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  1. Durutti Member

    Is this really good? The last time the US tried to enforce a no fly zone they just bombed the fuck out of Iraqi civilians. Still, atleast the west will get some more free oil somewhere down the line. I don't like the fact that a revolution will now be hijacked by other countries. That will not give the Libyan people freedom, if they're going to be truly free they need to take it themselves, not have it handed to them by foreigners.
  2. Anonymous Member

    i still say its a step in a good direction.
    still cant contain my excitement
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  3. Durutti Member

    I can't get excited over another war. It seems inevitable now.
  4. lulzgasm Member

    At the rate things have been going, without a no-fly zone there won't be any Libyan rebels left to fight.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    1937 does not call for kadaffis removel from power,although this is the likely outcome.
    What if kaddafi asks for a ceasefire and stops,thats partition of the country.
    These are the issues that are going to have to be addressed.
    It seems that arab states are going to play a big part in the no fly zone,also with britain and france.
    The US are going to be involved with logistics.
    If kadaffis troops reach bengazi before airstrikes begin,and hides his tanks soldiers using the population as human shields,ground troops would be needed.
  6. Durutti Member

    The aim now is regime change, just like it was with Iraq. If the west hadn't sold these fucking evil dictators weapons in the first place, Libya wouldn't be in the mess it is now.
  7. Durutti Member

    Surely this isn't the only option? A no fly zone is a prelude to war, which will end up killing more Libyan civilians than Gadaffi ever has.
  8. wackomoose Member

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  9. wackomoose Member

    Oh and hai Girdafi boi !!1!!!1
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  10. lulzgasm Member

    Yes, but there's some primary differences:

    There's already an interim government, formed by the resistance fighters and officially recognized by the other governments, and a no-fly zone was what the interim government asked for.

    The military actions will involve a heavily arab presence from the Arab league (not a unilateral invasion from the U.S. with bribed governments helping out), U.S. will likely be only involved in logistics while France and Britain provides some support.

    And none of these governments were even wanting to get involved like this to begin with. It was public pressure that pushed them in this direction.

    Also, the american colonists never won the revolution on their own. they got help from France (and i believe another country as well), and they only got involved because it was their chance to give England a black eye. Sometimes it takes help from a couple selfish pricks to stop a selfish prick.
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  11. Durutti Member

    I hope you're right. I just think that once Gadaffi and his merry band of men are chased out of town, the west will think ''Hmmm UN said we could come in, let's pretend we're going to aid the transistion to democracy and nick a bit of their lovely oil''.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Then we know what to watch out for, and raise a shitstorm the very instant they try it. ;)
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  13. lulzgasm Member

    I hit the wrong button.
  14. HellRazor Member

    No-Fly Zone: this will not end well... for Gaddafi.
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  15. mojo Member

    i don't think this will be war. no one wants that with perhaps the exception of gaddafi, he wants to legitimize himself. i give this a couple of weeks til he's done. there's no money -- the banks are circulating old money. gas was being rationed a week ago and there has been and will be no gas soon as he's cut off. libya imports virtually all food...a friend told me the fish market was doing great business...why?? no meat. food and supplies will run out. the net has been down for 2 weeks. phones unreliable and relying on fax to send documents. tripoli is crumbling and soon, if not today, the tripoli population will be out and demonstrating.

    kept wondering WHY there was no action on the NFZ but now, i suspect the US held back because their analysts saw that a NFZ on its own would not work - they needed to be able to do military strikes. in this case, sanctions against gaddafi and co will work because they have been swift and far reaching....hope that today is not too horrible for the people of Tripoli.
  16. Durutti Member

    Libyan foreign minister has announced a ceasefire!! Amazing news, I didn't see that coming at all. It's an odd situation now though, what happens next?
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    They're still enforcing the No Fly Zone.
  18. Random guy Member

    Gaddafi promising a ceasefire is not the same as him actually holding off on military attacks. Time will tell how this plays out. If this turns into an actual ceasefire, it is probably the best of all outcomes.
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  19. TragedyTown Member

    Heard GrayHats took down some of the Libyan State TV's networks. :) With love from Turkey, indeed.
    Yes, Gaddafi's trolling days are over @KittyKatSpanker. Misrata....pray for Misrata and Benghazi...people are waiting for medical assistance and aid in both places and we're all just praying that pro-Gaddafi supporters in Tripoli will lay down arms and for heavensakes call the murderer's bluff, once and for all.
    I did see an Anonymous letter addressed to the UNSC, just before ten of its member countries caved in and they announced this historic NFZ resolution with additional protection measures in favour of the people of Libya, the revolutionaries....I can't forget Muhammad Mukhtar Osman. For Libya. Insha'Allah. <3
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  20. Durutti Member

    Medics earlier told press TV that Gadaffi's forces were still shelling. 25 killed in the city he was in. Ceasefire? Bollocks.
  21. TragedyTown Member

    @Durutti It's not a ceasefire at all. Snipers in Misrata, heavy shelling elsewhere in Zintan and Ajdabiya. This is a hypocrisy and he's a pathological liar. To his credit though, President Obama just mentioned in his interview with CNN that Gaddafi ''has violated international norms and every standard of decency'' and said very clearly that ''the violence must stop.'' Bravo. Good stand. Colonel's going down.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    The President said a little bit ago he absolutely would not be deploying ground troops.

    Also, the way I heard it reported, the govt forces were trying to "burn Misrata to the ground" and I think they meant literally.
  23. TragedyTown Member

    Government forces = Gaddafi's forces?
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Yes, sorry, Libyan govt, not our govt.
  25. Rockyj Member

    I believe this so called Gaddifi gov spokesperson was just shown on Anderson 360 & talk about a NUT CASE!
    The Elephant in the Tripoli Hotel Room:
  26. Rockyj Member

    Perhaps GOOD NEWS!
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  27. NFZ
    USA didnt commit to this until their warships were in the region, because saying "Oo! No Fly Plz!" doesn't work.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Rockyj Member

  31. Rockyj Member

    SO COOL, Libyan Warrior Song! Its RAP & I wish I knew the lyrics!
  32. Rockyj Member

  33. lulzgasm Member

    Kadaffi began his attack on Benghazi 30 minutes ago. It's all over Twitter.
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. TragedyTown Member

    The only Libyan government is now the Interim National Council headed by Abdul Jalil. Gaddafi's goons are not the government there, not recognized by the people of Libya or any of us who support their cause for revolution.
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Was he the govt six months ago? Yes? Has he stepped down? Then for the sake of a two sentence post on the forum he's the sitting government and you and your semantics bullshit can climb the fuck down off of my back. In a dispute that's rebels vs govt the fact that the rebels don't want to refer to the govt as the govt doesn't really matter.
  37. Anonymous Member

    There are reports that the plane shot down was a rebel aircraft.
    The french and British pm's are in a meeting now.
    It is believed that once the meeting is over combat airpatrols will begin straight away.
  38. TragedyTown Member

    Whoa! It isn't ''my semantics bullshit''. He hasn't stepped down yet from the regime he heads and I didn't post anything to dispute anything ''you'' said. I myself had referred to Gaddafi's band of goons as the government for a long time until ''I'' was ''corrected'' by a group of Libyans who made me realize the difference between the term ''rebels'' and ''revolutionaries'' and a dictatorship regime and an actual ''government''. They told me a government has to be for its people and Gaddafi's so-called ''government'' isn't. I agreed and that was it. You said the same thing I'd said until recently. And if you read the news or follow the Libyan revolution, you'll find out that there ''is'' an Interim National Council 'now and they're the transitional government there. I merely wrote that to inform anybody who might be reading the thread or following up on news on the Libya thread.

    And pray, how is that insulting to ''you''??? Why is this about ''you''?!!!
    I never ''climbed the fuck on your back'', so I sure as hell don't have to ''get the fuck off'' of it! You must be extremely sensitive to responses, because I didn't even say a word about anything ''you'' wrote!

    You really mistook something that was an entirely normal response to your post as me trying to insult you.
    Just quit the foul talk and your assumptions about what I was trying to do because you're ''way'' off-base, dude. You're free to stick to your opinions about whatever, I wasn't waving a signpost in your face and begging for your approval of ''semantics'' or political correctness. So spare the contempt. Talk about being trigger-happy. Whatever!
  39. anonymous612 Member

    For fuck's sake, I only said govt so I didn't have to look up how to spell Gaddafi. Get over it already.
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  40. Triumph Member

    is it too late to Send Calypso Louie to Libya?

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