Lets get viral! (In the good way)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mistegirl, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    What's this?? Card printing for a penny each?!?

  2. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

  3. Undesignated Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    WIN, get placing them cards :D
  4. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Can Someone make a redirect, to with a shorter domain name. Want to put viral posters at busy intersections, need shorter address for bigger letters.

    Proper respect to but new site is flashier.
  5. exanon Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I think one of the best places we can put them are places that are near computers.

    Basically - library computer labs, net cafes, university/school computer labs. I would say it's more likely people will check out information that's close at hand.
  6. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Closest is . Short domain names are hard to come by these days. :|
  7. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    just found that there's a up
    Looks like major Win.
  8. Undesignated Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Well on Thursday I was at a school music concert, Another great opportunity so I about 30 cars or so in the car park by placing the cards on the windscreen. Being careful so that if anyone picked up them they could not directly see another card on another car so they thought it was special. As i was wandering around i saw a couple pick one of the cards up and say 'what the hell is this?'. The man then put it in his pocket so hopefully they would have looked. I

    I'm always carrying around with me at least 1/2 a dozen cards at any time, that way you can place them wherever whenever
  9. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    wonderful! thanks so much :D hope you feel better soon!!
  10. Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I'm sorry to see that isn't getting hit very hard, but I think that it's more of an introductory site to get the uninformed on our side than a place to keep going back, like enturb.

    I'm happily distributing my set of 500 cards, and I've enlisted likeminded friends to do the same.
  11. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    I'm not really worried about it, the drop in traffic has been mostly things like stumble running their course, and those hits generally bounced anyway.

    If you EVER think the cards aren't making a difference check out the Guestbook. There's at least one or 2 new comments every day of people that find the cards and agree. I also get 2-3 emails a day from people who want to get involved. This campaign has been an ongoing, everyday way to lead people to learn more and it's been very very successful at that only because of all of you.

    Those boxes of cards make me happy in my pants! Wow that's a lot.

    Along the lines of traffic I discovered today that I can give any gmail account permissions to view the analytics reports for YFTC, so if you have gmail and want to see the traffic details just PM me and I'll add you.

    I also have a favor to ask - can everyone who sees this thread please go look at the How Can I Help page ( under any browsers you have installed? I've gotten a few emails from people saying it's displaying with the text all under the menu, but I have latest Firefox and IE and it looks fine to me. Of course the emails were without a good return address so I can't ask them.

    If it doesn't look right to you please post or PM with your browser and any other settings that may matter (like do you have java script turned off). Thanks!

    I'm finally, a friggen week later back to normal, so I'll be updating today. I did manage to get a new countdown yesterday though. The old one didn't count to the time, just the days and it was kind of screwey.
  12. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    oh lawd! please share the vendor so the rest of us can afford more of these lol
  13. LOL_XENLI Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Why did the countdown numbers get smaller? Its not as eye catching now.

    Also I didn't even know there were new comments in the guestbook until I realized it shows the oldest comments first. It might be better to list the newest comments first.
  14. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Fair enough, it's bigger now.

    But I don't really have control over the comments order, using a basic JS-Kit comment system until I can corner my web code geek into doing a proper guestbook.
  15. LOL_XENLI Member

  16. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    As I said above the old one was broken. I couldn't pick an actual time, so it just counted down to whatever time it is now on the 15th. I wanted to get one that's accurate. I'm working on getting it pretty again right now along with the other updates.

    Edit - got the new countdown into the old format so yay!
  17. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    hey mistegirl, mine was displaying funny viewing from IE, but looking at it in firefox (portable) now and it looks fine. i don't know what versions they are though sorry...nonhelpful anon is nonhelpful :oops:

    any chance of rejigging the front page before the protests this weekend? not that you don't have anything else to do, heh. i know i have stepped up my yftc'ing in the lead up and i imagine there will be a renewed surge post-game also, so would be great to check the stats after the protest and see if there is any change :lrhmoney:
  18. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    The front page should be updated tomorrow, along with a few other things I've been meaning to do. I'm sorry for the delay, between being sick and another related project I've been working on it's been nuts.

    Speaking of the other project - is anyone available to help me out with something? No web skills required, only reading comprehension. I have a zip of 100 A.R.S. posts that I'm going to host under, but they need to be indexed. That means reading through each one (some are very very long) and making a list of keywords for it.

    I've got about 50 of them done, but in the interest of getting it up there asap (I still have to make the actual pages for them and stuff) I could use some help.

    Just fire me off a PM if you're up for it.

    And just a reminder - if you want access to view the analytics on YFTC just make a gmail account and PM me with the email address
  19. mistegirl Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    Updated the front page today - yay!
  20. evey Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    looks GREAT mistegirl!! thanks so much, will pm you with gmail, will be interested to see how it goes! i have just printed off a whole bunch more cards in the lead up to tomorrow, can't wait!
  21. Anonereign Member

    Re: Lets get viral! (In the good way)

    1250 business cards finally arrived today, plus rubber stamp.

    Anyone know if will be updated to the next protest once this one is sorted? Really like that site and want to put it on the next batch of cards, but will obviously be a bit weird a while after the Ides.
  22. mistegirl Member

    Updated the countdown, added the March 15th page, added the blogger guy to fair game and um... forgot, but a bunch done.
  23. anon91-19 Member

    Hi all, I placed an order for 500 cards but got an email back saying the img was too low res and would pixilate (i used the grey one at the beginning of this thread). Does anyone have a simple img that is hi res that they could share?

    My order is on hold pending getting them a better img:(
  24. mistegirl Member

    Just replying to flag this so it emails me with updates

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