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  1. Anonymous Member

    Do you mind if we refer to your hometown as "Bongwater"
    because I can't be bothered to look up the spelling, as English isn't my native language?
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  2. anonymous612 Member

    Knock yourself out.
  3. mojo Member

    unfortunately the plane shot down was a rebel plane...and it was so-called 'friendly fire" the pilot did not survive...
    lost a journalist..Mohammed Nabbous. brave guy who set up a streaming news source Al Hurra... may he rest in peace.

    day 2 and one wonders what outrageous BS gaddafi and crew will surface with today.
    already are trying out the "hospital bombed"..and then after it was first reported a heart hospital they changed it to a children's doubt real news will surface today to show the BS of it. interestingly last night during the presser, when asked exactly what had been bombed the Libyan State sock puppet didn't know...more like he didn't know what he was supposed to say since it was a lie. LOL

    another thing that came out yesterday was the so-called press conference about the ceasefire was not put out on local TV it was purely for international consumption. later during a later press conference when the FM was asked about the change when they called the UN resolution "illegitimate" ...he walked out.

    rumors that Ali Treki was in Cairo, now in Tunis supposedly to try to hook up with Ban Ki Moon
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  4. Anonymous Member

    And meanwhile the Bahrain government is shooting its own people with impunity. Things are so complicated.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Don't yell, we can hear you just fine.
    Yes, that is a good plan. but there are some holes in it. like, their TV station would have to be modern (digital) hardware and connected to the internet for anyone to disable it without physical contact.
    Thanks for your passion, please keep thinking and also keep reading and learning.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Or maybe is it possible?

    Just wondering, not that it could have any use in Libya now
  7. Durutti Member

    Why don't they just go straight to Gadaffi and bomb him? What's the problem? Kill him and it's over. The longer he stays alive the more likely it is that he uses his stockpile of chemical weapons.
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  8. none given Member

    It can be done.
    Digital TV is a lot harder, you have tyo encrypt your signal they same way they do theirs.
    It's also a felony in the US.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure you aren't American?
  10. Rockyj Member

    RAP News:About the Revolutions & more!

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  11. Anonymous Member

    After all Gaddafi has done I can concur with this. I guess the thing is nobody knows where he is exactly, and you can be sure he's under an ultra-paranoid-concrete bunker. Won't be easy to take him out...
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  12. Durutti Member

    The morality of it shouldn't come into it, he deserves to die. I think you're right though, would be difficult to find him and he's more than likely in a bunker.
  13. Anonymous Member

    If he "deserves to die" morality DOES come into it. That's what that little word "deserves" refers to.

    No really, are you sure you aren't American?
  14. Durutti Member

    I meant there's no moral defence for him, he deserves to die for the awful crimes against humanity he has committed.

    I'm not American.
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  15. Durutti Member

    Libyan 'government' has just announced another ceasefire and proposed a march, by all Libyans, from Tripoli to Benghazi.
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  16. BAAL Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    More human shields. Would Gadaffi evan attend such march?
  18. BAAL Member

    can we stick to one thread lol >< errr of Liyban
  19. Durutti Member

    Nah, he'd probably stick his uniform on Jackie Stallone and send her instead. Nobody would notice the difference.
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  20. TragedyTown Member

    I read this idea about bombing his bunker too, proposed by someone in another forum just recently. This person told us about how a certain German construction company had been employed by Gaddafi to build this extensive network of underground tunnels leading into extremely secure blast-proof rooms...that this would be the bunker he and his sons used if ever there were to be an air attack directed at them. Just thinking of whether something like this might get carried out. Would save everyone a lot of trouble if he just dropped dead, Saadi and Khamis (two of his beloved sons who sustained injuries and had been confined to the burns unit post....Bab Al-Ziziyah...#R.I.P.MuhammadMukhtarOsman...) and the rest of his wonderful, peace-loving sons too ran off somewhere or got dealt with by the revolutionaries.

    Also, popular Twitter sources within Libya promised to break some very, very good news soon that ''they have been keeping to themselves'' until ''definitely confirmed''. :) Don't recall their names on Twitter but I could mention them here if anybody would like to follow them on Twitter for news updates on Libya, I'll just need to get back to the forum and look for their Twitter IDs.
    Hinted at by the very same sources are the following:-
    1.) That Gaddafi is no longer within Libya,
    2.) One of his sons rumoured to have died (from the burns sustained) [I'm hoping it's Khamis...he's much worse than Saif and he's responsible for some of the most cruel assignments given to the pro-Gaddafi forces that have been carried out by his brigade against the revolutionaries...they didn't even spare children and patients. I hate him. Cut from the same cloth, he's just another Gaddafi.]

    Just in case any of you finds out that the above news has been confirmed, would appreciate it greatly if you could be the first to post it here, the other forum's been a little quiet tonight. Thanks. Just waiting for some good news from Libya in favour of the people, I'm sure we all are...well, we can hope and pray. Insha'Allah.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Apart from pockets of kadaffi troops trapped around bengasi.
    Gov troops are in full retreat.
    Rebels advanced 100 miles in one day,and have reached Ajdaibya.
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    I guess Davie gave them some advice on the best way to handle embarrassing videos on the Internet.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    The gov troops are making a stand at Ajdabiya,there is fighting.
    Misrata is getting hammered.
  24. Random guy Member

    Everyone, even Gadaffi, has a right to a fair trail. Killing him outright would breach the very principles the UN anti-Gadaffi resultion is built on. Killing a single, named man is assasination, not war (ublike killing numbers of unnamed men in the field). In international law, assasination is strictly no-no. You are at your liberty to disagree, but that is how international laws work. Besides, his fate is really for the Libyans themselves to decide, not the coalition.
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  25. TragedyTown Member

    Just checked on one more forum now and received news that Ajdabiya is now under control of the revolutionaries! :) Masha'Allah!
    Also received news elsewhere about the Gaddafi heir I'd been mentioning previously, Khamis. Died from injuries sustained from Bab Al-Ziziyah.
    It's not everything...but a glimmer of hope for those friends and loved ones whom our martyr and beloved hero, Muhammad Mukhtar Osman left behind...I think I'll find my own peace now. Allah'Akram. Freedom comes with so much endurance, everywhere and everytime...Insha'Allah, the next news we read will be in favour of the revolutionaries in Misrata, Ras Lanuf, Benghazi and Bin Jawad and soon too....Ameen.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    ^^ good news.
    Targets in Tripoli are being attacked as I post.
    Misrata needs help.
    There were more deaths today from shelling.
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  27. TragedyTown Member

    May Allah give peace to the loved ones of those who have lost their lives in this revolution, in Misrata, Bin Jawad, Zintan and elsewhere within Libya. Ameen. <3
    Gaddafi targets being hit in Sebha, one of the few strongholds. More good news. :)
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  28. BAAL Member

    A source of mine........
    ""Where is the Western main stream Media
    Millions of Kurdish people are on the Street today for Peace and Freedom. Turkish Police is attacking almost every demonstration and arresting hundreds of people today. Including Kurdish Congresswomen and Congressmen.

    There is not a single picture or news is about today’s ;Kurdish People Peace and Democracy party demonstrations. How can anybody take this crap main stream media serious?
    That is the biggest problem of West. Just Google “ Newroz 2011” or Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party “ you will see what I’m talking about.""
  29. anonymous612 Member

    That's great except there's two or three threads on that already so gtfo this one.
  30. TragedyTown Member

    And while we're following updates from within Libya...outside Libya, reading news about Hugo Chavez's party, PSUV, organizing a different kind of march ''for'' the Libyan people: according to their propaganda, it's the coalition and the US that's ''attacking the people'' of Libya and Gaddafi is an innocent man trying to save ''his people'' from western offensives.
    What an eye-opener, I wouldn't ever have guessed.
    And while they're doing this, in Benghazi, this is what the revolutionaries and women and children have to say in unity: ''1, 2, 3 - Sarkozy, Merci!'' :)
    CNN reported from an interview with the same people in Benghazi, who say: If it weren't for the coalition, we would have been dead. The forum quotes interviewed revolutionaries as having said this: That Libya and all Libyans are ''for'' the NFZ and also welcome strategic airstrikes.

    Just read a report from a forum member quoting news sources saying that patients in Misrata are unable to receive anasthesia for severe injuries that aren't life-threatening. I'm thinking of the doctors who are desperately awaiting medical aid that's supposed to be reaching them soon while pro-Gaddafi forces are dragging the wounded out of the same hospitals and shooting them in front of everyone. As a message.
    I wonder if Mr.Chavez's party has anything to say about this report.
  31. Anonymous Member

    On saturday gov troops reached the very outskirts of benghasi at galanous.
    The tank column was attacked with four tanks destroyed.
    Further down the road at the Tikka,which was a major staging area for kadaffis best mechanised troops.
    They were hit and all destroyed.
    I have heard that there is still fighting at adayiba.
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  32. Durutti Member

    I'm sorry but my compassion doesn't cover insane, murdering, despotic dictators.

    The law is meaningless, it's been broken time and again by the west and fuck all happens. As for him having a fair trial, what's the point? He's quite clearly guilty.
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  33. Rockyj Member

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  34. TragedyTown Member

    A good photo. :) Thank you! We really feel the same way and more too...please do post more like this if you feel like it, would love them. I've been looking too and there are more coming up everyday. It's encouraging to see how much of the world supports the people back in Libya against that bloody despot.
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  35. TragedyTown Member

    Just in case anybody's looking for a link on the ''Gaddafi'' who died from...Bab Al-Ziziyah...this article is something I looked at.
  36. TragedyTown Member

    Just received news from Libya's Feb17 sources: Al Ghaba and Al Sufla in Zintan have been completely liberated from all Gaddafi forces. :) More to come, will post.
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  37. TragedyTown Member

    Small pleasures, but much-needed signs during a revolution. :)
    Just read this post about a caller speaking directly from Misrata: pro-Gaddafi troops '''morale'' is low ever since the air strikes from the coalition began there.
    Therefore, defections from the Gaddafi-camp expected and rising. :) The mercernaries hired by him from Niger are getting paid with ''forged'' bills.
    Nothing to write home about, since all his assets around the world are getting frozen. Must be running out of credit.

    Also, same source from Misrata, as quoted: People in Misrata are very happy with the recent air-strikes (from the coalition offensive launched against Gaddafi's forces), Gaddafi's bases to the south and his convoy to the west there have been destroyed. :)

    AJA (Al Jazeera Arabic): Members of Gaddafi's revolutionary guard and other Gaddafi forces have surrendered in Darnah. :)

    Twitter source, Benghazi: Ajdabiya has been 100% secured by the revolutionaries. :) High-ranking pro-Gaddafi officers captured by the revolutionaries.

    And, saving this for the last, straight from the capital, Tripoli: Reported news that Jobran Hussein Al-Warfali, a top General and the head of Gaddafi's ''Eagles'' brigade, has been killed.

    And we should write a letter to fate and request whoever's working there to please keep some more good news coming in from Libya. :) So far, so good. Heavy losses sustained, yet there is great strength among the people. <3 Masha'Allah.
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  38. DeathHamster Member
    Translation: Ha ha! I'm using human shields!

    What a turd.
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  39. TragedyTown Member

    True, true, true! I agree completely with you @''turd''. Most definitely.

    He's a born coward and has absolutely no qualms using ''his people'' as ''an air shield'' against the coalition's attempts to protect the revolutionaries, the freedom fighters who yearn to be free of this horrible man!

    I like the turd reference :) so I'm going to add something more to what you just said...I heard someone say this before and I'm going to quote what they said:

    ''Not diamonds, flowers bloom with manure.''

    If the people of Libya have to pick the flower of freedom, Gaddafi has to be the manure that helps them in this. :)

    I hope, soon. <3
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  40. lulzgasm Member

    Why is it, out of all the Kadaffi Zanga Zanga satire songs with girls dancing to it, the Israeli girl dancing to it gets flagged?

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