Letters to Local Newspapers?

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by _anonlita_, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. _anonlita_ Member

    Letters to Local Newspapers?

    As a writingfag I'm eager to get some sort of message out to local papers to inform the public of our cause. What I'm planning is sending copies of the letter to all the big local papers, as well as some smaller independant papers for the opinion/reader letters sections. So what i'm wondering is
    A) Do you think it's a good idea and
    B) What sort of things should I include the the letter?

    Any help is appreciated, and I will post a copy of the letter for proofing here before I send it out.
    Thanks <3
  2. Robert S Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    Yes. I try to tie mine in with the monthly Operation and send it in about 1 week before the pickets. Stick to facts but write with some energy. Letters To The Editor are supposed to blow off steam. But no memes in that venue please. This is for reaching the awareness of somebody's uncle...
  3. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    During the past three months, members of the collective known as Anonymous has been participating in a global protest to bring awareness to the criminal acts of the Church of Scientology (CoS), a child corporation of the Religious Technology Center (RTC).

    On May 10th, we will be demonstrating once again. The primary focus of this month's demonstration is the CoS's policy of "Fair Game", which the CoS claims has been cancelled, but demonstrated by themselves as still being in full force.

    This policy declares that any and all people/organizations that openly criticize the CoS in any way are to be "Sued, lied to, tricked, and destroyed; by any means neccesary" (HCO POL 18 OCT 1967).

    This includes actions which effectivley censor freedom to information critical to public needs of being informed about potentially adverse actions and/or practices. This is clearly violates the most important of all rights given to all people: Freedom of Speech.

    These demonstrations will be held across the street from the {fill in your local org} from 12PM Until 5PM on Saturday, May 10th.

    Further information about this dangerous cult's operations can be found at Why We Protest.

    How's this?
  4. _anonlita_ Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    Love it, I was struggling to come up with something concise and informative. My only suggestion is to add something to the end of this paragraph:
    Think adding something along the lines of 'This clearly violates the First Amendment and all rights to Free Speech,' or would that be putting too much political jargon into it?
    Also, would a note like "Visit (or somesuch website) for more information" be appropriate at the bottom?

    And sorry to be vague, but I have a contact in PR who could possibly look through and give constructive criticism on letters/press releases. Got anything else we could send to him?

    (disregard if this post sucks cocks, i'm fucking tired)
  5. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    Updated with the edits. How's it look now?
  6. _anonlita_ Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Love it.
    Can I shoot off a few copies to newspapers? I think now's the right time since we're about ten days away from the May tenth picket.

    Also, one problem I'm coming up against in emailing letters is most online submission forms require you to list a home mailing address and phone number. Any suggestions? I'm not too eager to list my address or number, even if it's my mobile phone.
  7. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

  8. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Letters to Local Newspapers?

    Not sure how you'd wanna handle it. Media should be willing to take anonymous news tips, as they can not be forced to turn over your name to anyone.

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