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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Jaymax Moderator

    Pulled from facebook account of Free Iran

  2. hi i am real man from iran .sorry for my english
    i want to say some part of this note is not correct.
    some part that ahmadinejad bring some people from nearby cities to tehran and where he said reformist have no newspaper.there wasn't 2 million people only 100000 to 200000
    and so many parts like this that i don't have time to mention.
  3. dont believe what the other unregistered guy said. bbc correspondents said it was at least a million people. utube vids are proving it.

    the truth cant be stopped
  4. Looks like govt people are spreading misinformation. Remember, they are controlling dissident information right now.
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I have read quarter million. But anyways, if you don't have time, and it is "too many to list" then you lose. Your anon opinion doesn't hold as much weight as a story from inside.

    Also, what is a Ahmed supporter doing posting from Iran here? Either you were not there, or you have questionable motives.
  6. anapests

    To be fair, the above anon isn't claiming that there is anything wrong with the dissenters, just that there are discrepancies between what he has "seen" and what OP's author "saw". He's not necessarily an Ahmed supporter. In an instance like this there are going to be conflicting reports. But there's no point denying that Iranians have had their election stolen from them, and that both sides are infuriated with the other.
  7. Mr Moe Member

    Hi, I'm from Germany.

    A couple of hours ago there was a german news on TV. In it it was said that an Iranian Comic drawer (somewhere in Europe, country wasn't mentioned) just recieved a piece of information from the Iranian interior ministry. In which it is said that Ahmadinejad actually got elected on 3rd place with only 5million votes and in fact Moussavi has won election!

    Sorry if I chose wrong topic @admins: feel free to move. But I thought it might be important information.

    Greetings and solidarity with the Iranian People from Germany.


    €dit: This is the letter I was talking about:
  8. Every picture tells a story

    tale of two pics.

    the first looks like a cross section of the general population imo

    The second pic,the cross section isn't seen at all. In fact, not a single woman or older man in the pic of A-jobs supporters.

    In fact, I'll bet they could be all officers and enlisted men in stealth mode ( all "bussed" in for the event of course)

    more at this link

    To all Iranians,
    The world is watching you wake up to live your history.

    Good luck
  9. happy to see foreigner friends read between the lines.... yes even the government's taken photos show the real story although the gov is trying to cover the reality
  10. Keep it on Iranians! Fight for your freedom! Dont let those fascist bastards take the point!

    from Portugal!
  11. Funny choice of song from the anon above.

    Isn't that song about the end of the cold war?
  12. Fuck Ahmedinejad

    Man! That letter really moved me. Even though I'm far, far away from Iran, I feel the contempt against Ahmedinejad rise in me!

    Don't give up!
  13. Dont give up!

    History can only be made by brave people; like the people currently on the streets in Iran.

    The world is watching and stands by you. The world is also watching Ahmadinejad; he cant keep this terror up for long; the free world wont allow it.

    May you be brave, strong and all survive, my thoughts are with you.

    All the best from Germany, where history was made some 20 years back when brave people stood up.
  14. cussbunny Member

    My friend in Tehran said this to me about that rally:

    me: You're back :)

    xxxxx: yep!
    hi Meredith
    how are you?

    me: I kept trying to get info on twitter about the 7 tir sq protest, people said things were calm and peaceful
    I am okay, I was worried, better now

    xxxxx: very calm, beutiful, peceful, democratic and silent rally

    me: wonderful

    xxxxx: I enjoyed being there
  15. Artaban Member

    I didn't see this myself due to site were filtered!
    btw someone who posted it said it's a translation of arrested students letter :

  16. amark Member

    Man, those f*cking bastards deserve no mercy.. Iranians must take down the whole system and let all its leaders rott in prison. A Government against its own people: shooting them and torturing them.. isn't it enough to start a huge riot??
  17. Germany

    We will stand by you this time,

    I am a german woman...and proud and happy to read everything about your protest in iran and what the people are moving.

    Be sure, that germany and the world is watching you, no matter what the iranian news said.


    lovely greets from GERMANY...

  18. That's a really powerful letter.
  19. Freedom

    The WORLD is watching in awe of such beautiful people, so brave and determined. The video of the silence in the streets with millions of people marching was worth all the words anybody could say.....i'll remember these images for the rest of my life.

    Americans are paying attention, people are talking about it at the grocery store and the post office, our local newspapers have front page articles and its headline news on local channels, the spirit and light shining out from Iran is freedom and it's joyous to witness.

    "...human rights, human freedoms, and human dignity have their deepest roots somewhere outside the perceptible world. These values are as powerful as they are because, under certain circumstances, people accept them without compulsion and are willing to die for them."
    - Vaclav Havel
  20. You stupid people. Don't you know that the CIA and foreign agencies are behind these lies, distortions.... They chose a leader Ahmadinejad. You have to respect that. They say "Where is my vote?" Well your vote was not enough! This is how democracy work. Election fraud is a gigantic lie. If you continure your country will become like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan ... a lot of people will be killed.



  21. .. even in norway people look at Iran and at the braveness of the iranian people . Remember your own history: you have changed your country once because you stood together peacefully in 1979. As said before: it is a long way to democracy. But I hope you will be able and allowed to go the next steps without beeing harmed AND without harming others.

    All my wishes and thoughts are with you in these days...
  22. skollie-IRAN Member

    You're an idiot. Go away.
  23. @skollie Waw !!! good proof of your freedom lessons !!! that's the real freedom of speech !!!
  24. Thank you people of Iran

    I am here at work in Arizona, USA. I am trying to keep up with the events going on in Iran.

    I just wanted to say to all of you in Iran that you are amazing and strong people. All media, here or there, gets corrupted. Media here gives the image that Iran is trying to arm nuclear weapons and cause war.

    After seeing these massive protests, it is clear that the Iranian people are people who wish for peace, just like I do.

    Thank you for being such a good example to the rest of the world. If everyone who desires peace could react the same way then this world would be a much different place.

    I do not know how this all will end, and I pray it will end well, but no matter what happens you have provided an amazing example that I hope we can all follow.

    Stay strong, the entire world is watching your amazing demonstration. Media can and has lied, but you have shown that it will not stand in your way. It is your life - take it back.

    Love, peace, and respect from the USA.
  25. free people everywhere support you

    iran has been around for thousands of years. before the mullahs. way back to the zoroastrians and beyond that. get rid of the humorless stone faces at the top and you can have a good,free,prosperous life
  26. atmasabr Member

    I know vulgarity isn't international, but am I the only one who read "I showed him a finger" as "I showed him the finger"?
  27. Actually the F word seems to transcend every national boundary i know of

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