Letter to the European Court of Human Rights

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    Letter to the European Court of Human Rights

    I posted this story in the Gov't Agencies to report abuses to thread;

    The European Court on Human Rights has already undertaken a case where a subsection of the Church of Scientology (the Moscow org) went up against the Russian government, because they wouldn't allow them to re-register as a religion. Although the ECHR ruled in favour of the scientologists, even they have pointed out that the court did not take any standpoint to wether or not the Church of Scientology was really a religion, they just simply made a general consensus claim. This means that they made the same mistake as most people; "they call themselves a religion, so why not?" which anyone with some knowledge of their inner workings of the CoS can prove is a very bad standpoint to take.

    Now as a second part of this, I would like to state that I, as will most here, am of the opinion that there is a split between Scientology and the Church of Scientology. Scientology is a valid religion, as much as Christianity, Paganism, or Jediism for that matter. The CoS is a corporation falsely based on a religious ideal, whom continously remove the most basic of human rights.

    There is no way that we can take this to the European Court for Human Rights, but if we can have them issue a statement saying much the same as the above paragraph, we will have a victory that we can spread to any national court. That document will be listened to.

    So here is the idea; We compile a single official letter, stating how the CoS is run as a corporation, and not a religious organization. And how they continually remove basic human rights from their members. What we need first is to figure out exactly what information we put in the letter. Which of the crimes the CoS have committed do we use? How to set up the argumentation of religious vs. abusively-religous elements?

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