Leaked U.S Army Documentation Internment and of United States Citizens(Political Dissidents)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2012.

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    A disturbing new document from the US army has been leaked to the public. It is titled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations and was prepared for the Department of Defense. The document was distributed to select people at the DoD in February of 2010. The entire 326 page document is available online in pdf format::

    It calls for the creation of concentration camps and a re-eduction program for use in both foreign countries as well as the United States. It is particularly disturbing in light of the fact that Obama recently acquired the right to indefinitely detain US citizens through the NDAA act.
    While some might claim that the proposed camp system would only be used in foreign nations, this is clearly not the intent of the document. It specifically points to the Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Federal Emergency Management Agency as participants in the camp system.
    Page 56 of the document calls for psychological operations officers, or "PSYOPs," at the camps. The role of the PSYOPs is to "use comprehensive information, reorientation, and educational and vocational programs to prepare detainees and DCs for repatriation."
    Chapter 8 of the ten chapter outline is titled "Rehabilitation of US Military Prisoners and Detainees." US citizens seized by the government under the NDAA would be classified as military detainees. The new NDAA powers go hand in hand with the proposed re-education camps described in this document.
    Chapters 9 and 10 discuss ways detainees can be paroled or resettled after they are no longer deemed a threat.
    ​The program envisioned in the documents is a mirror of the original concentration camp program in Nazi Germany.
    In 1933, Heinrich Himmler became chief of police for the city of Munich, in the state of Bavaria. Himmler was also selected to lead the newly formed SS, a private military run by the Nazi party. Himmler selected Bavaria for the site of the first re-education camp. It was known as Dachau. It was opened in March of 1933 and described as "the first concentration camp for political prisoners."
    The Nazi re-education camps were inspired by British camps for Dutch Afrikaaners in South Africa, and camps run by the Cuban government in the 1890s. Political "deviants" were sent to Dachau for re-education. Prior to WWII, inmates would be released with a certificate of completion. The Nazi regime praised Dachau as a great success.
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    Best for us to read for ourselves. Invoking Nazi Germany is not necessary, the document is scary enough on its own.
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    Are you sure this doesn't belong on the Alex Jones channel? Or that you're not connecting all the wrong dots?
    Would this be for Muslim-Americans, or anyone who dares to call the government on their BS?

    Then again, who'd want to believe this would be possible in 2012?

    At the same time, it's worth remembering that Japanese-Americans were interned during World War II, for no reason other than the fact that they resembled physically the people who bombed Pearl Harbor.

    Good thing I'm long gone from the US, with no plans to return. It's gone to Hell in a handbasket since I left.
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    read it
  6. grebe Member

    Chicken Little,

    The people in the government are just as fucked up as the rest of us. They are also just as nice and just as mean, just as fat --you get the idea.

    You need widespread panic and moonbattery --not just pieces of paper-- to bring about the apocalypse. Provided that the homeschooling crowd doesn't grow too large, kids themselves will create the chemo needed to fight the moonbat tendencies amongst their peers.
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    Nope. This should be read by all Americans and discussed.
    This won't happen, instead people who notice will be called moonbats. Read it.
  8. This document is being talked about all over the internet. Google it. This does not appear to be moon-battery. This has all the appearances of being the real deal. .. . I agree. READ IT. RESEARCH IT.
  9. Once could say that this would be standard prodecure for war efforts over seas , but this has mention of FEMA and DHS Department of Homeland Security all over it. Last I checked... the US doesn't send neither FEMA nor DHS outside of the country. . . . their domestic agencies.
  10. adhocrat Member

    IOW, the kids become the enforcers of the status quo. What a sad thought.

    The very term moonbat is a thought stopping term, meant to stop discussion dead in its tracks.
    We are against scientology using thought stopping terms, so why do some on the board use the same nasty techniques?
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  12. grebe Member

    There's no point in talking to people who are convinced the government is going to kill us all.

    Thought stopping is just a way to say see you later.
  13. Grebe, all I see from you here is blind skepticism without having even done the remotest amount of research into this matter. This gives you the image of a fool that renders judgement without wisdom nor discernment. I would consider your opinion valuable if you had actually read this document, but seeing as how you have not , your words hold little to no merit.

    The documents are there. I have read a good portion of them. I also did a comparison to other unclassified FM (Field Manual)'s and this .. sad to say.. appears to be genuine.
  14. grebe Member

    Moonbat Pie, quote the scariest bit and so save me from the tl;dr. Thx.

    Also: if the government rounds us all up to live in FEMA trailer forced labor camps, then riddle-me-this: who will take the Prius down to Walmart to buy plastic crap that came here on astonishingly large ships all the way from China?

    And if that brightly colored stuff of future landfills sits idly on the shelves, does that not impact Rupert and Wendi Deng Murdoch in a rather negative manner?

    Alex Jones, like American Idle, People Magazine, Fox News, and the like, are just bread and circuses to distract and amuse the proles. Keeps 'em off the streets.
  15. Why would you use an ad-hominem based argument in regards to what appears to be a legitimately leaked government document? What does Alex Jones or Murdoch have to do with an Army Field Manual? I am well educated on Bread and Circuses, Conspiratus Distractus , Juvenal and his Satires. This has nothing to do with distraction. This is about a document that someone has presented that has been leaked by a Pentagon whistle blower. No one here has said anything about Alex Jones. This is about a document, not a person. This has nothing to do with your generalizations of people or your obviously biased categorization of this information. Also, if this document is not worth the time to even read... why are you attempting to debunk it without having even read it? Alex Jones? Really? Lulz.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Blind Skepticism = the Cancer that is killing Anonymous

    Thank you Mr Chemo.
  17. Maybe this would be something that the video and audio fags could sink their teeth into. It's about time for a new hive mind video imho and if legitimate, this seems to be worthy of our notice.
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    Land of the Free LOL
  20. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry, Dick Cheney will save everyone now that he has a new heart.
  21. adhocrat Member

    you really are a mouthpiece for conformity
  22. grebe Member

    So nobody is going to quote the really scary bits? I see. Carry on.
  23. grebe Member

    Fixed it for me.
  24. Anonymous Member

    It'd take a week to find the "scary bits" in a 326-page doc. Just sayin'
    Check back in seven days' time.
  25. adhocrat Member

    Calling people moonbats shows that evidence means nothing to you.
    Your own words show your true intent: make everyone conform.
  26. grebe Member

    "Moonbat" = guy who no haz evidence.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    He might be an educated guesser.
    You over-skepticize, not having perused said doc.
  28. grebe Member

    You haven't read it yet but you are willing to tell people the concentrations camps are coming, just like in Nazi Germany. Might you be jumping the gun?
  29. grebe Member

    Allow me to introduce you to my rules of conformity --er, I mean evidence:

    1. Corroboration - can someone other than the speaker or his group confirm the claim?
    2. Falsification - if the claim involves a cause-and-effect hypothesis, has anyone tried to prove it false yet?
    3. Logic - is the claim internally consistent? Does it contradict other well established information?
    4. Parsimony - prefer explanations with the fewest unsubstantiated bits.
    5. Onus - the person making the claim holds the burden of presenting the relevant evidence.

    It's that last one, onus, that is violated when the OP claims that he found evidence of Nazis about to take over America. Had the OP merely said, "A military document from 2010 which talks about internment camps in the US was leaked to me. I haven't yet read it but here's a link..." he would be in good shape and I would not be saying, "moonbat."

    My post mentioning Walmart was an appeal to logic. The OP makes an implied claim, that a conspiracy of the 1% greedy for power are laying plans for a fascist state in which ordinary Americans who do not cheerfully obey their economic or political superiors are sent off to re-education camps. However, widespread internment comes with significant direct and indirect costs. Our 1% overlords will not be able to buy satellites and mercenaries if the American economy turns into North Korea's economy.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I wasn't the OP, or in support of whatever it says.
    I haven't read it yet, mainly because:

    0. TL;DFR
    1. I have a life.
    2. I don't live in the US.

    You read it, and let the rest of us know what it says.
  31. Anonymous Member

    OP claims nazis = US?

    OP smokes too much crack.
  32. RightOn Member

    the US already haz a concentration camp, it goes by the name of Gold Base
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  33. Quote scary bits??
    This whole god damned pdf is a scary bit. They talk about re-education of political dissidents, FEMA, Homeland Security, Local Law Enforcement... these are not agencies that are used over seas. There are blueprints of the facilities that will be used. The entire program is outlined beginning on chapter 4. If you want someone to hold your hand and beg you to believe in the OBVIOUS , its not going to happen. Grow up. Read it for yourself.
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  34. The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online.
    The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.
    The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.”
    Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”
    Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be “indoctrinated,” with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies.
    The re-education process is the responsibility of the “Psychological Operations Officer,” whose job it is to design “PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations,” according to the document.
    The manual lists the following roles that are designated to the “PSYOP team”.
    - Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances.
    - Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.
    - Identifies political activists.
    - Provides loudspeaker support (such as administrative announcements and facility instructions when necessary).
    - Helps the military police commander control detainee and DC populations during emergencies.
    - Plans and executes a PSYOP program that produces an understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.
    Remember, this is not restricted to insurgents in Iraq who are detained in prison camps – the manual makes it clear that the policies also apply “within U.S. territory” under the auspices of the DHS and FEMA.
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    Plz read the document before more spew.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Now go read what the Army can do to us.
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