Lets get viral! (In the good way)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mistegirl, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    And done

    Just in case I don't say it enough everyone printing and handing out cards is just amazing. It's working and you can see it in the guestbook (

    People are finding your cards and they're getting informed and passing it on. This site isn't me - it's all of you 100% and it just rocks.
  2. Anon423 Member

  3. Mister Earl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Not to break balls, here, but you should really give your spelling more than a cursory glance ;)
  4. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I went out and taped flyers to lightposts, inserted them into newspaper vending machines and spread yftc cards everywhere the other night. I got a little crazy with the cards. Tossing them onto businesses doorsteps, at parking meters etc. The next morning I was walking down the street and a little boy was up ahead, looking at the ground at one of the cards. He picked up his prize and was reading and rereading it before he happily slipped it into his pocket. I hope he follows the link. We might have saved another potential victim from the cult. I love this idea, thanks again.
  5. Undesignated Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    ^And even if he doesn't actively protest you have still cast the doubt into their mind and hopefully they won't go to Scientology in the future if approached. One of our biggest effects on people I think is this.
  6. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Hmm.. Another thing I just realized: informing mail carriers. We should inform mail carriers by dropping a card in each mailbox. Who knows, he might pass that card on to someone in the post office or as part of his route. :wink:
  7. pokeanon Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    My latest good/awful idea for card placement:

    1. Get a bunch of party hats. I know, I know, why is there anything following this step?
    2. Either write or tape a card/ on the outside and/or inside of the hat.
    3. Distribute hats and invite people to the party.
    4. Win?
  8. French Ninja Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Just an update: I started placing them around campus. Unfortunately, some people know that it's me placing them now. D:

    I need some more ideas for placement. So far I've been only putting them on the floors of elevators, seats next to me and inside paper towel dispensers (so they fall out)
    630 cards left to go!
  9. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Move to a completely different location. Do you know of a large event nearby? Put some flyers under the windshield wipers of parked cars. Go to a bookstore/library and insert cards in psychology or LRH books. Drop some by a high school. Drop some at restaurants that encourage you to drop cards for a free lunch. Insert them in magazines, free weekly newspapers... Still need more ideas?

    Just an update: I started placing them around campus. Unfortunately, some people know that it's me placing them now. D:

    I need some more ideas for placement. So far I've been only putting them on the floors of elevators, seats next to me and inside paper towel dispensers (so they fall out)
    630 cards left to go![/quote:2x48okmt]
  10. ruebennase Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    good places to put cards:

    • in restaurants/bars: left on tables, inside menus or napkins
    • in bathrooms: wedged in the side of a mirror, propped on top of urinals or paper towel dispensers, propped on top of the inside doorframe of bathroom stalls or taped to the inside of the door
    • vending machines: in the opening where merchandise or change is dispensed or stuck in the credit card slot
    • cars: behind windshield wipers, stuck in the crack between door and roof (works exceptionally well on newer VW models, since the crack runs on top of the roof and the card will stick up vertically from the roof)
    • supermarket/any retail outlet: hidden behind/below merchandise in the shelves, inside freezers, wedged in price tags on shelves
    • bookstore/library: inside, below or behind books/magazines, especially in the bestseller section
    • on the streets: taped or wedged to lampposts/traffic lights, inside newspaper dispensers, in mailboxes, on benches, on window sills (especially in front of lit storefront windows), wedged behind signs
    • public transport: left on seats, wedged in window frames, ticket machines (see vending machines)
  11. jester6284 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    A while ago a was taught how to make little six page booklets out of one piece of paper. They are about the height and width of some of the yftc cards. So earlier today I started making one using photoshop, it should be done by the end of the day tomorrow, and I'll post it with instructions on how to fold it. Cover = "Are you ready for the truth?" and the anon suit, Inside = info (Healthcare, Disconnection, Fair Game, Tax Exemption), Back = "YOUFOUNDTHECARD.COM"
  12. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I just checked up on the site and I saw two important changes that I strongly urge you to reverse.

    First, I seem to recall the "If you are about to close this page" message being in all uppercase. This is the most arresting part of the page. It's very easy for people to open up the site from curiosity, see that it's anti-Scientology, and close the site thinking they know everything. The message disrupts that pattern very effectively and should be wholly maintained.

    Secondly and much more importantly, a link to a video was included along with the Time article. I love love love the site, but I honestly think that this change is an awful one.
    - Youtube is not considered to be reputable
    - Time is considered to be very reputable
    - People are even less likely to trust a video with a synthesized voice that immediately starts throwing out accusations
    - Videos (except those of ultra-high production values) are LESS accessible than good text

    I truly think that the combo punch of the arresting message and the Time article accounts for over half the effectiveness of the site. By diluting either of these, you're weakening the site substantially. Leave Time as our only first reference. People trust it, it hits hard, and it's easy to read.
  13. Color scheme of

    Was just talking to my buddy and we agree, that site needs a better color scheme and layout. Black and red makes it look like one of those geocities kook sites, which it is not. Voted blue.
  14. WarKittehz Member

    Re: Color scheme of

    ...and the blue one he tried already pretty much sucked all the punch out of it.

    Viva la tinfoil!
  15. LOL_XENLI Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Great site, I just want to throw in my two cents.

    Most importantly, put a link to the Road to February 10 video in the protest section. Also, really wish there were more Feb 10th protest pics, there are tons. We need to show that thousands protested and to join in.

    Secondly, could you put that "Worldwide Protest" countdown at the top, right next to the "Stop Scientology Abuses?" To immediately show that the point of this site is to get involved in the protests.

    I LIKE the black and orange color scheme, keep it.

  16. Falco Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I agree with this - generally, if people see a countdown, they'll be intrigued to find out what it's for. When they find out it's a worldwide process, they'll be more inclined to find out what against, and why.

    On a side note: 800 YFTC cards printed, 200 cut and ready to be distributed so far.
  17. LOL_XENLI Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I was thinking perhaps something like this



  18. Gumbo_DNA Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Alrighty, had a two day one-man viral campaign.

    I put up fliers near city hall in my town, around the areas where adults pick up their kids at the high school, and all around my College.

    I left cards around almost everywhere, and visited my local and college library to stick cards into LRH books.

    When I went to do so at my college, I got a really nice surprise. It seemed someone already hit up the college books with stuff, including a letter from the cult asking a person to not see an evil psychologist and see them instead. I put a few extra cards in, and walked away happy knowing there was another Anon working at the college with me.

    Don't know who, probably never will.

    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion
  19. Falco Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Hit my college today in my free, when most others were in lectures, placing cards in the various corridors, as well as all the other obvious places as mentioned already. After the lecture changeover, wandered along those corridors again, every single card I'd placed had been picked up. A good start, hitting the town center tomorrow.
  20. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Ok had a busy busy updating day!

    Countdown is now on the top of the menu column for quick spotting

    Added a bunch of links to the links page

    Added ex-scientology kid's Astra's story to Survivors

    Added scientology-vs-psychiatry.php (Thank you guest writer Alsocake)

    Added road to the 10th video under "Feb 10th" (yah I know, about time)

    That's it for today - thank you everyone for the feedback.
  21. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Whee! This is a wonderful idea. I printed out about 60 of these cards and stashed them all over public places at my college. I've got a few left so I'm gonna put them in various stores in town. Doing it while trying to remain unseen is a real rush, makes me happy to be an Anonymous!

    EDIT: I only did 60 cause I'm at a real small campus. I also didn't wanna spend too much time in one place so that someone might ID me.
  22. Undesignated Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Indeed, I've learned a great deal about being secretive when placing stuff with out anyone noticing while doing this. You have to be imaginative to think up new places as well as methods for placing them. Eg when placing posters up quickly and anonymously put the tape on - I use duck tape on each corner - then just stick it very very lightly to the inside of your jacket/coat. Then as you are walking pass simply pull it out, push it onto the surface and carry on walking, almost no one notices.
  23. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I use the double side tape, peel away the back pieces as i'm "reading" a magazine or textbook or notebook newspaper etc... and then either tape it behind me (leaning against it to smooth the tape down) or behind me on the seat. That way you walk away or get up as if it was already there. :*
  24. Falco Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I've found slight (sp?) of hand tends to work fairly well in the case of the YFTC cards. Similarly, the whole "watch the birdy" idea: Doing something with one hand which is distracting to anyone who may happen to be watching, leaving the other free to slip the card somewhere.
  25. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Mistegirl, I love the website. I think you should really consider 3 things:

    1.) Adding an index page before that one, to help figure out where the cards are getting picked up. A rough design I made:


    When they click submit, it would take them to the current frontpage "Stop Scientology Abuses". Then having a page somewhere that lists all of the card locations people submitted through the index page would be cool. The guestbook is alright, but it doesn't really require people to participate... This way, if they want to see the information, they MUST participate in the first step.

    2.) Adding an FAQ of the most important questions and answers regarding Anonymous, Scientology etc. There's plenty of awesome info on there now, it's just spread out. Having someone consolidate the info into an easily digestible list would be a good idea.

    3.) Making the main focus for the eyes, upon visiting the main page, information about the protests on the 15th. There should be a nice, fat link to information about the protests easy for the eye to read. There's a blurb now, but it's not the first thing your eye is drawn to.

    Otherwise, fantastic work. You make :anon: proud.
  26. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Whatever you do to the site, make sure it keeps the black background. Bright colors are murder on the eyes after awhile.
  27. sunrain Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    This is a wicked idea.
    Im making a batch of stickers as I type.
  28. anonipanda Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I'm going out tonight, and my friend and I are placing these all over creation, and there are going to be pictures of our adventure. For epic win! :guyfawkes:
  29. anon13 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    So, I just have to ask. Is anybody else getting more paper cuts that usual since starting this? I haven't noticed the origin of the cuts, but in the past couple of weeks I've been getting a lot on my hands and this is the only thing I can attribute it to.

    youfoundthecard! I bleed for you!
  30. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Hey, Blood for Knowledge is alot better than Blood for Oil isn't it? :)

    (let's not get into that argument though...)
  31. DarkL Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I talked to my Spanish teacher today. I'd sent him an email asking for a little help with the translations on Friday, and used, eventually, to direct him to youfoundthecard. (I'd placed some stickies, he'd seen them - and figured I was placing them - but hadn't visited the website.)

    He read some of the stuff on the main page while I explained some of the reasons we're protesting and etc. When he read the part about Lisa being covered with cockroach bites, his reaction was what I'd hoped it would be - "oh, my God."

    I think he's definitely sold on it.
  32. nonanona2 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Someone mentioned putting stickers at the pump at gas station. Staff may not like it. Some pumps have a business card holder right on top for promotions. That's a good weather proof place to put the card, if the station don't have any current promotions. For short (low level) pumps, I just put a stack of card on top, just as I put it on top of mail collection boxes, stationary compartment in FEDEX boxes. ATM's will be good if somehow they don't fall off.

    At the site, should we say please pass along, return to the original location ? I rather not say it on the card, suggesting a lot of people will not be interested, and that all cards are the same. I picked a simple url plus a barcode design, as if the cards are unique and they can win something.
  33. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Keep in mind that is also the destination for,,, and (the); having a message about returning the card wouldn't really fit the other URLS. :|
  34. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    with respect, i disagree with this one - i don't think it matters where people find the cards, and i don't think we should make the information something they have to jump through hoops to get to. i think it is essential that the person is IMMEDIATELY informed from the moment the page loads, even if they only read the first page they should have a snapshot of everything we want them to know - then if they want to read more, they can. it shouldn't be that THEY have to do more if they want to know more.

    the card itself is enough of a mystery, if i had to enter my city/state before i could access a wesbite i would think it is some sort of marketing thing and be less likely to follow through. also from a purely tinfoil hat point of view, if there is an index of where people have found the cards, it will make it easier for scifags to counter-propaganda those areas.
  35. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    mistegirl, have you had any further thoughts about incorporating the first 6 points on the 'our mission' page, on to the front page? i know that there are heaps of suggestions as to what should be on the front page, but i really think that those points are a perfect summary of what the rest of the page entails and fulfills the "maximum information, minimum effort" for the reader.

    if we assume that the majority of people will only read the first page, or at most click through the first couple of links, i really think that those points are the most important things we want them to know, and also the things that are most likely to encourage them to read further by themselves.

    if you are still not convinced, maybe there could just be a trial run? like maybe change the front page for a couple of weeks, then do a comparison on how long the average visitor stays on the page, how many pages they visit, etc? if there is no noticable difference then i will happily quit going about it, hehe :lrhtalking:

    *edit: repost of what i mean (updated to current intro and with relevant links etc still included in the text) just to save you looking through the rest of the thread to find it again!
  36. Anonereign Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    There's another simple but extremely effective site I'm using until the 15th - - and it provides information on why we wear masks and what Anonymous is, at the cost of not having pages and pages of info available. Twinning this with youfoundthecard now.
  37. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Agreed is awesome - dare I say it, more accessible than for newbs.

    Unfortunatley, I have already printed all my cards otherwise id be adding to them
  38. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Ok sorry for the delay here, I've got a wicked sinus infection and I've been just out of commission for days now.

    Evey - I like it, give me a day or 2 to get back into full swing and I'll see what I can do.

    AnonymousTV - Not sure I want to do the splash screen thing, I had one and I didn't go over too well. But I'll think on it.

    Have gotten some requests for a FAQ, I'll put one together.

    We're getting a new countdown soon because this one picks a random time it seems and won't let me set it to 11am, so when I play with that I'll see what I can do to draw more attention to it. I'd like that to be up there on things you first notice, but the "If you are about to leave this page" has to be the first thing eyes are drawn to.

    I really like, it's got a catchy look and the basics. As long as the word gets out about the 15th and the cause it doesn't bother me personally if they go to another site, as long as the message gets across. Actually when the new countdown gets all done I may have it link to that site.

    Sorry if I missed anything, the cough syrup is kicking in and the little pink elephants are singing me to sleep.
  39. a non-anon Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way) is wicked sick. Goodjob.
  40. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Ive begun slipping cards into DVD cases at the local rental store. With new releases they're found pretty quick I think:)

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