Leila Wills Ex Nation of Islam kicking ass!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    It looks like she is jumping in with both feet. Support her where you can :)

    From her FB page

    Leila Wills
    Nation of Islam promoting a Scientology course called Life Repair. Nowhere on the flier does it say Scientology, LRH, Dianetics, etc..
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Leila Wills
    Video of Scientology head David Miscavidge saying how they're going to use blacks, the trendsetters in fashion, music, etc., to make Scientology hip. He also says how all of their programs are "platforms to The Bridge" and that black communities need auditors in abundance. Henry Stewart more proof.

    Scientology Human Trafficking in Inglewood

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        Henry Stewart the NATION is not aliging with this group!!! they went and spoke at a meeting...they speak at 100's of meetings that they may agree with and disagree with! because they spoke there only means they are open to speak with anyone!!
        June 29 at 2:44pm
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        Leila Wills Poor Henry is gone...He had no defense of the COS targeting Black America and resorted to personal insults. I had to push the red button. I am a journalist and it is my duty to inform/educate. Not just piggy-back on the mainstream media. This situation has not been properly addressed by the media for three years.
        June 29 at 5:54pm
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  3. Anonymous Member

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        Leila Wills The Text says: We have reached a point in our history during this massive dissemination phase when we, the people of African descent and all others interested in raising up this culture, need to provide the shoulder to shoulder effort to get ourselves and this public onto our org board and up The Bridge® grade chart.
        Join us at The Flag Land Base for the Clear African Americans Convention and receive LRH™ solutions you can take home to strengthen your purpose plus briefings on Harlem & Inglewood Ideal Orgs.AGENDA:
        How To Disseminate To African Americans
        Religious Influence In Black Life & How To Help Religious People
        Reach for LRH Tech
        Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Minister Tony Muhammad & Rev. Charles Kennedy
        How To Use The Technology of Public Relations to Reach African Americans
        Pat Harney—Flag Public Relations Director, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson & Dr. Alim Muhammad
        Get Up The Bridge Yourself
        Includes an Assessment by a Flag Auditor with Flag Bridge Consultations
        Juneteenth* Awards Banquet
        with a Concert featuring Teena Marie & Dancing
        Briefing On Harlem
        Phyllis Mack
        Briefing On Inglewood
        Juan Bogan & Michael Roberts
        Sunday Service
        Rev. Alfreddie Johnson
        Special Briefing: “Where Do We Go From Here?”
        Mr. Shane Woodruff—VP CC International
        * Juneteenth: Two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, on June 19th, 1865, the slaves in Texas learned from Northern soldiers that the Civil War had ended and that all slaves were now free. That was a cause for a celebration which became known as “Juneteenth.”
        Purchase your tickets to the convention.
        Contact Pat Harney at (727) 467-6860
        or Janeece Custer at (727) 467-5000 Extension: 441903
        June 29 at 11:26am
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        Renee Dawson YIKES
        June 29 at 12:16pm · 1
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        Henry Stewart I am really not understanding this...because someone goes and speaks at a conference now they are following someones program??? there has seem to be a 24/7 attack about this subject...your pugger is dated 2010 they went they spoke and that was it!!! the Nation does Not follow this program!!!
        June 29 at 2:31pm
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        Leila Wills The conference that Minister Tony MUHAMMAD (one worthy of praise) is HOW TO DISSEMINATE SCIENTOLOGY TO BLACK PEOPLE.
        June 29 at 3:09pm
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        Kendell Cobb Sheeple... All I can do is shake my head. I'll admit that it IS very difficult to believe that this is all happening, but facts are facts-even when we don't like them; even when they are embarrassing; even when it hurts.
        June 29 at 3:50pm
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        Leila Wills Poor Henry is gone...He had no defense of the COS targeting Black America and resorted to personal insults. I had to push the red button. I am a journalist and it is my duty to inform/educate. Not just piggy-back on the mainstream media. This situation has not been properly addressed by the media for three years.
        June 29 at 5:54pm
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I reached out to her on failbook. Fingers crossed she gets back to me.
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  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Awesome interviews that she has been giving lately.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I sent her some stuff...her email is leila.wills at
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    She's got tons of comments on fb about Sci-Fi-ology. my kinda girl.
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  8. RightOn Member

    Go Leila!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    There's a film being made about Farrakhan? Good idea.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    From what she said, she didn't want to wait for a film deal becuz of CoS infiltrating the black community so she released it as a book in order to move forward and deal with this issue. Hoorah!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    She posted on FB - next interview is this Sunday night at 11p EST on blogtalk radio. Link and call in number will be posted today and tomorrow. Show title is Farrakhan and Scientology. :D
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Here is the last one she did

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  13. Anonymous Member

    This Sunday night! Who's going to call??? She mentioned Tori in RP's interview.

    Leila Wills
    Sunday night we are discussing Farrakhan and Scientology on Amen Ra Squad Radio. Call-in number 347-857-2055. Time - 11pm EST/10pm CST/8pm PST. Calls taken during the second hour. Get up to speed on this. (If you are late tuning in, don't call, we don't go backwards.) THE MADNESS STOPS NOW.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    On RP's interview she said LRH uses wise tricks! Tricknology! Truth mixed with falsehood! :p
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Well, Louie can't say that she's a self-promoting apostate, at least ;)
    D'ya think Miscavige will share his intelligence [sic] and public relations apparatus with Farrakhan?
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  16. anon walker Moderator

    lol...I left her a message giving her props for speaking out and suggested she google Scientology racism. The message was as if I totally misunderstood her and mistook her for a critic of Scn/NOI.

    Trying for cognitive dissonance, hope it works.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    She needs to talk about this on television so more people get the info.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Do you think she needs to be afraid? I don't think african americans are afraid of CoS...but, should she be? I mean, she's out there going against two lunatic groups.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I volunteer to help
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Louie doesn't do public relations. He does physical violence.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    She's hot. Anonymous Secret Service for Leila Wills. Her grandfather's white. I think I have a shot.

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    I'm busted...gotta go. Supposed to be working on CoS -NOI research.
  24. Anonymous Member

    See if you can spot this one!

  25. I don't think the cult will go any time soon, but if anything has the potential to make me wrong, this is probably it.
  26. Anonymous Member

    From her FB page - no longer private! Ooh, she's getting vicious! :mad:

    Leila Wills

    View attachment safe_image.php?d=AQBm_eqECjnvuKTM&url=http%3A%
    Leila Wills
    Author of Farrakhan, The Movie
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Just sent her the auditing children thread. Locked and Loaded. She hates the NOI for doing this in the school. Watch out Louie Lou!
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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    [IMG]Holy SHIT!!!!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Here it is -

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous Secret Service - A.S.S.

    Find something that means this - K.I.C.K. A.S.S. :cool:
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Hanan Islam Is a Scientologist. She Is NOT a member of the Nation of Islam
    She has worked for Alfreddie Johnson and the World Literacy Crusade a Scientology FRONT GROUP over a couple of decades.

    there are 7-8 articles written by Drew Harrell on the failed charter school

    Louis Muhammad was an employee of the school, who was fired for shoving a child in an altercation.
    Hanan Islam brought him back and rewarded him with the job of Board Chairman of the school
    He Is the Nation of Islam connection.

    Louis Muhammad Is a member of the NOI and hes the Captain of the "Fruit of Islam" in Tampa
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Cultbot Pat Harney kissing Louis Muhammad Ass
  37. ZORRO Member

    congrats leila !!
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  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    She's at it again. Popcorn. This is prelude to her interview tonight.

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      Leila Psuedo
      And the way that this "family business" has been handled is the equivalent of you walking in a room and seeing your father abusing a child. Instead of stopping the abuse, you leave the room quietly and say nothing. THAT is NOT who I am. And because all of you worship the Minister, this has gone unchecked for three years, with the exception of Ishmael, Professor Denham El, and others. It is obvious that there is no FOI who is going to 'handle family business' so stand back and let a woman do it.
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    • 157745_1495101720_1067024310_q.jpg
      Ishmael Bey
      Ya'll having a pre-show before the radio show...LOL!
      Sis.Leila Psuedo is the first female of the Black community to simply ask the question "what's going on?" with her already being established in the media and having history of the NOI ...See More
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    • 371475_100003267584517_1974516992_q.jpg
      Leila Psuedo Oh, I forgot, this Psuedo account is becuz my other one under Leila Wills is too full. Btw, plz notice that no one in HQ is questioning who I am or what is in the book.
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    • 371475_100003267584517_1974516992_q.jpg
      Leila Psuedo I will not argue with anyone over facts. It doesnt matter who brings it, if it is true, its true. The fact is that NO FOI challenged this and they love the Minister over ELIJAH MUHAMMAD. PERIOD.
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    • 371475_100003267584517_1974516992_q.jpg
      Leila Psuedo If anyone thinks that the NOI is going to get our people and children hooked up to The Cans, they are mistaken. If your loyalty to the Minister is above all else, then expect Slavery, Suffering, and Death. My time in the NOI wouldve been longer if they were on Muhammads Program.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    She stunted the growth of an FOI goofball.

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      Aton Edwards
      I'm looking at the "family business" quote. That's funny because our "family business" & all our filthy underwear is out on the street for EVERYONE to see. Look at the violence in Chicago. 1 dead six wounded yesterday alone! By whom? Who else? US. Black men killing other black men. We jump up and down when a white man or cop kills one of ours but even when we kill 1000 times more. By and large we remain silent because of this "family business." Why? Who are we betraying or hurting by speaking about the truth? This LRH business is toxic for us ... period. We must all speak out!
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    • 372337_100000353599738_105343873_q.jpg
      Salahuddin Nuriddin
      Ms. Psuedo 1) Yes Maam that was a VERY LONG time ago. I was around 16yrs old then. Im 34 now. Got you. 2) THATS THE ONLY POINT! WHO ARE YOU? WHATS YOUR MOTIVATION-AFTER 15+yrs of leaving us hanging? Since youre in the public eye you shouldnt be offended by my "emotional ignorance". Enlighten me please. Ill let a woman do it.........3) YOURE CORRECT. 4)Speak your Truth. 5) The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said WE should get out of the devils names, and that they would not be accepted. You dont thave to be in the Mosque, Temple to DO "Muhammads program." Ms. Psuedo Im just stating what The Hon. Elijah said. Obviously WE are not Elijahs Fruit, your hair is long and beautiful, under NORMAL circumsatnces I wouldnt see it. Your the House/Temple of Elijahs that needs protection Queen. Buildings dont means nothing. OH, Thank you for GIVING me the option of BUYING your book, I just would like to know alittle bit more about the author before possible said purchase. I gracefully bow out from all you scholars. Ill be in the trenches DOING Muhammads program!
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      Leila Psuedo
      You said - "OH, Thank you for GIVING me the option of BUYING your book, I just would like to know alittle bit more about the author before possible said purchase." I say - My book has facts, data, and formulas. This plus this equals Scientology. It is not for NOI personality worshippers who are only interested in MY personality. IT IS MATHEMATICS. I don't recommend my book to NOI members. NOI members who read my book will spontaneously combust at once. Combust: Consumed by fire.
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