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    Reports there are a very low number of Libyan refugees leaving the county:

    Listen to phone call early this morning from Tripoli:
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    He probably had a guest spot on Charlie Sheen's webcast as he also is a warlock with tiger blood. Winning, duh!
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    If you search in Google/pictures you will find that Gaddafi is the Lady Gaga of the Middle East.
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    Uplifting vid, HANG IN THERE Libya Revolutionaries!
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    this from the BBC...wonder how credible it is??

    1. 1309: The BBC's Pascal Harter in Benghazi says: "Members of the rebel council say that only two things are not on the table - one that Col Gaddafi stays in control, and two that Libya becomes divided. They are absolutely non-negotiable for them."
    2. 1305: The sources did not reveal how the rebel council had reacted, saying only: "There has been no official response to Col Gaddafi's request so far, either positive or negative." But they added that the general mood at the moment among council members was to refuse to negotiate.
    3. 1304: Libyan sources have told the pan-Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat that Col Gaddafi has turned to the rebel Transitional National Council to secure his departure from the country in return for guaranteeing his and his family's safety. He sent a negotiator on his behalf to Benghazi and made handing over power before Libya's parliament, the General People's Congress, his condition, the sources said.
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    From Libya With Love

    How a US consulting firm used American academics to rehab Muammar Qaddafi’s image.

    In February 2007 Harvard professor Joseph Nye Jr., who developed the concept of "soft power," visited Libya and sipped tea for three hours with Muammar Qaddafi. Months later, he penned an elegant description of the chat for The New Republic, reporting that Qaddafi had been interested in discussing "direct democracy." Nye noted that "there is no doubt that" the Libyan autocrat "acts differently on the world stage today than he did in decades past. And the fact that he took so much time to discuss ideas—including soft power—with a visiting professor suggests that he is actively seeking a new strategy." The article struck a hopeful tone: that there was a new Qaddafi. It also noted that Nye had gone to Libya "at the invitation of the Monitor Group, a consulting company that is helping Libya open itself to the global economy."
    Nye did not disclose all. He had actually traveled to Tripoli as a paid consultant of the Monitor Group (a relationship he disclosed in an email to Mother Jones), and the firm was working under a $3 million-per-year contract with Libya. Monitor, a Boston-based consulting firm with ties to the Harvard Business School, had been retained, according to internal documents obtained by a Libyan dissident group, not to promote economic development, but "to enhance the profile of Libya and Muammar Qadhafi." So The New Republic published an article sympathetic to Qaddafi that had been written by a prominent American intellectual paid by a firm that was being compensated by Libya to burnish the dictator's image.

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    I think i might take a there tomorrow.
    Will post pics.
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    I think i might take [TRIP] a there tomorrow.
    Will post pics.
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    Khaled M and Lowkey created a rap song to honor the resistance fighters in Libya. Warning: the music video is graphic.
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    1. -

      BBC Journalists beaten by Gaddafi regime.
    2. BBC live blog
    3. France has recognized the NTC, as has Portugal. Spain due to announce shortly

    4. 1123: Fighting with heavy weapons is continuing in Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf, a resident of Ajdabiya who has regular contacts with rebels from the frontline of the fighting told BBC Arabic. He said three people had died and five injured people were rushed to Ajdabiya hospital today and that the rebels had regained Bin Jawad.
    5. 1127: Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado says he has sent a message to Col Gaddafi through a Tripoli envoy saying: "The Kadhafi regime is over", reports AFP news agency.
    6. 1120: There is a flurry of diplomatic activity going on in Europe, reports the BBC's Matthew Price in Brussels. As Paris meets Libyan rebel envoys, the Greek foreign minister also met an envoy for Col Gaddafi's government this morning. "I sense we're moving into a diplomatic phase," our correspondent says. "Nobody wants military action because they fear getting bogged down in Libya. There may be the beginnings of a diplomatic solution to what's happening now.
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    Western intervention created this problem. Western intervention will not fix it.
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    I am not sure what you mean by his own people. These people are fighting against him and are clearly not his people. While I might side with them I expect nothing less from any government that looking to be overthrown. One thing is clear to me is if these revolutionaries are to ever have a real chance the jackboot of US Imperialism must not get a foothold in their camp. It is just what the US wants. Remember as of three weeks ago we were selling Libya arms because Gaddafi was our guy. The US is looking to back who they think might win and will play that side or both. These fighters need to do it themselves and set any government up they want, not owing their existence to a force that protects them or they will become slaves to it.
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    Gaddafi was never the US's guy. Libya was just under Iran and Syria on the bad guy list.
  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Simply not true. They were trading arms with him as of three weeks ago and there were thousands of US citizens there. Recall when they got recalled? In fact Hillary Clinton was kissing his sons ass a few months back on TV. All the same I will point out some of the achievements of Gaddafi 600 square miles of dessert turned in to farm land, de-radicalization of Islam, public education and modernization. But clearly there is a popular revolt going on and that alone says something is wrong and that those people don't not only feel he does not represent him but any time people fight like that it is because they feel they don't have a choice. People typically don't fight over ideas but out of need. Ideas might fuel their fight but the fact Gaddafi say that they are drugged up crazies said to me he has to go. H*e is so out of touch with reality no can take him serious at this point.
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    Indeed, this should be as much by the Libians as possible.
    We should just arm them and enforce a no fly zone.
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    This is how you can get Gadhafi, hack into Libya state bombarding the computers with malware. Which will cut off Gadhafi voice of fair. Then with the people i no you have in the east of the country, tell them to start up believe able rumors. spread that Gadhafi can't pay his security forces, that some one in his inner circle is plotting to kill him, and that they will be a sniper that is next out door rally. and if possible more. just make it logical. eventual the Gadhafi distrust will grow to a point where he will start the arresting his most senor officers. which will break down in the command in the field then to a total self distruction which will leave Gadhafi weak and defenseless. giving the rebel a chance to attach. but the most important part is the computers for the Start TV and radio. kill those, and that will disconnect the head from the body. Those towns that are far away from the capital when the state is taken down, spread a rumor that Gadhafi has fallen. this will change the option of the gadhafi forces in these areas.
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    Expecting Mod edit in 3...2....1....
  23. Does anyone know what's being done about the Libya situation?
    Time is running out for them! The regime's forces are heading east, and Benghazi as well as other freed cities are in danger!
    They need our help!!! ...
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    The U.N. is getting the no-fly zone blocked by Russia and China. The Arab league, however, unanimously approved of a no-fly zone and the EU might by approving one soon, despite the U.N.; hopefully, the NFZ gets set up ASAP, otherwise, the resistance fighters are likely fucked.

    At least for the short term....
    They may have to move into guerilla tactics.
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    Shit you BEAT me! I loved it! I hope & pray it ends soon for the Libyan Revolutionaries!
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    Enforcing a no fly zone isn't a simple antiseptic operation. It means taking out anything in the air, radars on the ground, anti-air defenses, possibly planes on the ground, runways...
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    With any luck, they'll hit Ka Daffy on "accident."

    Anyone know what's going on of late? Benghazi was celebrating something, I just don't know what.
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    Well, we can blame Russia and China for vetoing the U.N.'s decision to intervene. Why? If Ka Daffi gets taken out, oil prices rise. I was expecting the US to join them in the veto, but.... fuck you R&C.
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    rising oil prices hurts Russia and China how?
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    You know how much China needs oil? They need it a lot more than we do to fuel their industry.

    Also, do you know what plastic is made out of? PETROLEUM.
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    It's soul crushing to see the rebels get pummelled, Yet when they reclaim even an inch they lost it's twice as uplifting.

    I feel useless, Yes i'm shit hot at hacking - why just last week i took down an obese hairy but balding man as he chased another team mate up the park. I hacked him. I admit it. I did it. i hacked the legs right out from underneath that pussy and made him weep like a middle aged woman watching the notebook. I doubt he'll be playing football again this season., But yes when it comes to Libya i feel useless.

    Without sounding like to much of a fag, I feel proud watching them just as i did with the Tunisians & egyptians. I pray they win the fight for freedom.

    I'm pissed at how long it's taken for other countries to actually start the ball rolling on helping. It's pretty piss poor.

    China will be shitting a brickstorm incase the revolution rolls its way next. It's only a matter of time
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    last night was tremendous for the rebels...there is so much new -- all good, yet because most of the media has either left or is in lockdown not much is getting out's a list from -- start at about 20:03...the part about the kamikaze pilot that flew into Bab al Azizah (Gaddafi's compound) explains his idiotic speech. things are about to get very interesting.
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    What is needed now is video of the causalities and cruelty of the war in youtube, and its wide spread all over facebook. You got any videos?

    This should be an op also. I'll try to jump on IRC later...
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    oplibya has done a tremendous job so far on the videos. will come in handy when the ICC finally gets their act together.
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    Just wanted to post this! Couldn't stop the FB excitement of all our members supporting freedom for the people of Libya, wanted to be (probably by now!) the last one to rejoice and shout out here:


    Now only if the despot fell dead;
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  39. khadaffis trolling days might be over
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