Leila Wills Ex Nation of Islam kicking ass!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Interestingly enough they maybe changing the price structure to make it seem more financially accessible. From this page

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    soooo farracon has turned into midget boy's puppet, leila writes a book, the hood gets pissed, people in the fb group are mad as hell, the Final Fall is up next, and the media is waiting for.......? none of them see this clusterfuck?
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    Maybe it could use a few-more-votes, I know I just voted thumbs up
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    the media will cover it when FarraRon opens his fat mouth at the town hall
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    Interesting viewpoint:
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    fb group :) is !!!
    wwp shoops making the rounds. Leila posted she;ll be on radio paul again on monday
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    LOL - radio paul is only an hour and coming up Monday night.
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    I get a lot of these on the Facebook page. Tis very annoying.
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    Those attachment unavailable messages are all on Bang' Em Reef posts - i counted nine in a row. He might need to change his preferences or something.
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    mostly from the humorous Bang 'Em Reef.
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    probably doing it from a cell
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    Those Facebook error messages will show up when someone has set their Privacy settings (for images and/or posts) to something other than Public, such as setting them to "share only with friends".
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    lots on fair game this morning
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    OK, finished the book, ehrm, movie, ehrm, whatever!

    It's brilliant, buy one now :)

    Seriously, the description of a movement continuously changing to keep up with the changing moods of its founder and going through succession battles feel similar, but the background is a bit less squeaky clean than LRH's genteel satanism and pretend navy. The NOI came from a rougher background than that, and I hope the NOI/$cientology engagement merely ends in a few blushes rather than a lot of tears.
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    The NoI have a restaurant called the Salaam Restaurant that has recently reopened after been closed for a good few years. Does anybody have any info on how they could afford to do this.
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    Have they made that much money so far? Maybe a loan based on future earnings from commisions, this would tie them into Scientology products for the long term.
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    I have no idea. But that would be my number one guess
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    labeling someone an "Agent"against the NOI
    might lead to some deluded wackjob taking action
    Griff should retract that before the FED's come knocking
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    Yeah but he is a 5 star general, so he must know what he is talking about.
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    Leila Wills

    So, if anybody dares to disagree with Farrakhan, they are "an agent?" If any of you are friends with Griff, you better tell him to watch his mouth or be ready to prove all allegations against me. This is not a game.
    2 hours ago
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        Alex Hageli And we got your back Ms. Wills.
        2 hours ago · 2
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        Bang' Em Reef The Negro had a full opportunity to discuss his views on the Scientology issue being pushed by the Nation. The Nigger tap danced like Gregory Hines, and was reduced to making threats. BTW don't he have some hair show that he should be taking pics at? Suspect ass Nigga pushing all that illuminatti shit to pay the rent but quiet as a God damn church mouse about this Farrakhan treachery and madness. The only agent is his S curl wearing ass. Get the f*ck outta here.
        2 hours ago via mobile · 2
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        Ishmael Bey He still piss poor quiet on the L. RON HUBBARD ISSUE! Mr. Illumaniti Sacrafice negro! aka Church mouse silent.
        2 hours ago · 1
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        Professor Denham El This nigga is a lame and a coward and will not speak out against what he know is a farce and attack the Queen, these niggas is "homospiritual"!
        about an hour ago · 2
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        Ras Simien Anu HOMOSPIRITUALITY: Anyone who participate in an ALL MALE PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM OF WORSHIP. Our ancestral teachings were BALANCED Masculine and Femenine energies.
        33 minutes ago · 1
      • 275398_1390161431_361886148_q.jpg
        Professor Denham El Thank You Bro. Ras Simien Anu, he is the Creator of this "term" that i brutally used to describe the body manifest of these "punks"!
        31 minutes ago · 2
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        Harron Karim How does a so-called Brother who goes around making his living exposing the occult not also condem LRH for his occult past and the COS for their occult present?
        30 minutes ago · 1
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        Professor Denham El Exactly, unless you are a co conspirator!
        26 minutes ago · 1
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        Harron Karim So, Griff on the pay roll too, they breakin him off
        12 minutes ago · 1
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        Leila Wills I'm about to post a picture which lists Griff doing a lecture alongside the Church of Scientology at a NOI event.
        10 minutes ago

    Facebook profile:

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    Wikipedia page:
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    Leila Wills
    Attn: Cult Members and FOI Who Are in Love with the Minister and His "Beauty" -

    For the record, I had been in communication with Minister Farrakhan over several years, beginning in 2002. I met with him initially in Phoenix, AZ. Since then I asked to meet with him numerous times on the project. He agreed to meet with me several times and as time went on, it never happened. He received several drafts of my script and communications from me. I spoke to several members of his family and several officials. I sought a dialogue with him before my book was completed and before I went public. The meeting never happened and the questions about Scientology were never answered.

    Meanwhile, while all that was going on, I wrote numerous articles in my newspaper about how wonderful I thought he was, how Elijah Muhammad's Economic Program was the salvation of Black America, and blasted all those who opposed the NOI. I know your mentality because I too had the same love and protectiveness over him.

    In actual fact, the Minister knows I tried in due diligence FOR YEARS to meet with him. He knows I was NOTHING but respectful. People close to him know it too. It is only the UNINFORMED rank & file who are lashing out. The higher ups KNOW I tried to speak to him about this.

    YOU people think you are LESS than the MINISTER. I DO NOT. Elijah Muhammad said, "We are all Allah." That's what I KNOW. As such, my questions represented questions other people had and they deserved to be answered.

    I would advise ALL OF YOU to be very careful. If you make allegations against me on behalf of or representing the Nation of Islam, you'd better be prepared to prove it. You are also taking the position of being a fool. Meaning, you are dealing with YOUR level of mentality and thinking YOUR LEVEL applies to all.

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    Scientology Shuts the Doors on the Black Mental Health Experts

    Published on Aug 29, 2012 by ToryMagoo44

    Three of us decided to go to a Town Hall Meeting set up for tonight at Scientology's Community Center in Inglewood, which is one of the Black areas of LA.

    As we walk up, we are informed "The Meeting has been cancelled by Scientology", ten minutes before it was supposed to start. People had FLOWN in from Sacramento and other areas for the meeting. And $cientology Locks them OUT? Oh my gawd. "Out PR" doesn't come close.

    Here is their Web site:

    If any of you can help them, please send them a message of your location and your e-mail. Blessings to ALL :)

    - Tory/Magoo

    The AAHI-SBC is the African American Health Institute of San Bernardino County.
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