Leila Wills Ex Nation of Islam kicking ass!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2012.

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    VERY interesting observations.
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    TC with teleprompters, geesh.... guess everything he says has to be perfect.
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    The Tom Cruise picture reminds me of an antique shop that only sells modern plastic junk, cheap reproductions, and has no class. Ha!
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  7. Check out this lecture critical of farrakhan and $ci

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    I appreciate the sentiment about LfuckHubbard, video tl:dw, sounds like the guy had one homey watching his speach lol.
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  9. lulz @ 12m 30s haha
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    I seriously can't see how the hell the NOI guy in that video can say all that about scientology but can't see how it also relates to his own cult. In many regards the NOI is worse because it's linked to the prison population. There have been stone cold killers and gang members affiliated with the NOI. I don't know if you can say that much about scientology except maybe on the periphery of the organization. Scientology will kill you with social manipulation and "kindness". Gang members will kill you. :confused:
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    If you're a radio amateur ("ham radio") then 88 means hugs and kisses in Morse code.
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    I love the only fan of his, going oh yeah!
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    Who is mimicking who?
    DM is still smaller
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  18. Members of the Nation of Islam are free to study whatever they want but they are not instructed to study beyond Dianetics and some of the other Study Handbook courses (Study Tech, Assists for Illinesses and Injuries, etc). If you go to any CofS org there is a timeline board starting at 1950. LRH at somepoint went from Dianetics to Scientology. It is a very clear distinction. Many NOI members stay to the left of the line; they administer the Dianetics Auditing and also Assists (basically psychosomatic relief techniques that other branches of the medical and psychology communities also use independently developed variations of). Some go right of the line just as some study Naturpathy, Yoga and Meditation, Japanese, Hip-Hop, etc which are not NOI endorsed or denied arts.

    I am a certified Dianetics Auditor and Seminar Delivery Supervisor. I simply deliver the auditing services and assists. It has helped my family members and people deal with past pains and restored their attention to THEIR life not Scientology or NOI...there is no Proselytism in the technology. I helped my sister regain her walking after being rear-ended in a car accident. My sister is Christian and wants no part of Islam nor Scientology. No problem because the technique does not require belief at all in any particular deity or religion (I can treat an Atheist). Just believe that I am going to try to help you relieve pain and restore utility--you don't even have to believe it will work. I have treated children that don't really understand what energy flow is, nor care. As an engineer I have seen distraction applied scientifically to heal or deal with pain.

    Actually, the 2010 agreement NOI made with CofS was that the CofS do not offer NOI members anything beyond the Dianetics or try to convince them to go into Scientology. What you may not know is many members were secretly studying aspects of Scientology and/or Dianetics long before this so-called alignment (Min. Tony and Dr. Alim were studying aspects of this several years earlier and I have met some who studied it as early as late 1970's). The difference with NOI and CofS is we render the service for free. The CofS charges a fee for their services. We changed the name of the service so that it is clear that the LRH technology that we apply is not done in the name of CofS, just as you don't name your services after the college you graduate from or the persons that design the course or the person that wrote the textbook. The CofS was and is aware from the beginning that our missions and targets are different.

    Yes, we are strongly encouraged to contribute to various efforts (ie ask for money). But anyone is free to leave at any time with no persecution (and they do). It is not a cult and there is no compulsion in religion. There is compulsion in some cultures. Religion and Culture are not the same; the world frequently gets them confused. They are free to go and find better leadership; go find better religion (or study, delivery and application of that religion). I myself am aligned with many efforts that do things better than the Nation. I am part of an Inventors Organization and it is comprised of whites, blacks, women, men, old, young and the religions I never cared to determine or notice. We extract from everything and use it. But many complain and criticize and yet are incapable of leading the so-called victims any better, nor do they even have the heart to do so.

    Blacks are a people trying to find and define themselves after being torn from their foundations. During this period we will struggle, we will try things that may or may not work. This is the path that all peoples have gone through. What has been constent is that there is always a group of people that do not help the poor and unfortunate, and that help almost always comes from within (although there are many examples of the rich and powerful that used their resources to genuinely help...their reasons may not always be genuine or they may have different visions or reasons for what they do but it was help nonetheless).

    I am not a blind follower of anything or anybody. Even my understanding of God is evolving. I am quite educated and accomplished and that sometimes conflicts with the direction of leadership that leads with their own understanding ("to a person with a hammer every problem looks like a nail") and do not used the talent they have access to for fear of losing their reputation as the source of direction, because of envy, fear of trying new ideas or just ignorance. But I take the good of everything and incorporate it into a life of good. I have never found any religion where 100% of what they taught was rational. I have never found any person that could be blindly followed because they are not that dynamic to be everything to all people. People are simply looking for direction. I am an engineer and I also help young people with technology and critical thinking as well as doing my best to be an example of morality and perserverance. There is no one group that can be the end-all for me but there is enough in many efforts by individuals and groups, be they companies, organizations, religions or straglers, to earn my support and acknowlegde their value.
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    You seem to have a good attitude and are obviously not stupid. However, why do you call blacks "a people"? If so, are whites "a people" too? Who else qualifies as "a people"?

    Why divide us all up according to skin color? How is that anything but racism? Aren't we all equals and just fellow human beings?

    As for Dianetics, just no. If you're really an engineer, you should be able to investigate this and see through Hubbard's lies and BS. Just take a scientific approach to it. To separate Dianetics from Scientology is pointless; all of it is make-believe from con man Hubbard. It's had over 60 years of enthusiastic support from tens of thousands of people to prove itself. If it really worked (beyond placebo effects), it would have shown its value by now.
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    Bumps found it
  21. Where did my comment about the massive black on white crime wave go? I thought you guys were about free speech. I was just pointing out that nothing good comes out of integration.
    Tom Smith
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    I missed that gem, perhaps it's in s derail thread. If you had registered an account you could use the search bar.
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