Leaked U.S Army Documentation Internment and of United States Citizens(Political Dissidents)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2012.

  1. Herro Member

    Shut up.
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  2. Taken from FM 3-05.30
    Page 1-12
  3. PresidentShaw Member

    Why are you stiffling free speech herro?

    Why do you hate america's firefighters?
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  4. The Game is set. The pieces are moving.
  5. zalgo Member

    how do i know if lost
  6. Skynet Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    That has to be one of the least scary quotes I have ever seen. Oh noes! They might use loadspeakers in times of disaster.
  8. zalgo Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Looks to me like you missed out on even starting the game.
  10. zalgo Member

    gandof pull my finger

  11. Anonymous Member

    Idiot=sheep that won't read evidence.
  12. Anonymous Member

    You work for Fox right?

    First they came for the...

  13. Enturbulette Member

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  15. zalgo Member

    furrst they came for the furrys but thats ok cause i eated them
  16. Anonymous Member

    This post pretty much sums the complete lack of argument you have. It is simply a side-step to the quoted comment that you have simply no response for. Ero, you may be a moonbat.
  17. grebe Member

    You can't just link to a 300+ page document and pretend that it is evidence for the OP's assertion that people in the government are laying the groundwork for a fascist takeover. You must quote the bits that support that assertion and explain, in your own words, what those bits mean.

    Lots of people say, "go read this book," while pretending the book supports their position even though it does not. Our lives would come to a grinding halt if we were burdened with the duty to read all those books.

    The onus is on the person who talks about some book to quote (without quote-mining) and explain. We did get some quotes here, but no explaining. Mostly just, "See, the Nazi death camps are coming!!"

    Actually, all the good explaining came from anons who told us to calm down because the OP's document was for disasters not normal situations.
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  18. Economy can be labeled as "Disaster", as can Civil Unrest. Speaking of Civil Unrest... Are you ready for Drones to be in the air over every state in the USA? It's coming =)
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't this shit domed?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Yes, and then un-domed. Back and forth it went. Here now.
  22. Herro Member

    I finally figured it out, this whole thing was viral marketing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
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  23. Yeah, not only is this legit, but its also kinda scary. They are planning for mass protests. Don't be too scared though although this is all newly minted (at least since I got out of the military in 08') in response to "the mass awakening" The military has every intention to respect the well being of those who are non violent and compliant, they are not going to gas us and throw us into ovens. They are scared though, this is clear. When you go out to peacefully protest (the protests are coming, I am helping to organize them) remember to not be scared, as soon as one of those scared kids in uniform fucks up and muzzle thumps someone for no reason, he'll be pulled aside and punished (sorry about your face bones or ribcage though) if we (the protesters) become scared too and heaven forbid try to fight back on a mass scale, then the whole carefully outlined plan outlined in this document goes to shit (anyone have copies of the backup plan?) maybe we are just to assume all the weapons the military are/will be deploying with are the backup plan? This has the potential to turn into "Syria, the North American version" and if it does Assad is going to be laughing his ass off... Don't get scared, the faithful members of our military and police force remember their oaths, you will have a lot more back up then you know. I don't want Assad to laugh, he deserves to be crying for what hes done... Remember, fear breeds nothing but more fear, like some other dude said when I was reading one day "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"

    I hope you all realize what kind of bravery it takes to leak shit like this, Guys like Bradley Manning should be our heros, we all owe him and people like him a debt of gratitude...
  24. anonsoldier Member

    ITT: a bunch of tinfoil wearing moonbats who need to fully research doctrinal terminology because the US Army has a tendency to use keeping using words and I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

    The FM being referenced is the guideline for operating a detention facility, an internment camp, or a resettlement camp. To an extent, a camp is a camp is a camp whether its for holding POWs, detained criminals, political refugees, displaced civilians, or Boy Scouts at a Jamboree; it's a name for a place run by a third party where people stay and live. Sometimes it's voluntary, sometimes it isn't. The MOS for this falls under Military Police and the modern US Army is trying to become a flexible organization geared towards more than just conventional war. Why? Because our bosses the taxpayers keep asking us to do non-conventional war stuff like get involved in humanitarian crises and environmental disasters.

    PSYOPs engage in psychological warfare and information dissemination. They also aren't called PSYOPs anymore. Military Information Support Operations, or MISO. Why the name change? Because of fucktards like those in this thread who think they go around brainwashing the shit out of everyone. You know what MISO does? They drive around in HMMWVs with loud speakers, telling the locals "please dont kill the Americans, we want to help", and distribute flyers. Yep, REAL SCARY! Careful, you might get a papercut and it might get infected and THEN WE WILL TAKE YOUR FREEDOMS.

    Why do they list DHS and FEMA? Because the National Guard operates in America to support state emergencies, and guess what government agencies tend to get involved in that? DHS and FEMA. It's absolutely amazing how people forget that the National Guard uses the EXACT SAME field manuals as the rest of the Army and they totally do stuff in country ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME because unless they are activated to Federal service they do the bidding of the state government. Does this mean the National Guard is going to come around this weekend and round up everyone into camps? No, but they will be happy to help set up a camp for you when a flood washes out your neighborhood. But DO NOT EAT THE BROCCOLI!! IT HAS MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES IN IT AS PART OF A GIANT PLOT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!!!

    Seriously, you people need to chill the hell out. You're reading way too much into this without critical thought. All you keep doing is looking for ways to validate your argument without looking at the bigger picture and asking "what OTHER ways can I interpret this information?" Because yes, it could be looked at as a blueprint for how the military might come in and round up a neighborhood and put them into camps. Much in the same way that FM 7-8, Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, is a blueprint for how the secret kill team in the 75th Ranger Regiment will be sweeping through downtown Chicago to round up protestors. This is sarcasm, there is no secret kill team in the 75th Rangers and no one is going to Chicago.

    inb4 someone comes up with "proof" of secret kill teams
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  25. anonsoldier Member

    Yeah, it takes REEEEEAL balls to leak an Unclassified document.... *eyeroll* Yes, it's restricted for release to DoD and DoD contractors. A unit phone tree roster is more highly guarded than this manual.
  26. grebe Member

    If I were a cop having to go into some compound full of criminals, I would love to have a drone to scout out what's happening first.

    It's a lot of work focusing a camera on a specific individual and then reviewing the recording. So drone surveillance can only be a limited tool for priority suspects. That makes drones not very scary, for me.
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  27. fishypants Moderator

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  28. Kindly fuck off. Does the Fourth Amendment ring a bell? These days, the police tend to define "criminals" as "anyone we want to harass, regardless of whether or not there's legal cause, and especially if they make my job harder because they expose me being a fucking dipshit." Sounds a bit like Scientology. I guess what's true for you is true for you, eh, Grebe?
  29. People really do need to calm down, if they read the document they will see that lots of care will be taken to respect at least some of rights of citizens as long as they do not resist and come along quietly.

    By the way, how many classified documents have you personally leaked?
  30. Its true, I have personally been harassed, physically threatened and threatened with arrest for simply for taking photographs of on duty police officers in the city of Buffalo, NY. These police officers weren't even doing anything wrong. Even though in every state the ACLU fought tooth and nail to make sure that you can video or take photos of ANYONE in public places.

    Seems its o.k. to do whatever kind of surveillance on citizens that they want, even if it directly violates the Constitution or bill of rights, but if we try to exercise our documented rights as citizens we get a boot in our ass.

    "I don't give a flying fuck about the ACLU" --exert from my personal confrontation with an overzealous and misguided Buffalo Police officer...

    Wake the fuck up people...
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  31. grebe Member

    I was assuming the police would have a warrant before putting some citizen under surveillance.
  32. Yeah, like they have a warrant when they stop and frisk people in NYC. Your assumption does not match what we've already seen without this tool. I have no reason to believe they would suddenly come down with a case of altruism and respect for human rights, when they haven't before.
  33. Archer Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

  36. grebe Member

    Ok, well I think it's important to define the problem precisely:
    1. Drones are bad.
    2. Surveillance without a warrant is bad.

    I think we agree the problem is #2. #1 is being conflated with #2, probably for emotional reasons.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Drones are a form of surveillance, right?

    The US government spies on its people.
    Nothing to see here, move along
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