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  1. Rockyj Member

    What most people understood from Gaddafi's speech:

  2. Anonymous Member

    You got to hand it to Gaddafi, he does seem to be the last true hard core dictator left, and he's definitely been keeping his pimp hand strong.
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  3. lulzgasm Member

    I think Gadaffi needs a new nickname.
    has Ka-daffy already been taken?
  4. Anonymous Member

    I see a few.
    Which were you referring to?
  5. Rockyj Member

    Very disturbing vid of killed Libyan soldiers who refused to fire on their people.
  6. Rockyj Member

  7. Anon T0d Member

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  8. Rockyj Member

    Not good news @ all:
  9. Rockyj Member

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  10. Rockyj Member

  11. Anon T0d Member

    unfortunately i'm sure some of the family will escape, i mean how hard would it be for them to make up fake passports and flee to a safe haven
  12. Anon T0d Member
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  13. Rockyj Member

    This PIC brought tears to me eyes. These are Tunisians supporting the Libyan Protesters! Screen-shot-2011-02-23-at-2.30.39-PM.png
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  14. Rockyj Member

    Caller confirms they found 1500 young men buried alive!

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  15. Anon T0d Member

    at least they found them in time
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  16. Rockyj Member

    Clinton just spoke! (more later)
  17. Rockyj Member

  18. Anon T0d Member

    it seems mental illness is hereditary
  19. Rockyj Member

    The many ways to spell Gaddafi!

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  20. lulzgasm Member

    Why do I always have the urge to add Duck at the end of his name?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Obama is speaking right now. is streaming it live.
  22. Herro Member

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  23. MsOrangensaft Member

    The first one. I just had a little laugh @ the conspiracy theorist who posted there is all.
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  24. mojo Member

  25. whosit Member

    Evil evil evil Reagan

    Somali pirates? Nevermind.
  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Bad Actor
    Senile dribbling fool
    Father of homelessness in America
  28. Quick! Send in those volunteer ministers! After all, they're the only ones who can help! A bit of cal-mag and some time on the cans will fix this all up a treat. Libya's so hot you don't even NEED a sauna...
  29. Rockyj Member

    The dude is bonkers, BAT SHIT CRAZY! Who in their right mind would believe that Al-Qaeda & hallucinogenic drugs are why Libyan youth are protesting!
    But I would put it pass so-called Fox News running with it or especially the Tea Baggers & Beck!

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  32. [IMG]
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  33. Anon T0d Member

    this is worrying
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. PhAnonynom Member

    Great video, that's a lot of people! With their spirit, I think that they will get rid of Ka Daffy. I just hope there isn't too much bloodshed and hopefully no chemical weapons.

    The US gov't was so into getting rid of Saddam Husein but they seem to be dragging their feet on this one. Maybe those 44 billion barrels of oil have something to do with that?
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  36. PhAnonynom Member

    Cnn just showed a few moments ago that Rebels have taken over most of Libya. Some of his pilots landed in other countries because they refuse to follow his orders anymore. This is great but there are mercs walking the streets and there are people who can't even leave their homes. Its just a matter of time until this is over but still it would be nice to see some other nations at least condeming Ka Daffy's actions.
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  37. lulzgasm Member

    Ka Daffy's certainly insane enough....
    I thought the Yemeni guy would prove to be the most bloodthirsty. But I don't think even he holds a candle to Ka Daffy right now. Let's hope that what's going on in Libya doesn't give the remaining dictators any stupider ideas.
  38. Rockyj Member

    Hard to believe @ this point but we'll see.

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