Lets get viral! (In the good way)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mistegirl, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. 32nd Artbomb Member

    On the one hand, media exposure of all the bullshit we're trying to tell people about is a good thing. On the other hand, if the contents are intended more for the curious Joe Average that finds the CD in the library or wherethefuckever, the media might spin it against us. On the gripping hand, these mini-CDs do serve as a convenient 'vector' to spread the SEKRET DOX and other important shit.

    Not sure if want.
  2. Mister Earl Member

    Point taken. With the amount I'm going to order, I'll gear the data towards the average passer-by, and let the media come up with what they will. Maybe they'll notice these things cropping up, and decide to do an "Oooh mystery" story.
  3. anonipanda Member
    OR people just upload tons of videos. Just hold the sign over your face or something: "I found the card. Have you?" With a link to the webpage in some odd place. Present in creative ways that you found the card without showing your face, or show where you found it, show creative ways to find the card etc. Get people curious about what this mysterious card is and why people keep finding it. And get as many people as possible to upload these videos, all over the place.
    (just a thought)
  4. French Ninja Member

    I'll try and make my own cards/flyers this weekend.
  5. misterwistar Member

    Anon works at a major airport.

    Anon can fly to any other major city/airport free of charge.

    Phone booths, internet access stations, cafes, baggage claims, tourist information brochures would be nice places for cards. So would the aircraft safety brochures found in seat backs...

    So many people go through airports; so many airports have wireless internet access these days...

    Anon needs to get some card stock.
  6. everanonymous Member

    anon should get a guy in baggage claim to slip the cards into pockets on luggage as they're put onto the conveyor belt. also in bathrooms or in magazines at the gift shops.
  7. everanonymous Member

    note to myself. i'm gonna get these CD-R's: ... 0215899338

    and these labels:

    as soon as i have the money and someone comes out with a decent informational packet.

    i have an idea but i don't have the know how to get it done:

    make a small flash video of a message from anonymous that will auto play as soon as the CD is loaded to the computer that will introduce anonymous and explain the purpose of the cards and the purpose of anonymous. then guide the user through the files loaded on the card and how to view and use them. at the end there will be a button that takes them to the website.

    if someone is willing to make this happen i can come up with the speech to input into the voice simulator.
  8. 32nd Artbomb Member

    Not to shit in your oatmeal or anything, but is an auto-running CD that good of an idea? There's already the "hackers on steroids" thing floating around, and a CD that automatically launches something when stuck into a computer could be potentially be spun to the masses as "automatically taking over" someone's computer even if the contents of the disk were completely benign.
  9. Hostile Member

    I love this! I'll print off about 50 cards each week and make a point of putting them in places.

    we need more activism by the populous that doen't know about it all.
    we need more anon
    we are anon

    we are united by all
    and divided by zero
  10. everanonymous Member

    yeah, you may be right. it just looked cool in my head and i thought it'd be a good way to introduce the people who find the card to the stuff inside. maybe i should just add a READ ME FIRST .txt file
  11. Why! This anon flies often enough that I look forward to your handiwork, anon. I would love to see a card in my baggage, plox.

  12. I've just recently discovered the Anonymous War on the Church of $cientology. I was doing some research on Scientology for my Winter English final, when I stumbled across it.

    I knew I only had one course of action: My Undying Support.

    I have already printed out and set about my area several fliers and cards.

    While there isn't a Co$ center in my city, theres three within a fifteen minute car ride of me.

    I plan to make it to the March 15th Protests in LA. I may not be skilled in hacking and such, but I will do what I can do. My campus will be getting a few of these left about it in class rooms, labs, libraries, and cafeteria.

    Anonymous will be known.
    Anonymous will be heard.
  13. everanonymous Member


    welcome! no need to know anything about hacking, that stuff ended a while ago. it'd be great if you could spread around fliers and cards and even better if you come to the protest to do it as well. i'd look around the site and see what's already been posted. there's a wealth of information and pre-made fliers out there already so it's only a matter of printing out the ones you like and putting them in as many palces as possible. xenu speed :-D
  14. everanonymous Member

  15. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Here's another way of getting this url out there;


    You could even send the jpg of the card itself via the same method (though I don't think the linked software lets you send images with the automatic broadcast feature). Otherwise just send the text (maybe ascii art?)
  16. Jesus666 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Disabled due to spies
  17. Citybeatnik Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Wouldn't it be better if that said "You Found The CD"?
  18. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I was wondering if CDs would be more useful to pass out at protests to those who stop and are truely interested.
    I personally wouldn't run a random cd I came across - but if someone that I was talking to for information about a cause handed me one, I would be happy to check it out.

    Just my .02. I wouldn't want anyone wasting a bunch of money on CDs that may never get played due to a fear of viruses, etc.

    I was thinking of putting together some CDs for @ protests, like I described above.

    EDIT: By the way, I told some Toronto-area anon about youfoundthecard today - they hadn't heard about it yet. It's now added to the local wiki as the current in-between protests operation. There have already been several edits to the page including more local-specific info about card printing costs ets. Look for more hits to be coming in from Ontario soon!
  19. everanonymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    no, because the CD is a business card CD-R. it's still essentially a card, but with information burned on it. plus it'd be weird to have it say 'you found the CD' and have a link to ''

    we can do both. Also i dont think there's as much of a problem with someone NOT checking out what's inside as one would think. this card has a few things working for it:
    1) the words 'you found the card' tell the person they were meant to find it, that it was deliberately hidden TO be found, and that they should prolly make sue of this opportunity.
    2) the words 'what will you do now?' challenges the person to do something with the card now that they've been given this oppertunity. either stick it in their computer (as they'll see it's a CD) or go to the website on the bottom to get an idea of what might be inside before looking.
    3) the presence of a website shows that there's at least some sort of organization behind it and it's not just one persons random thing.
    4) The words 'knowledge is power' along the sides tells the person that there's important information inside that's prolly worth taking a look at.

    In all i think paper cards with the URL on them are fine, but i like the CD-R idea because it give the person their own personal and physical link to the information. it's like how you're more psyched at finding the special colored soda cap or w/e that corresponds to a website that may or may not have a surprise for them as opposed to being sent some code in the mail at random.
  20. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    The Scieno's could easily make their own versions of the CD containing malware in an effort to discredit anon. Bad Idea.
  21. AnonymousTV Member

  22. everanonymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    well i've already bought the CD's and labels. i might end up handing them out after all.

    if you think about it, anything with a website printed on it is vulnerable to counterfeit. all a scilon would have to do is come up with a similar URL, print it on cards, and have the URL direct users to something like the last resort or something. anything that directs people to a specific place or presents them material artificially without them seeking it out themselves is vulnerable to counterfeit. the only really safe way of distributing the information is to either prompt the user to look up a word or phrase online, or to present them with informational fliers.

    i'm still gonna try to think of something to do to the cards so they're less likely to be seen as having malware in them.. it's not gonna be easy though. the only thing i really got going for me is that most people haven't been following this anonymous thing so i have a good chance of exposing people to the card that had no previous knowledge of the activism and are less likely to be wary of the cards.

    maybe i'll put some kind of watermark on them to prove that they're coming from me and not a scilon. so if anyone gets a tainted card, all they gotta do is check it for the watermark. but even that has flaws...

    i have a slight paranoid feeling i'm just giving them ideas :/
  23. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I'd say don't over think it so much or your bound to talk yourself out of doing anything at all. If anything were to happen, then you can deal with it then. Until then do whatever you can to get the message out. Debating "what-ifs" on such a specific level is like saying "I COULD go hand out flyers on the street corner, but what if a meteorite hits me?" You can't plan for that sort of thing, so you just need to go out and do it regardless.
  24. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    100% pickup rate on this little viral thing. Guaranteed. :lrhmoney:

  25. 32nd Artbomb Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Easy way to tell a genuine Anonymous CD from some random counterfeit douchebag, scilon or not: Does it contain malicious software? If yes, it's a fake.

    I'd have already started leaving CDs laying around myself, if I wasn't too lazy to come up with 34 megs of shit to put on it. /r/ help from the rest of anon, tia.
  26. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Ooo, I like the dollar bill one. Any Canadian anons that could make an equivalent?
  27. BritFagATDI Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Watch out for being accused of creating counterfit money!
  28. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    As long as it's 20% bigger or smaller than regular cash you're fine. I really like that one, and yep it'll get picked up I'd bet
  29. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Just had a look at and noticed a small typo...

    In this section on the index page it should be RPF, not DPF

    The 'rehabilitation' consisted of lots of work, mainly cleaning, and started at 8 AM with roll-call. We had to say 'Ay Sir' when called upon or spoken to. We were not permitted to talk to people outside the DPF and later on not to DPF-members from other countries. In that way be became isolated. The first night we were only 2 people in a normal 2-beds room. Next night and the following, we were 18 people in it. We happen to get breakfast sometimes, but that was not normal. I remember one morning when the 82 of us got 16 slices of bread to share and one man took 6 of them.
    -Birgitta Dagnell: :My story about scientology:

    Not huge but better if we seem to know our stuff... little things like that can close down an enquiring cult mind.

  30. K3vin Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I just made around 200 cards, using two images.. can't remember where I got them but it's:
    Front: YouFoundTheCard.Com
    Expect the truth. Expect Us. With an Anonymous suit washed out in background

    Back: Do you think you are ready for the truth?
    with the suit again.

    However I bought the cards at staples ($17 for 200 inkjet, you can get 250 for $10 or something for Laser printers, nice business card paper, makes it look more "official" and easy foldouts) and they didn't have any Mac Applications to make the cards, so I used word and some of the bottoms of around 125 of them got cut off / added on to the top of the others... but it's not too bad, you can still read everything.
  31. anonj Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Love the idea! I bought an address stamp, formed the url and have now printed 100+ little cards. Tomorrow I'll go spread them.

    Shitty pic is shitty.
  32. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    That's exactly the same address stamp I have only the ink is red.

    PROTIP: You can use that same stamp to stamp on money a la Operation Dollar Strike. :mrgreen:

  33. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Fixed, thanks
  34. Manco Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I think this campaign is definitely awesome, but I think it works on two levels. The first level is just blanketing your area with the card so that A: many people find it and take it as well as B: a significant portion follow up on it and visit the site. However, it seems to me that another way to work this kind of campaign is to be placing cards in places which basically target people likely to do both A and B.

    I mean, to be sure, sticking a dozens of these suckers in the covers of Dianetics is lulzy and possibly it might even stop a few people getting mixed up in the Co$. However, it's all the more likely that anyone who buys a copy of Dianetics is already a Scilon, or at the very least leaning towards them (on that note you might have more luck with the Co$'s less overtly Scino books like 'The Way to Happiness' etc.)

    What I was thinking was make a list and hit your local libraries/bookstores. I mean, if someone's going to be borrowing or buying books on civil rights, cults, psychology/psychiatry etc, they're the kind of people who will follow through when they see the site and get into the fight. I think it's important to be just saturating our locales with cards, but we should also be using a significant number to really hit places that will have a high pickup/follow through rate. Stick a hundred cards in the psych section of your college campus, hit the law library and stick em in the relevant books on civil rights, freedoms, tax evasion etc, books on cults, mind control the list goes on. The people who buy/borrow these kind of books already have a stake in our cause, they just don't know it yet.
  35. Hostile Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I've been dropping them in less than obvious places around my area.

    is there a law about putting it in someone's open bag?
    because that would guarantee that they'd wonder what it is.
  36. anon13 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I left some cards on my way to class this morning like I usually do. During the class break the subject of Scientology randomly came up. One of the other students has been wanting to get involved, but didn't know how to. I whipped out of the cards I had and was going to give it to him so he can get involved, but he apparently had already found one of my cards from earlier, but didn't know it was related. This makes me happy for two reasons. 1) More people getting involved. 2) People are actually picking up the damn cards and reading them!
  37. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

  38. StockOption Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)


    Just printed up 200 of these. Spreading them around in the next few days.
  39. everanonymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    how does one obtain these blank business cards? do you buy them in packs, are you cutting them out of paper, or are you getting kinkos to make them for you?
  40. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Office Max. Do you has them? :wink:

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