Lets get viral! (In the good way)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mistegirl, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. mistegirl Member

    Lets get viral! (In the good way)


    New domains that now re-direct to YouFoundTheCard:

    Someone posted an idea in the magathread that I just loved.

    Make a site with the information we're trying to get out there, then make cards with either just the address, or something to make people curious.

    Now instead of handing out the cards you leave them. Stick one in the door of the car parked next to you, leave one on the table when you go out to eat, leave one on top of the toilet in a wal-mart things like that.

    The idea is for someone to think they found something secret and want to see what it is.

    With that in mind I made

    Feel free to make and distribute cards however you see fit. Or if you'd like you can download the site from and rehost it under another name. YouFoundAPostIt or something like that.

    The site was designed to be easy to put onto any domain name, or even a subdomain without having to change more than a title or 2.

    Thanks and keep up the good (and legal!) fight
  2. awesome. I'll start going around writting down the link at various public places, and leaving cards. I will also contact radio stations.

    As kool as this the thread about a viral site was trying to turn this into a full arg to get people interested. The fact is that there are many arg buffs who love that stuff. But there has be puzzle for people to solve to get more info and uncover the truth/plot. Look at args such as ilovebees, irish, and year zero. There are more but people love it. It will be very usefull the thing is to get it running and finish it by the 10th
  3. ruebennase Member

  4. Rage Member

    i'mma Chargen my inkjet.
  5. xenuslc Member

    That is fantastic! You don't even have to print anything out, just write it on a piece of paper or post-it or hell, even toilet paper.

    Great idea!
  6. AnonNow Member

    This is made of TOTAL WIN!
  7. Atomosk Member

  8. mistegirl Member

    Copied out of the other thread about the site:

    The google Analytics are up and running and I thought I would share some stats with you guys.

    For yesterday, February 5th and ONLY yesterday

    1,504 Visits
    3,725 Page Views

    Traffic Sources:
    (direct) ((none))
    1,172 77.93% - That's 1172 people that just typed in the address off a card or someone telling them folks! (referral)
    108 7.18%
    google (organic)
    82 5.45%
    (Another forum) (referral)
    45 2.99% (referral)
    20 1.33%

    The 1,504 visits were from 40 different countries!

    United States 964
    United Kingdom 161
    Canada 134
    Australia 36
    Netherlands 24
    Germany 18
    Sweden 17
    Denmark 16
    Finland 15
    Norway 14

    Top States:
    California 128
    New York 81
    Florida 68
    Texas 63

    That's amazing. If you ever think your cards aren't getting picked up and used just look back to this.
  9. Anonawhat Member

    I was slightly curious as to why it got linked at and went searching for the thread. It's been surprisingly positive. I was ready to see them debate Religion or something to death and that got squished in 2 pages. ... -tape.html

    Here's the link.

    Edit: Also apparently a bunch of WoW players are going to come picket with us...
  10. anon312 Member

    Well miste, I just picked up 1000 cards this morning, so that website better be online for some time!
  11. tubanon Member

    That is a damn fine website. Great job! Not only is it great for anyone that isn't up on the facts, it is a good collection of the basic info we need to study for the protests!

    Thanks very much for putting that together. I'll start dropping cards tonight. :D
  12. anon13 Member

    Those stats are awesome. I hope some of my cards account for some of those views. I've left about 50 over the past week.

    Also, I hadn't revisited since you updated it. It looks great. I really like the counter. After the protest, will there be a new counter? If so, what will it be too? I know we've talked about Valentines stuff. This forum is pretty huge now though and I'm afraid I may have missed something.

    Edit: Oh, and Hubbards birthday next month. That'd be huge.
  13. mistegirl Member

    Thanks :)

    I'm thinking our next protest day will probably be LRH's birthday, even though it's undecided at the moment, so that'll be the next date. I'll also add a page I think summarizing how the 10th went.
  14. 4theLulz Member

    REQUIRED:Someone 2 create gr8 "video pack" of 2day

    Today is already proving a resounding success (and that's just so far).
    However if you are creative, and have good video editing skills then please put together an effective compilation of the days footage to forward to the media and do us all proud.

    There's a lots of film that's come in...most of it in a "youtube style format"...which isn't that easy for the media to make use of in itself.

    However, this whole protest has already been an (unprecedented) internet born phenomenon which you can play to with good screencaptures/great bits of footage/and maybe even original material.
    Come on now...
    Don't be shy!
    If this is's time to step up to the plate and get this out to all the media-whores :lol:
  15. The campaign is fantastic and should be utilized by every member of Anonymous. It's cheap, it's easy, it's fun.

    Check it out: Office Max sells 67 lb card stock for $10.99 for 250 sheets. Thats $.04 per sheet. I can get 10 cards out of a sheet, (Maybe more if I am creative) so thats 4/10s of a penny per card!

    OK, as far as easy goes - I missed the DC protest, but still found my way to the local mall yesterday. 50 cards in 50 places. 10 more at Walmart. Just slide em in anywhere you think they will get picked up. With other brochures, stick 'em in windows of the cars they always have in the malls, Coin slots of vending machines, sky is the limit.

    The fun part is doing it without being noticed, then laying in wait for someone to pick them up. Anyone can be Anonymous, you don't have to be wearing a mask to spread the word!
  16. anon13 Member

    Excellent. My cheap ass print outs have been blowing away in the wind or getting crumpled up and destroyed. I second urging everyone to do this. $11 for 2500 cards? Hell yeah!
  17. anon13 Member

    Also, is there a way to check site statistics on our own? I'd love to see what's been going on with the site over the past couple of days. I'm most interested in California statistics myself as that's where I'm located. Another 50 have been printed up and distributed throughout today where I'm located.
  18. Wa

    Great site, for sure, but on the "What Can I Do To Help?" page, it says to attend the Feb. 10th protest, which is of course over. Could you perhaps update this thing, or even make that part of the page loaded from whatever var you store the countdown date in?
    Not sure if anything else is unupdated, but I'll try to get some of these cards passed out before 3/15. :)
  19. I have a custom stamp with "" on it and I will stamp the free dailies/weeklies I see out on the street when they come out.
  20. I made flyers to post at school and in subway terminals (nyc) with tear-away strips saying simply "".

    That way they can read the flyer and just take a piece of it (just like when you're selling a textbook or looking for a roommate)

    also kept the visuals simple and a few bullet points to peak curiosity.
  21. mistegirl Member

    I don't know of a way that people can check on their own, but I'm more than happy to post stats whenever someone wants them.

    The last few days have been huge for the site!

    02/10 - 02/11
    11,062 Visits
    22,540 Pageviews

    Top 3 sources: (referral)
    6,611 59.76%
    (direct) ((none))
    2,270 20.52% (referral)
    1,062 9.60% - Note this is about 4x the normal traffic from here, so I'm thinking these forums got a huge spike as well!

    42% Bounce rate

    Regional - this is what really got me.

    11,062 visits came from 79 countries/territories

    Top 5:
    United States 8,065
    Canada 900
    United Kingdom 768
    Australia 300
    Netherlands 116

    in the US:
    California 1,028
    New York 588
    Texas 530
    Florida 392
    Washington 362
    Michigan 341
    Illinois 336
    Pennsylvania 331
    Ohio 324
    Massachusetts 310

    I can break this right down to city if you want to know anything that specific.

    I've been recovering from the 10th, but I'm updating the help page now, and the countdown is set for the 15th already.

    Also keep an eye out for the Scientology vs Psychiatry page I'm working on and another page all about why they shouldn't be tax exempt.

    edit - help page updated, should have something up with pictures and videos of Sunday by tomorrow.
  22. Undesignated Member

    This is one of the simplest ideas, iv spread about 50 cards all over and some posters at bus stops in just over a day.

    Cards read
    what will you do?'

    I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I'm going to take a massive stack of them and spread them everywhere, car parking places, airport, airport shops, the planes, hotel (especially by internet cafe), everywhere. It's great just seeing people picking them up.

    If everyone did this then it would be epic.
  23. I'm going to wal-mart right after work and picking up a bunch of blank cards :)
  24. anon13 Member

    Awesome! I'm glad to see the stats going up. :)
  25. Use rel=no follow in the top nav bar and change home to "stop Scientology"
    or any other keyphrase you want to go after.

    Site is nice looking, but no point in wasting that link juice. :)

    Also, if you want to be able to have stats public/private then I'd suggest using mint ( It costs $30, but if you send Shawn Inman an e-mail he might be willing to give you it for free if you provide a link back or similar.
  26. everanonymous Member

    i made this but it'd be good for someone to refine it:


    in this thread i explain the added quote on the back of the card:

    the idea is that i would like to keep the design as simple as possible without a lot of stuff on it. i love the website and i love the idea but it only works if the person who finds the card is given very minimal information and it tempted to find out what the cards are about themselves.
  27. Nice stuff everanon
  28. Mister Earl Member

    Short time lurker, first time poster. I just had a brief question. I am planning on contributing by having about a thousand or so cards made. Design is simply "" in black ink in small font on the dead center of the front of the card. Would this be acceptable? I was planning on carrying about ten a day, and leaving them here and there along the way. Few enough to garner interest when found, yet often enough to keep the interest in my area. Suggestions?

    #EDIT: I was planning on putting "anonymous" or "Why did Lisa McPherson have to die?" in small, grey lettering on the back, but I do not want it to appear to sensationalist.
  29. You can do anything you want as long as it's on message--the simpler and more compelling, the better. We want to inform the public in every way possible.

  30. Mister Earl Member

    Very well. I think I will add the part about Lisa on the back. I feel badly for her family, and that's a story that needs to be retold. Often.
  31. everanonymous Member

    personally, the idea you had in the beginning is great. i dont see the need to add anything else. 'Why did Lisa McPherson have to die?' can be used on fliers by itself quite effectively and you can then place a link below to something like or personally i would keep by itself. maybe print an anon logo on it on the back. remember that the cards are powerful because they're mysterious. no need to put more than one mystery on the card. but again, whatever you wanna do as long as it's on message and it grabs peoples attention.
  32. Mister Earl Member

    Understood, and thank you. Being newish here and needing to "Lurk Moar", I wanted to begin taking action without stepping on any toes somehow.
  33. 32nd Artbomb Member

    As far as the buisness card idea goes, why not expand upon it with buisness-card-sized CDs? It's a little more effort for setup, but it means people don't have to go looking online for all the information we're trying to get out.
  34. Mister Earl Member

    Oy! Now I'm suffering from a severe overdose of WIN. You might want to cut back on that dosage hehe. Now I'll have to review that tom cruise clip to get a little antiwin in the system.

    Fifty megs a card. I'm gonna collate 50mb of data to put on those, I really like that idea. Maybe short segments of that video clip with tom cruise, the "Why am I wearing a mask?" pdf, maybe some saved HTML news site graphics, ect. Maybe some youtube clips of Anon demonstrations.

    So the question is, what's the most effective 50mb package we can put together?

    #EDIT: Huuuurk! Three bucks per, minimal purcase order of 100 at a time. I don't have three hundred bucks to dish out just on MiniCDs at this point. Looks like I'll have to do the cards =\
  35. 32nd Artbomb Member

    Other places sell card-CDs too, in varying styles and quantities. I was just posting the most informative link I found to get the idea across. Hit up google's product search for alternatives, I'm sure they're out there. There's two real styles of card-CD too: The circle-with-cutouts kind, and the rectangular "looks like a business card" kind. Lowest capacity I've seen is around 30MB, and that's what I've got on hand here. Not a lot of room for high-res multimedia, but more than enough for a few PDFs, documents, and maybe a video to use as a statement of intent for whoever finds it.

    Edit for content: This is the kind I'm planning on using, and they show up as a little under 35MB. This is the 50MB kind, and presumably they show up as somewhere around 49MB. Pretty sure the high price on the first link I gave is because of custom-printing or some shit like that.
  36. Mister Earl Member

    Thank you, 32nd Artbomb. That's more in my price range. All I need to dig up is some jazzy looking cases for em and I'm set. I'll also link to a zip of the material I've chosen for peer review before the burning goes.

    NOTE: It'll be a few days yet.
  37. everanonymous Member

    they come with cases

    this is actually a fantastic idea! fairly cheap too, only about 50 cents per CD. comes in a pack of 50 which is more than enough for hiding around places. all we need is a good solid pack of info to put inside.

    on that note: ... 0215899338

    holy fuck, should i get? $31.49 (not including cali tax) for 200 CD-R's with approx 50MB in each. there are 8 left in the lot. that's cheaper, for more of them, with more space in each!

    CONS: no CD case and that image shown on the page is printed on all of them, so you'd have to buy separate label stickers. still, it seems like an awesome deal.
  38. Mister Earl Member

    My plan is to pack the disc with a couple of short clips, LOTS of documentation (As much as I can find), and remove the case label and replace it with business cards I am having printed. On the front, center, it'll read "" in small, black print. Underneath, "Google Lisa McPhearson" in a dark grey. Underneath that, in very light grey, "anonymous". On the reverse, seen when the case is opened, will read: "Remember information security: SCAN IT FIRST!" (I anticipate claims of virus distribution).

    I've got some ideas regarding deployment as well. An easy one is leaving them in mall bookstores in the "Mysteries" section. I figure those in that section would be most likely to look into it. Excellent secondary locations would be shopping centers, due to high traffic. They can be left in the shopping cart baskets outside, and in the isles. Public libraries are a good location also. Ideas for other places? The key focus is leaving the disc in places where it is likely to be found by someone most likely to give it more than a cursory glance. A shaped disc will help, but not a given.
  39. 32nd Artbomb Member

    I was thinking coffee shops, cafes, libraries, and bookstores myself. Possibly an emphasis on college campus libraries, since most students would probably get their shorts in a twist if they found a mysterious CD laying around.
  40. Mister Earl Member

    I wonder if it would be a good idea to drop one off at a media outlet (local TV, newspaper), or in a place it could be found. Thoughts?

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