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    ...I know on here most ppl only see me in the off-topic zone being a general asshole/troll, but when i saw the video of peaceful protestors being shot, and the video of the remains of guards who refused to shoot...... i fuckin cried. it is bullshit that for as far as some parts of the world have advanced, not just in tech, but also learning to understand one another and to be peaceful, that crap like this can still happen.....
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    Chaos In Tripoli Libya 250 Reported Killed today via @youtube
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    Its hard & its a reality that's VERY hard to comprehend the fact that other human beings can really do this to their fellow human beings! However, I believe in my heart our world is changing (very fast now) but for the good of all humankind. And ALL these brave souls who continue to stand up against tyranny, torture, murder, rape, poverty & oppression against dictatorships & autocratic power & greed governments & so called religious organizations will never be forgotten!
    I also love the fact we will never forgive!
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    Brits can haz occupation?
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    Verdicts in this Gaddafi dude is BAT SHIT CRAZY!

    He keeps on repeating over & over that young people on hallucinogenic drugs started this but its not their fault!
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    Was that the same speech where he said that he hadn't ordered any violence against the protesters yet and that people would know when he ordered violence because "everything will burn."? Yeah, he's pretty much lost it. I think he also claimed that Libya would "lead the world."

    To be honest though, coming out and saying "you'll know when I retaliate because everything will burn"- pretty bad ass. Horrible, crazy man. But bad ass none the less.
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    It is insanity that Gaddafi has chosen bloodshed over the will of the people. Strength to the Libyan people who now face the coming days of heartbreak. There is one thing the world knows that Gaddafi does not: he will never be a martyr. He will always be the despot who chose this bloody route for people of Libya.
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    I disagree with the badass diagnosis, but this may be what he's got in mind:

    Gaddafi's Next Move: Sabotage Oil & Sow Chaos?

    terre brulée *sigh*
    do not want...

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    He also:

    It was funnier than shit! And the twitter responses to his speech was even funnier!

    To Gaddafi's translator killing himself!
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    Very touching message from the mother of the young Tunisian man that killed himself:

    The rest here:
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    back home. evacuated last night. the ride to the airport only confirmed so much of what has been tweeted. gunfire for hours saturday and sunday night. some of it obviously machine guns of some sort. brave courageous libyans...this is still hard to process.
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    Genocide is currently happening NOW in Libya:

    Mercenaries in benghazi (yellow hats)

    People who know how to mirror they are requesting to please mirrors the above vid!

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    Loving Anonymous!THEY REALLY ROCK!!

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    PLUS: YIPPIE!! Reuters News have just confirmed Tobruk and all of Eastern Libya is no longer under the control of Gaddafi!! I hope this true still need to conform this.

    BTW, feeling a little...

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    To be honest, when I was listening to his speech I though the AJ translator was getting it wrong. It seemed far too batshit insane, and I genuinely thought it is must have been due to translation error.

    Reading out a list of crimes punishable by death really won’t help endear yourself to protesters. Mentioning Tiananmen Square and Waco just seems to give out the wrong message, especially when you are trying to claim you haven’t ordered force against the protesters. But the whole ‘youth are on hallucinogenic drugs’ meme is where I really though the AJ translator had gotten it wrong. The dude has royally and irreversibly lost it.
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    Sadly there are Mercenaries all over Tripoli right now! Evidence of shells & bullets against protesters!
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    Gaddafi is so LOL. Seriously the most batshit insane and ridiculous dictator in the middle east.
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    He lost his marbles a long time ago, but he was kept in power by us "first" world countries just to keep the area safe and quiet.
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    What are we going to do about China, anyways?
  26. Rockyj Member

    Love your Avatar, re: China my Grandmother full blooded Wasco (Native American) said the Fox will rule the world (referring to Chinese) however, I believe it means ALL youth from all countries that don't care about race, creed, gender, tribe, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. but only care about each other as human beings protecting the earth & its resources. Instead of working against each other, working together to save Mother Earth as we all know without our mother we cannot exist.
    The beating of drums represents the heartbeat of our Mother.

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    US is finally able to evacuate its citizens. Hopefully those trapped there will get the message since the Internet is down there. Posting this in case any anons are in contact with anyone in Libya.

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    The UN met all day in a closed-door meeting to discuss Libya. They came up with, "We strongly condemn" the killing of civilians and "urged restraint." YOU TOLD HIM!!! HE'S RUNNING SCARED NOW!!
    What a shameful joke.
    People, wherever you are, remember this during the next elections. My government is so concerned with oil and money that they won't stand in firm solidarity with oppressed, unarmed civilians who are being slaughtered for fear of upsetting their "friends," UNTIL they're sure the regime's on their way out (Ex: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... ). Notice how long it has taken to hear a response/reaction from our western governments each time, and notice that the rhetoric only becomes stronger as the regimes crumble. They don't want to say too much JUST IN CASE the bad guys win and the protests are squashed, it seems.
    We start wars when and where we shouldn't while sitting back and issuing "press statements," when people desperately need our help. Sadly, by letting this continue, we no longer have the right to claim the moral high ground or claim to be staunch advocates of human rights because when it has mattered the most, we have let our fellow human beings down by foot-dragging and pandering to despots for economic gains/security.
    The people in Tahrir said, after hearing President Obama & Sec. Clinton's press conferences, "We don't need you. We will die for our freeedom, we are not afraid." Why? Because @ that time all they were doing is the same as now: urging "restraint." The people had a glimmer of hope for ONE moment that we would do what was right and say, "We are with you," and actually follow through with it. But no. It was pretty much, "You're on your own." So the unarmed people of Egypt rose up & did what our governments were too cowardly to do: they stood up to the regime, faced the guns and changed the world. Alone. And now the people of Libya will have to do the same.
    Pretty sad when tweeters & anons are doing more (out of necessity!) than our elected "officials" to help fellow human beings in need. IMHO.
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    From my tribe MY REZ!

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    Sounds like someone got into the fire water again.

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    Von Stauffenberg tried "further measures" & lost a few fingers and an eye for his trouble ...
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    Hardly comparable to this situation. Innocent people are being shot, beaten and burned for protesting. This is not an occupying force trying to take over a country, but people figthing for their basic rights and needs who are being slaughtered.
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