example of his unwarranted self-importance: "But let me tell you something: that if we weren't here, the lights of Earth's civilization would be out in another twenty-five years – if we weren't here."

    So... apparently Scientology, and /only/ Scientology, was the reason we got through the Cold War without a nuclear exchange. We know because LRH said so! (/Does/ Scientology teach this to its members? I guess not any more, since the Cold War is over, but did they teach it at the time? Inquiring minds want to know.)

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