Legit places for buying gear.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Fortesque, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Fortesque Member

    Does anyone know any legit places to buy Anonymous gear for protests, such as masks, flags, misc lulzy-crap etc.

    I realize Scilons sometimes use ebay to fish for dox when selling this kind of stuff... anyone know a safe store?
  2. Anonymous Member

    I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about. If you want to be extra careful, buy one from a supplier (either ebay or a costume store or something) that has been around since pre-Chanology start in 2008. Because there was no way for Scientology to know, prior to then, that the V masks would become such a hot item, anyone who was in the V mask-selling business prior to then should be fine.

    Anyway, since the number of Scientologists is tiny, the chances of any given supplier giving a crap about Scientology is very low, plus the V mask is still popular and gets bought all the time by people who just think the movie is cool or whatever. It doesn't link to you Chanology by itself.

    As far as flags, there used to be a cool guy somewhere in the Caribbean (?) who used to sell high-quality, full-sized ones for like US $35 plus shipping. I have no idea if he's still doing it, but let me know and I could try to find out more for you.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    He's still there. There's another person in Florida now. I'm about to order a new flag. Just go to ebay and search anon flag. Prices are now $10-20 plus shipping
  4. anonymous612 Member

    The one in the virgin islands is HotScubaGreg. If he's still around, can confirm he delivers reliably. He overnighted ours to us to make sure it arrived in time for a protest, and we have at least two from him.

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