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  1. COREarg Member

    ^ Wait, the images show that they were BOMBED. That's what you see when is a nice bomb in the place.
    Are we talking about BOMBS,real absolute harmful BOMBS from the airplanes or the army?

    ...I thought that it was exaggeration of the media. ¡Santa cotorrita!

    just sayin'
  2. Anonymous Member

    The video embedded in the article is from someone who was able to get a call out of Libya. Transcript of phone call in video:

    "What I've seen today is hundreds, if not thousands, of troops getting ready for what looks like, um, looks like a massacre tonight. And, um, that includes helicopters, 10-gauge weapons, and many, many troops that formed. They seem to be people from African states, South Asian states, and for some reason, even some European-looking soldiers. But, the majority of the ones I saw seem to be foreign soldiers or mercenaries...whatever you want to call them.They're using heavy-gauge weapons, helicopters, and aircraft. And, I think a massacre is in the making. That's all I can say. People are being killed. They're being killed by large-caliber bullets. Heavy, you know, machine guns. Um...there's been reports of So, they've actually thing I know they've been using...anti-aircraft artillery at people.That's anti-aircraft artillery at people. At demonstrators. And the demonstrators are unarmed. The other thing I do want to mention which is really, really important [is] that there's no division in Libya. All Libyans are united. I've heard reports from the Italian Foreign Minister about the Islamic state, the danger of an Islamic state happening. That is not what Libyans want. Libyans want freedom and democracy and municipality. That's it. So, I think those scare tactics of Islamic states and the country not being united. Those are all falsehoods. Those are lies. It's not true."
  3. iaxiloll Member

    Gadafi is now sharing a cave with Bin Ladin.
  4. Char. Limit Member

    I really wish the US would get on the ball with this. One well-placed Tomahawk missile and the threat of Gaddafi is gone forever.
  5. iaxiloll Member

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  7. Herro Member

    Fuck that. You know what screwed up the middle east in the first place? The West carving up the Ottoman empire after WWI. Just let the fuckers fight it out and make nice with whoever comes out on top.
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  8. COREarg Member

    You forgot Iraq...
    Apart of that,I can't believe I'm agreeing with you for once.
  9. Anonymous Member

    this is a good time to devalue some shitty french hardware
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  11. Herro Member

    Iraq was part of the ottoman empire.
  12. Stickman Member

    It's over for Ghaddafi, his regime has zero legitimacy or credibility now and I don't think he has the political strength to go Idi Amin on his population and ruthlessly suppress all dissent, no matter the internal or international aftermath.

    I wonder if parts of Libya will split along tribal lines? The Tuaregs already staged a rebellion in Mali & Niger a few years ago and there's half a million of them in Libya and another 100,000 or so in Algeria, they or another ethnic group may want to redraw some national boundaries and carve out a new nation for themselves when the dust settles. Or arm themselves and turn the populist revolution into a civil or tribal war.
  13. COREarg Member

    I was talking about the war on Iraq that some guys from the north,I think,did...which was their name? United States? United Saxophones? United Sandwiches?
  14. Herro Member

    Yeah, that's why I never supported that war.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    this is when Herro arrives in a thread

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  18. lulzgasm Member

  19. Egypt wants to evacuate Egyptians from Libya. European nations use Malta as a staging area to evacuate their citizens.
  20. lulzgasm Member

    Foreign mercs? Well fuck me raw with a ginsu knife....
    Not surprising, though. This is going to be a hundred times messier than Egypt was.
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    BP said Monday it was suspending preparations to drill in the Libyan desert as its contractors pull out due to unrest in the country.
    The move could be a blow for the U.K. oil giant, which in 2007 signed a deal worth at least $900 million to explore in Libya, saying at the time it was its largest single exploration commitment.

    Libya, an important member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, normally produces about 1.6 million barrels a day of crude--the equivalent of about 2% of global oil demand.
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  22. When ambassadors appointed by Gaddafi are calling him out and calling him a monster, you know the shit is beyond fucked up. Then again, you knew that before their statements of the obvious. Their UN diplomats, with the exception of the UN ambassador, have disowned him while Libya's UN ambassador has not disowned him yet but is trying to get a madman to behave sanely. Libya's ambassador to the United States has disowned him while not resigning, saying they work for the people of Libya and not Gaddafi. Libya's ambassador to India has resigned in protest. This is making Egypt look like a mildly bad weekend. Gaddafi is determined to fuck things up beyond all recognition before he leaves.
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  23. With all due respect, it's not just about economics. It's about freedom and people being tired of getting fucked without lube by Gaddafi and his goons. That said, it is also secular.
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    It seems (to be confirmed) that the air force has been bombing and shooting civilians at some areas of Tripoli, with fighters and helicopters. Al Jazira TV informs that at least 250 protesters habe been killed (to be confirmed as well).

    Also, Chinese government has been repressing protesters at Beijing and Shangai before they got organized. Many have been taken away by civilian-dressed policeman and their whereabouts are unknown. It would be a good thing to try to show, since it seems that around 90% of Chinese youngsters have no information nor knowledge about the Tian'anmen uprising in 1989, what happened back then to help them now. Are there Annons capable of leaking videos about that event to chinese internet users, despite of Chinese's great Firewall?
  27. Rockyj Member

    More here:
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Gaddafi's personal amazon guard.
    7HY9k.jpg 0K012.jpg Tz9ZW.jpg
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  32. Fantôme Member

    Some of them, or most, are fatmazon guards :p
  33. Fantôme Member

    And where is Xena, isn't she protecting him?
  34. Silly433 Moderator

    The china part deserves its own thread
  35. Anonymous Member
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  36. amaX Member

    My heart and my strength and my hope to all who have come to not fear death. This is the hardest thing and the only thing that can lead to revolution and change.
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