Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by dontmakemeangry, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    We should have a welcome thread stickied where we explain etiquette, easy ways to make it obvious you're a plant, fun ways to undermine the corrupt leadership of the 'Church' of Scientology without getting caught out by your superiors, easy ways to accidentally compromise CoS computer security while appearing innocent etc.

    If you're from the OSA, you are quite welcome to read here and even post here. Tory Christman was OSA before she left and started to really enjoy life, and she is a really wonderful person, so I'm sure most of you are too. You must be really stressed out right now and I'm sorry if that's because of us. I hope you can open your eyes and find a way out of the madness that they have you in now.
  2. Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    I'll second that. OSA, where are Dermot, Neon, Flik, Jess, etc? How come we never hear from them any more on Topix? Is it because you're utterly full of shit?
  3. Incognitoast Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Our arms are always open.
  4. Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    As are our jaws...
  5. Incognitoast Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Thats not nice. They need to feel welcome and not in a movie about a killer shark that gets blown up by a sheriff that didn't get shot and didn't shoot the deputy.

    I think I went off on a tangent then.
  6. Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Can I just emphasize that if our jaws are open, it is only because we are eating delicious cake.
  7. Incognitoast Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Then I for one welcome our mouth open cake eating overlords.
  8. Skeptic1337 Member

  9. Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    I agree. Also point them to: [youtube:ldo9tzyg][/youtube:ldo9tzyg] as it contains critical mission information.
  10. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Excellent point, both are invaluable. I don't think knowledge could be attained properly without fully reviewing either vdeo.
  11. Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Excellent ideas all round.

    Now, say there was someone in the OSA right now, who was somewhat sympathetic to Anonymous. What could they do to help Anonymous without putting themselves in any danger?
  12. anon13 Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Run away from the CoS as fast as your legs can carry you? Get out!

    Seriously though, perhaps becoming yet another leak in the sinking ship that is the CoS would be helpful. The more leaks, the faster it sinks. I'm very grateful for all the brave people who have taken the risk to bring us information so far. You are all heroes in my book. It's extremely dangerous, but it's helped us so much.
  13. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    I say to the OSA that might be reading this:

    They can't be treating you well. I'm sure they're pushing a lot of work onto you to control something that you can't really affect. You're probably tired, stressed, miss somebody (a friend, a family member) and could use a good hamburger (are you allowed to just go out and grab some fast food or see a movie?).

    Just know that if you want, you can leave. You don't have to give up your beliefs. But you don't deserve the pressure and bad treatment that you're no doubt getting day in and out. And should you decide to leave, there are thousands of arms around the globe waiting to embrace you, happy to lead you to people we know can help you.

    All my love to you!
  14. WMAnon Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    Give Anonymous good ideas for events and flyers. When called on it by a superior, explain that you're trying to fit in so that Anonymous trusts you more. Maybe throw in something about trying to become a mod or something. Quietly start setting aside moneys for escape. If you are in a location that has Sea Org Orphans (kids whose folks are off working at some Org and haven't seen them in years) secure materials necessary for DSS or whatever Child Protection Agency to take action. "Lose" someone's audit file full of blackmail (accidents happen). If you haven't already, switch to a co-auditing plan (where you and a partner trade off auditing one another) as this puts less of your money in Co$'s pockets. Write up KRs on people you know are working against Anonymous (I'm sure you can make something up)...

    Maybe this needs its own thread.
  15. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Let's make an OSA welcome thread!

    If anyone reading this is in such a situation: Look around you and try to judge the situation. If everything is fine, then don't change it. If not, try to change it for the better. You know your resources, you know what you can do without being endangered.

    General recommendations: If you have a good idea, what might work against anonymous don't mention it, if you have an idea that you think won't work, mention it in discussions. Write huge memos containing very complicated and useless analysis.

    If you think, everything is ok with OSA, there is a text by a former OSA-member that to me seems pretty authentic: Read this[/url:2scge81m].

    I've heard there are a lot of CONDITIONS in Scientology and then there are hints what to do when in each condition. How about this condition: You're a human being. Find out what are your responsibilities and wishes and act accordingly. Find out who you really are (no, not an enemy). I hope you don't need any proof that you are in that condition ;)

    Don't get too hectic, try to get a good night's sleep and dont forget to laugh once in a while. Honestly, you dont need to help anonymous- you need to enjoy life, thats enough! Small steps are better than none. There's so much outside of OSA and outside of Scientology. If you enjoy working in an intelligence agency, if you like the excitement of it, there are of course other things you could do to help anonymous and live with a good conscience. However, these are not without danger and dont do that if you dont feel confident about it.

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