Lets get viral! (In the good way)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mistegirl, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Jesus666 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    no i has not good sir
  2. anon13 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I've been printing them on regular paper and cutting them out. I bought some card stock paper, but my printer hates it and refuses to print on it. :(
  3. LazarusLulz Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    You got one of 'em... :D

    Off to the library tomorrow for all those hubbard paperbacks to get a little 1" x 3" bookmark. Plus any others that take my fancy... And a few by the computers in there too I think.
  4. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Stats from the last week!


    41,501 Visits
    66,915 Pageviews
    65% Bounce rate (I blame this being so high from the huge influx from Reddit)

    Sources: (referral) 27,767
    (direct) ((none)) 6,085 - probably 90% of this is people who found cards folks! (referral) 1,289 (referral) 924 (referral) 882

    41,501 visits came from 121 countries/territories
    United States 29,220
    Canada 3,579
    United Kingdom 2,699
    Australia 1,357
    Germany 384
    Netherlands 354
    Sweden 333
    New Zealand 272
    Ireland 268
    Finland 248

    In the US:
    California 4,490
    New York 2,311
    Texas 1,887
    Illinois 1,256
    Massachusetts 1,244
    Florida 1,243
    Pennsylvania 1,180
    Washington 1,149
    Michigan 1,118
    Virginia 1,084

    The Reddit and Popurls is showing that the internet viral is creating more hits, but they don't seem to hang out as long. The actual card, or type in visits are only around a 40% bounce (and 10% of those are to the Time article) and an average of 3 pages a visit.

    For extra holy shit fatcor considering I haven't really run search optimization on it yet check out some of the google positions we're getting: (bolded for awesomeness)

    youfoundthecard 3
    you found the card 5
    operation freakout 36
    scientology kills 28
    scientologies 7
    "you found the card" 4
    mike rinder leaves scientology 7
    scientology survivor stories 3
    you found this card 7
    dear amanda scientology 6
    you found the card scientology 2
    youfoundthecard card 4
    project freakout scientology 10
    scientology flier 2
    anti scientology cards 4
    anti scientology flier 5
    operation freak out operation snow white 10
    heribert pfaff 12

    You're all just amazing and I can't say that enough. I'm working on more pages, and today changed the ordering on the home page to give the 15th a more prominent placement. If you have any suggestions post em, pm me or email
  5. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    hi mistegirl! love love love the youfoundthecard idea and the site. i have a suggestion for the first page though, i posted it in another youfoundthecard thread but though it might be more appropriate here? anyway, this is the post:

    something like that? it sums up all the important things we are on about, in a summary that will get people interested and maybe surprised ("i knew about lisa mcphearson, but whats this about them blackmailing the IRS?" etc) enough to keep reading, moreso than a "please don't close this page"

    i'm in two minds about the effectiveness of "if you about to close this page" - on the one hand it may persuade people to hesitate just long enough to get interested, but on the other hand i think it comes across a little bit like a preachy doorknocker who tries to put his foot in the doorway so you can't close the door on him. i think if people are going to close the page, they will, regardless of if you ask them not to.

    anyway, what do people think?

    p.s. tl;dr ?
  6. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    that is so awesome!
  7. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I picked up a pack of 750 blank white printable business cards at Staples (Office Depot in the US) for $15. Similarly a pack of 500 sheets of card stock is also $15. These go through your printer, or through a copy machine no prob. I printed out around 400 cards today and will be distributing them on university campuses in Toronto this week. I know one of the campuses extremely well, so I know what areas will have the consistently highest rate of student traffic. I'm hoping that the stats from Canada will go up somewhat from this, and that we'll recruit some more local Anon from this effort.
  8. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    FYI, if you take a ream of paper (500 sheets priced around $6.00 at Staples), cut them into 8ths at Kinkos ($1.49 per cut x 4), you get 8,000 mini cards.

    Just sayin'... :mrgreen:
  9. DarkL Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I fail. I've been trying to promote the site as . I think. (I can't remember for sure now!) >< Should we register that anyway and have it redirect?

    I've just been casually trying to do it for one day, anyhow. I'm going legit tomorrow.
  10. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Oh wow I didn't even know that thread existed!

    I'll take a look at the front page and see about changing it around a bit, but for the moment I have other pages I have to work on. I just don't want you to think I ignored you.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the how I can help page though? The pictures are near the middle, but the top of it is a click-able table of contents. I'd thumbnail the images but it's grabs 2 random ones from a huge folder, so that's easier said than done.

    But I'll defiantly look into it all. The site has been very fluid, changing for the better almost every day, so I'm always working on something and always open to new ideas.

    DarkL you're welcome to register any domain and re-direct it to either youfoundthecard or for a less-specific domain name. Unfair is an exact clone (well minus the guestbook) at all times, it's just a better domain to pass out verbally or whatever. If you don't have hosting to re-direct just register it somewhere and let me know and I'll set it up under my hosting.
  11. DarkL Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I don't know how to do anything like that...:xenu:

    I do know some basic HTML, at least, but I wouldn't know how to do an automatic redirect anyway. I would rather have someone who knows what they're doing pat me on the head for mentioning this potential fail and doing it themselves.
  12. DarkL Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Re: my earlier mistake:

    I was wrong; I did not write "youhavefoundthecard" on any medium I tried to advertise the site on yesterday.

    I got some cards from the site and printed out 9, total; I went to school then and asked the secretary at the front office to give me two copies of it. So 27 total.

    I ran out faster than I thought I would. A couple of people noticed them and directly asked for one; I gave it to them. I put the card on water fountains, in a couple of books, and left at least one in plain sight on the board in my 1st period class, though I doubt anyone noticed but my teacher.

    When I ran out of cards, I moved on to sticky notes. I wrote several different things on each; "What will you do now?" and "Can you handle the truth?" were the two most common things I wrote. Of course all had the URL written as well.

    On the way home from the bus stop today, I placed one last note under the windshield-wiper blade of someone a door down from us.

    Later I took out the trash, and saw the woman who owned the car getting into it, noticing the note, and taking it to look at it.

    I couldn't have been gladder.
  13. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    awesome! no worries, i understand it is an ongoing work-in-progress which is what makes it so awesome! thanks for the reply :D

    don't stress too much about the 'how i can help' page, as i said it may well just be how it displays on my computer. the information is there and thats the important thing!

    keep up the awesome work mistegirl!
  14. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    As an addendum, the following URLs are now ours & point at
  15. anonj Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Great! I have already put around 100 cards to traffic, I'll move on to stickers now!

    One place I've been putting the cards are the slots of ticket automats for undergrounds. When people buy a ticket and get some money back they'll also find the card! Also, libraries. I've been spamming Scientology, Tom Cruise and psychology books. In various shops I've put cards into random cups, boxes etc.

    What are the best places you've found?
  16. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I stick them in 12-pack boxes, under the flaps of food/cereal boxes, beneath the paid check at restaurants, in various change slots, inside blank notebooks at stationary stores, in clothing pockets at clothing stores, and inside the free envelopes at USPS/FedEx/UPS shipping locations. :)
  17. anon13 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    The change slot on vending machines/pay phones, inside magazines in waiting rooms, on drinking fountains and the back of toilets, on benches and tables, and, my favorite, on mirrors. Paper is thin so it fits between the glass of the mirror and the frame quite nicely. This is especially effective in women's restrooms.
  18. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    That's fantastic! Great job!
  19. everanonymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I'm gonna have fun with that one :-D
  20. ruebennase Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    as a side note, a german version of is now available:
  21. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    This is amazing. I can't wait for this weekend and my subversive canvassing of chicagoland! By the way, I uh, had a dream and uh in this dream I saw Anonymous billboards and bus benches and stuff that I didn't think was possible. In the dream there were people going out and modifying existing adverts to make them promote the cause. It was a thrilling and strange dream. When I woke up a remembered about and their culture jamming raids. That must have been what I was dreaming about. Yes.
  22. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Fucking win!!! Sooooo much fun!!

    I think that annoucement should be made it's own thread and placed where more people can see it and know about it.
  23. anomnomnom1 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I have another project for a business card, maybe we can coordinate. Mine is an idea for a card for scientologists themselves, leads them to a "safe" website and is a "safe" card that has no mention of anything that is likely to turn a scientologist off. They'd be printed and handed out to anons at the next picket, to distribute them far and wide.

    Anyway I hope to coordinate efforts. Thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4494
  24. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Added the new domains to the first post here.

    This idea is full of win and the folks passing out cards should check out the thread.

    These would be good cards to leave in LRH books or other places Scientologists specifically may find them.
  25. Lorelei Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Agree. I would also NEVER put a random CD into my machine, ever (could have anything on it: keyloggers, virii, advertising, content not pertinent to my interests, furry pr0n, yikes!), but I would be curious enough to follow a link on a biz card, and have done so.

    I'd stick with ordinary biz cards, myself.
  26. DarkL Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Ok...This is a good idea but would have to be very carefully worded.

    Also, remember OSA reads these boards. They might have disabled the clam-nanny programs as claimed but they could still potentially tell members not to visit URLs. I would find a way to distribute the URL to anons through PMs if possible - but seeing how registration is not particularly regulated that may not necesarily work.

    I would also avoid actually handing out cards to Scientologists at the protest itself. They may avoid it, because, hey, we're commie german psychiatrists from the Marcab Confederacy. Or something. Remember? :p

    Anyway, I'm just tossin' ideas out there.
  27. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Cross posting this in a few threads, so sorry if you see it more than once.

    The #1 comment or suggestion I've gotten on YFTC is that the colors are too harsh and conspiracy theory like. Sat down today and changed the colors around to something a bit softer and a lot less tin foil hat. Personally I liked the black and orange, but with so many people suggesting otherwise I now present you with the new color scheme for
  28. anomnomnom1 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I really gotta say I think the color scheme you had before was much better. It was a bit harsh, but the one now is pretty bland and kinda ruins the cohesiveness, in my mind.

    And I understand that we need to worry about seeming like a conspiracy theory, I was explaining scientology to some people tonight and I did my best to stick only to things that were corroborated with evidence, but still realized how unbelievable it sounded that those things were going on today. The thing is, we do have evidence for almost everything.

    Maybe a header with something like "The abuses of this organization are so heinous it's hard to believe they go on today, but great care has been taken to make sure everything on this website is corroborated with evidence or testimony in the public record. In short this is not conspiracy theory, these are facts agreed upon by anyone who has studied the subject, with the exception of Scientologists themselves. Click here for court documents, news articles, and written and video victim's testimonies" Or something to the same effect but less TL;DR.

    Also the "if you're thinking about closing this window at least please read the time magazine article" thing was great. IMO. Did what that pargraph would do, that is, "please at least read what this super reputable source had to say"
  29. anon^3 Member

  30. everanonymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    could someone add to the URL roster? i'm handing out those CD-R business cards and though still works it'd be nice to have something more specific to direct people to.
  31. anonj Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I agree. The gray background is quite horrible, to be honest. Try light spring colours~~

    I know! Yesterday evening I read some of the insider-stories, and that was when the horror of this organization truly struck me for the first time - I realized that this is no game, all the dead are real and the only reason they are dead is Scientology. I've been translating some of the flyers into Finnish, but the hardest thing is to modify (to be truthful, downplay) the text so that Finnish people, most of whom who are really no-bullshit -types won't run away thinking we are loonies.
  32. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Well with the universal hate for the changes, it's back to the good old black and orange and I think it's staying there.

    It's harsh and maybe a little conspiracy theory - BUT that fits the subject. I could make it all pink with little hearts and the actual information wouldn't be any less severe. I tried a white background and it was pretty hard on the eyes and personally I think the black looks better and more professional anyway.

    So it's back - thanks for all the input everyone. If it's not really broke I shouldn't have been fooling around trying to fix it.
  33. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    If ideas for the YFTC site are still being taken, and I saw this in another thread too, and I agree: having an embedded video on the front page (the The Unfunny Truth About..., or The Road to February are probably really good choices) might also make someone stay around just a tad bit longer. I realize you have a page for videos, but one introductory vid on the front page might be very good. People like visuals and moving pictures :)

    Just an idea, thinking from what I would like to see if I visited that page not knowing anything. The color scheme now is kinda tin-foil hat :tinfoil: , but better than the grey. Good call on switching that back. :applause: If you were going to play around with "less threatening" color scheme, one with a white background or a color-pastel (generally softer and brighter, like most professional commercial sites) with perhaps one or two graphics of some sort along with the video. People really do like pictures and videos - makes things visually engaging as well as intellectually (through text).

    Just my two cents. I imagine you're probably done fiddling with it for now anyway.

    You've done an amazing job setting that up! Thanks soooo much for doing it!
  34. anon^3 Member

  35. Jane_Doe Member

  36. ataraxia Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    While hits are nice, I think that what people think of the site is more important. I suggest we put up a comment thing where anyone who finds the site can add a comment or at least send it to us. It's important that we don't require email addresses for this; people might not feel safe doing it otherwise.
  37. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    There's a guestbook and the contact page doesn't require a valid email to send me an email. I'm not sure how to make it easier?
  38. anomnomnom1 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Maybe just make the e-mail address field optional. Or if you can't do that because you're using someone else's code or whatever, make it say "optional@optional" by default?
  39. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Sure I can do that
  40. French Ninja Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I made roughly 650 cards tonight and I'm beginning to plant them around campus tomorrow. :twisted:

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