Left nor right planned parenthood is evil

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    UPDATE: July 27, 6:28 PM ET: Planned Parenthood officials are now confirming their computer systems were hacked and claim pro-life people are responsible. However, no evidence has been produced showing either Planned Parenthood’s computer systems were actually hacked nor that the alleged hackers are truly pro-life advocates.
    Given the massive negative publicity is facing and Planned Parenthood’s own CEO’s struggle this weekend to defend sales of the aborted baby body parts, there’s also the possibility that Planned Parenthood may be making an effort to make it appear as if its computer system was hacked in an attempt to shift blame from itself to pro-life advocates. Blame shifting was the thrust of the defense from Cecile Richards when asked about the sales of aborted babies and the profit Planned Parenthood makes from it.
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  3. A woman has a legal right to end a pregnancy. If she chooses to donate the fetal tissue that is her option. It is not donated without her consent.Stem cells have proven very useful in research and treatment. It is a comforting outcome to a difficult situation.

    Read. Study. Know the facts. And stop being such a reactionary slave to the right wing media.
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    This will not be the first someone tried to hide embarassing info and claiming a hacking but who knows.
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    What is evil are laws that prevent women from getting abortions.

    Western civilization already tried it and the results were not good. Not good for women and not good for children born that nobody wanted.

    The Romanian communist dictator Ceausescu made abortion illegal so he could fill the orphanages. That is where he recruited his secret police from, where they were brainwashed from infancy that Ceausescu was their "father" and the only person who loved them, and that the rest of society hated them.
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    Anyone know who this is?
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    yeah, could tell that video was an edit job when I saw it. But if you don't like abortion do a better job at promoting the use of birth control.
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    Abortions are nasty business, no doubt. The problems is the alternative, lot's of children born to parents who neither want them, nor can care properly for them, is even worse.
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    I'm pro-choice the problem here is that they are selling the hearts and lungs of the aborted without consent.
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  14. Is this the same conservative activist that filmed a woman government employee and edited it so it looked like she didn't serve white people like she served black people? And MoveOn and fake interviews with fake pimps and prostitutes?
    If they get consent from the women who had abortions so they can use the organs, of even sell the fetal material I don't see what problem it is, but if they didn't get permission then they are wrong. Did they charge for the abortions? Did the women know the tissue was going to be sold?
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    Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Were Altered, Analysis Finds | The New York Times


    Planned Parenthood on Thursday gave congressional leaders and a committee that is investigating allegations of criminality at its clinics an analysis it commissioned concluding that “manipulation” of undercover videos by abortion opponents make those recordings unreliable for any official inquiry.

    “A thorough review of these videos in consultation with qualified experts found that they do not present a complete or accurate record of the events they purport to depict,” said the analysis of a private research company.

    Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, underscored that message in a cover letter to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker John A. Boehner, both Republicans, and to Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leaders.

    With Mr. Boehner’s urging, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee in July opened an investigation of Planned Parenthood after the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group, began posting online secretly recorded videos that the center claims show Planned Parenthood affiliates illegally profit from selling tissue from aborted fetuses to researchers and, in some late-term abortions, prevent a possible live birth.

    Planned Parenthood denies the charges, and says that the videos were deceptively and misleadingly edited.
    The analysis was by Fusion GPS, a Washington-based research and corporate intelligence company, and its co-founder Glenn Simpson, a former investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

    The videos, recorded by two activists posing as representatives of a biotechnology firm procuring tissue for researchers and universities, continue to be released online about once a week. One of the activists, David Daleiden of California, told The New York Times last month that his “thousands of hours of videotape” was enough to release videos into the fall. That will coincide with Congress’s final budget debate, and the videos have stoked growing Republican threats of a government shutdown unless Planned Parenthood is stripped of about $500 million it gets annually, mostly to care for low-income Medicaid patients. By law, public funds cannot pay for abortions.

    The analysis commissioned by Planned Parenthood cover the first four videos and transcripts from the Center for Medical Progress, which were recorded in California, Colorado and Texas. Several have been released since with footage repeated from earlier videos, though the most recent ones focus not on Planned Parenthood but on a company, StemExpress, that procures fetal and human tissue globally for research.

    The reviewers looked at both shorter, edited videos that are about eight minutes to 15 minutes long and what Mr. Daleiden said were full-length recordings, some more than two hours long, that he released simultaneously.

    A transcription service was hired to transcribe the videos, without being told that Planned Parenthood was the client, to compare with transcripts publicized by the anti-abortion group. That comparison, the analysis said, showed “substantive omissions” from the group’s version. Mr. Simpson was assisted in the analysis by several others including a video forensics expert, Grant Fredericks, and a television producer, Scott Goldie.

    According to the investigation, the reviewers could not determine “the extent to which C.M.P.s undisclosed edits and cuts distort the meaning of the encounters the videos purport to document.”

    But, it said, “the manipulation of the videos does mean they have no evidentiary value in a legal context and cannot be relied upon for any official inquiries” unless C.M.P. provides investigators with its original material, and that material is independently authenticated as unaltered.

    For example, Mr. Fredericks said recordings in Houston and Denver were each missing about 30 minutes of video, judging from time stamps and frame counters on the recordings.

    The analysis also supported Planned Parenthood’s objection to two allegations that have elicited some of the most outrage from anti-abortion forces, disputing that Planned Parenthood staffers at one point say of fetal remains, “It’s a baby,” and in a second instance, “another boy.”

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    Uh Oh, Lying Liar Carly Fiorina's Planned Parenthood Lie Just Turned Into A Bigger Lie | Wonkette

    Sound the sad trombone for Carly Fiorina, because her puddle of deep doggy doo she’s already drowning in just turned into a bottomless shit pit. You know how she has been lying all the lies about a video of Planned Parenthood doing badness to an aborted “fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain”? Everyone — literally, every single person in America, pretty much — has said, “No, Carly, you did not see a video of that, because no such thing exists.” But Carly and her campaign found this completely other video made by this completely other anti-choice group, purportedly of a just-aborted leg-kicking fetus. Sure, it wasn’t filmed at Planned Parenthood, and, OK, no one is talking about harvesting its brain. But pffft, says Carly, how dare the “liberal media” focus on a mere “technicality.” So BOO HISS Planned Parenthood, and save the leg-kicking aborted fetuses. And look, here is the entire “unedited” (but huh, still edited somehow) video of that “aborted” fetus. Except nope, even that is a lie.
    Continued here:

    Americans Already Mad As Hell Over Republican Government Shutdown | Wonkette

    So, because Republicans are lazy as fuck and stupid as hell, they are always looking for ways to not do their jobs. See, for example, newly minted Republican Kim Davis, the moronic martyr of Rowan County, Kentucky, who is super into not doing her job, for Jesus, and more importantly, for the $80k annual salary she cannot possibly afford to give up by resigning her job because freelance cunting doesn’t come with benefits. See also, for example, the Republican Congress, forever trying to hop a plane out of town even when there is still work to do, because YOLO or FOMO or FU or whatever.

    Republicans are currently trying to call in to work with a bad case of Planned Parenthood. And if they can’t pass a budget that defunds the organization’s half a billion bucks a year for cooter and titty-lump checking — and they can’t; Democrats will block that all day long, and twice on Sunday, and President Obama has this here veto pen he’s itching to use just in case — the nihilist wing of the Republican Party plans to hold its breath until it turns gay, and up yours, America, GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

    But no, up YOURS, you burn-it-down mofos, says America. In addition to a new Quinnipiac University Poll showing 69 percent of voters — including a majority of Republicans — oppose shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood, which we told you about on Monday, there’s this extra bad news for the GOP:

    The latest national poll by the Pew Research Center, conducted Sept. 22-27 among 1,502 adults, finds that 60% say that any budget deal must maintain funding for Planned Parenthood, while 32% say that any agreement must eliminate funding for the organization.

    If lawmakers fail to agree on a budget and the government does shut down, more say the Republicans (40%) than the Democrats (26%) would be more to blame; about a quarter (23%) volunteer that both sides would be equally to blame.

    Allow us to break that down for you as if you are a Republican member of Congress, with the intelligence of a bowl of lukewarm rat piss. See, the majority of Americans want Congress to spend tax dollars on Planned Parenthood because otherwise, where will everyone go to get their weird rashes and late periods checked, huh? This is a very confusing concept for “pro-life” conservatives to grasp, because of how they are, like their Republican identical cousins, lazy as fuck and stupid as hell. They are all befuddled in their heads by the very strong bipartisan support of Planned Parenthood, that has increased in recent months, because how is it possible that reg’lar People-Americans are more concerned about easily and affordably getting their sexparts taken care of than they are about videos floating around on the interweb, of people saying bad things about Planned Parenthood?!?!

    But see, the truth is that Americans do not want Congress to spend tax dollars on shutting down the government, at an approximate cost of $125 million a day, until Republicans tire themselves out, cry “Uncle Sugar!” and then take their ba-bas to bed for a nice long nap. That is a stupid dumb waste of money, and everyone would rather spend it on funding Planned Parenthood, like they have already said a million trillion times, sheesh!

    If Republicans do not give all the tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, Americans gonna be mad, bro. And if Republicans shut down the whole government, just to keep it from spending the money everyone wants to spend on Planned Parenthood, Americans gonna be SO MAD, BRO. At Republicans.

    Continued here:
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    Planned Parenthood is a much more ethical, and useful, organization, to this country, than the Republican Party, and that's the way i'll vote in the next election.....
  22. I don't care for either. seriously. I'd like my money back. Also for the drones, stupid public service announcements and the war fighting drugs.

    Why? I's prefer it to support activists. No, not trolling. I hate that my taxes pay for their persecution.
    I just am sick of it all
  23. Planned Parenthood takes in a lot of money every year.
    I think it should not be subsidized by gov't funds.
  24. Andrew Auernheimer@rabite 23h23 hours ago
    In defiance of a fed court order, all the censored Planned Parenthood recordings are now online. @CCJFans …

    Washington Post:
    Controversial blogger, infamous hacker team up to release remaining Planned Parenthood videos

    By Michael E. Miller October 23 at 5:18 AM

    A controversial blogger and an infamous Internet hacker have teamed up to release hours of covertly filmed videos targeting Planned Parenthood officials and affiliates.
    The videos, which were filmed by anti-abortion activist David Daleiden and partially released this summer, had been sealed under a temporary restraining order issued by a federal judge.

    [Meet the millennial who infiltrated the guarded world of abortion providers]
    But neither the blogger, Charles C. Johnson, nor the hacker, Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, said they were worried about the legal repercussions of releasing the videos.

    “To me it’s more of a speech issue than a life issue,” Johnson told The Washington Post on Thursday night. Johnson, who calls himself a “radical” blogger but is often referred to as a right-wing Internet “troll” and who has been blocked from Twitter multiple times, said he is pro-life but “not aggressive” about the issue. Releasing the footage was about the First Amendment, he claimed.

    “If it comes to court, I hope the free speech organizations will protect me,” he said. “If not, I guess I’ll litigate it myself.”


    True to his equally controversial reputation, Johnson’s hacker accomplice, Auernheimer, said he mostly did it for the lulz.

    “They can extract me but they are going to have to fight the local militias,” he said of U.S. government officials, with whom he’s clashed in the past. Auernheimer claimed he took the videos off of Johnson’s server with the blogger’s permission and uploaded them to torrent Web sites for distribution around the world.

    “Clearly this is a matter of public interest,” he said, speaking to The Post from what he claimed was Macedonia. “Every single member of the public needs to be able to watch these videos. The narrative is going to blow open on this one.”


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