Life Force Arts & Technology Academy management BLASTED by parents & staff

Discussion in 'Media' started by another123, Mar 24, 2012.

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    That's a sort of conversation one would expect from a crackhead.
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  2. thats what im saying, i got the pics of her people hauling off the copper wire, and i am positive whatever comes up 90%lifeforce teachers and staff will testify against her..... there has to be something, i say dust the school for fingerprints or the school board should be able to force her for fingerprints, but since she resigned she ran back to cali to hide but by the time io get through with her, she is going to wish she would have hidden in her nation of islam because i am doing whatever possible to bring her to justice and if it doesnt work i will hake sure her name is known... yesa i do have the resorces to do it but without anyone to help, its hard to do this on my own. we got the lawyers involved but its almost like they dont even want to do anything about her, where is the justice? see, they send a little guy to jail for having a joint in his possession for 6 months but they are going to let this woman walk after she has screwed 100 kids out of thier education for a year?yeah, i lopve the american justice system.
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  3. 1. "neighboring" hotel fenway is not a "neighboring" hotel, the school building is ON the same property.
    2. cant really go by the landlord even though he works for the times, he has also done work for the scientologists so it is confusing there....i know for a fact he never consented to her taking the scrap metal because when the police showed up when that incident happened, i was on the phone with george myself, and when I noticed at first when things were coming up missing i called him and he told me to always call the police if i see anyone take anything out of those buildings.
    As far as Lenore Johnson the principal of the school who told the cop she had autorization to take the copper.... she really had no clue what was going on, hanan was calling the shots. And as hard as it is for me to say it, i believe lenorereally didnot know, she was only following orders.
    With that said, i have pics of the two trucks tag numbers but it was not hanan who was in the trucks, only volenteers who thought they were doing the right thing. now if i can get them to testify it was hanan who autorized them to take the copper and sprinkler system that would be good but everyone who is paying attention to this thread knows that people are scared of scientologists so testifying may not come so easy.
    i am just wondering even if we cant get her into prison, how can we stop this from happening again?
    and another thing i would like to point out, which really i think the school board should be somewhat held accountable for all this too, because HANAN AND MOST OF THE OTHER STAFF WAS NEVER FINGERPRINTED!!!!!!~ I know for anybody to even volunteer at a school or work there, even as a janitor they have to have their fingerprints ran and come back clear before they are allowed to interact with the children.... yeah the shit just got really thick....
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  4. whitesand Member

    You say Rahdert has done work for the Scientologists. Maybe he doesn't want to press charges then, doesn't want to bite the hand who feeds him. He is losing the Fenway in foreclosure now. There was an Apr. 5 SPT article that indicated he was frustrated the auction has been delayed by the bank, that he wants closure from this situation. It sounds to me like he isn't interested in prosecuting.

    The school board should do a forensic accounting of the books, and investigate whoever let the staff not be fingerprinted.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    they Haven't filed the required Monthly Reports to the school board.. since November 2011

    financial rape thats happened Is still Happening . with Vikki Williams and Louis Muhammad Left behind

    they are looking to scam more public funds and grants, see link

    thats fake assed Reverend Alfreddie Johnson center WLC with Louis Muhammad.
    Hanan works for Alfreddie and has been his lackey for decades...
    Art of Management and the World Literacy Crusade are Alfrauddies scams.
    Alfrauddie got the lions share of the loot looted from this school

    where ever Alfrauddie Is Involved Hanan Is not far behingd
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    When principal Lenor Johnson asked outgoing operations director Vikki Williams to show her the books, the passwords to the bank accounts and the Quickbooks accounting software had been changed. Williams couldn't explain or access the accounts.

    Part of the link says seminar in March 2012, the agenda lists the year as 2011. Some typo perhaps.
  7. anon walker Moderator

    And they say crime doesn't pay!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Hanan Islam has a history of brainwashing kids and scamming educational programs for money.
    Consider this account from Los Angeles County a few years ago:

    Government Report, on the "World Literacy Crusade"
    (for residents of "Second Chance," at the Advantage Living Home).

    In August 2005, representatives of the Sybil Brand Commission
    for Institutional Inspections (of Los Angeles County, California)
    reported on their findings, after an inspection of a program
    attended by residents of the Second Chance Group Home of Gardena.

    At that time, residents of the group home (children placed in
    foster care) were enrolled in a program called "The World Literacy
    Crusade" at a residence called the "Advantage Living Home"
    of Buena Park, California.

    Inspectors noted "serious" concerns with the program, stating:

    "One of the class brochures describes a drug and alcohol
    rehabilitation and detoxification program, but none of the
    resident children have these problems."

    "Not only was the program not drug/alcohol related,
    but that all the books, study materials and wall posters were
    pertaining to L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology"

    "Residents and staff do not want to attend these classes
    and don't feel that they are worthwhile"

    "Class instructors were rude to residents (and group home staff)"

    "There are no recess periods or breaks allowed during the
    3 hour classes; not even restroom breaks"

    "Travel time to class each day is about 3 1/2 hours round trip"

    "The luncheon meal served was substandard"

    The inspector's report detailed that the director, Eugenia Wilson,
    was evasive as to the cost that government agencies were billed
    for participants in that program. The inspectors then questioned
    Dr. Hanan Islam, who responded, saying "Medical pays for it."
    Upon repeated questioning, she (Islam) revealed it was $62 per day
    per student (plus two staff members who were also required to attend).

    "Ms. Montano and myself went to sit in on the classes. The staff
    was even rude to us, accusing us of talking to the students
    (when the inspectors were asking a question of the staff).
    Then the World Literacy Crusade told the staff from the Advantage
    Living Home that they were considered students and were not
    allowed to speak with us."

    "For two out of the four residents, they only had one other
    placement, a foster home. One came from only one other placement,
    a group home. All had court ordered therapy with their family
    members and it doesn't sound like they are having that need met.
    Instead, the textbook for the classes is L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology.

    The curriculum was terrible with role-playing, but sometimes a
    student was directed to scream loudly. One was holding arms out
    as if sleep walking. The boys hated the classes and said they didn't
    want to go. But they were forced to. I doubt the staff like it either.
    One just kept saying, "I can't wait to see what you think."

    The boys said they needed anger management training and
    weren't getting it from this class. The staff said they need more
    constructive activities like going to museums, educational venues,
    playing sports, etc. I told him he should call USC and UCLA to enroll
    the boys in their summer camps. They are reasonable. Ms. Montano
    asked if he had checked out the Boys and Girl's Club in East Los Angeles.

    Some of these boys have low grades in school. What they need is
    motivation, enthusiasm, meaningful activities, etc. This school will
    not serve any positive purpose. I wonder if anyone looked into
    the curriculum and observed, before they poured so much money
    into it. The director of the group home said she watched a video and
    made her decision that way. It is also very far from the group home.
    It took me one hour and 45 minutes to get there, with terrible traffic.
    The staff was very rude to me as well. As stated, it is the Scientology
    program but run by muslims apparently. These boys shouldn't be
    brainwashed in such a way. It doesn't seem fair.

    I wanted to make one other observation. One boy was asked what
    the word "trouble" meant. He gave an excellent definition. But he was
    coaxed and coaxed and told he was incorrect until he gave the one
    word answer they wanted ("enturbulation"?). The L. Ron Hubbard
    textbook looked like it was more for elementary school students
    than high school students."

    Program Notes:
    This program for 6 persons, at $62 per day, billed $372 per day
    (for 3 hours of Scientology instruction), paid for by state taxpayers.
    Medi-Cal Fraud Hotline: phone 800-722-0432 and 800-822-6222

    Living Advantage
    "Providing housing and treatment for foster-care youth"
    Advantage Living Home
    7961 Poinsettia Drive, Buena Park CA 90602
    Board of Directors:
    Eugenia Wilson, Dr. Paulette Gorsuch, Barbara Lindsey, Curtis B. Harrison
    Executive Director:
    Pamela Clay, 7095 W. Hollywood Blvd. #726, Hollywood, CA 90028
    Above address is at Mailboxes Etc., down the street from Scientology offices.
    Phone 323-731-6471
    The program was founded by the late Bernice W. Clay, a Special Ed teacher at
    Los Angeles Unified School District.
    It is tied to TET: "Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Today"

    Second Chance Group Home
    15706 Wellfleet Avenue, Carson CA 90746
    Phone 310-632-2920

    World Literacy Crusade
    Executive Director: Dr. Hanan Islam
    (A Scientology "Supertheta" member)
    Website describes and exclusive use of L. Ron Hubbard programs,
    including "word clearing" "study tech" and "Narconon"

    Dr. Islam is also President of World Literacy International
    3209 N. Alameda #B, Compton, CA 90222
    Phone: 310-537-2273
    She ran the "Quality for Life" program in Los Angeles County,
    an afterschool program for 62 students in 2002
    at Samuel L. Gompers Middle School in Los Angeles County
    (funded through the LA County Department of Public Social Services).

    Los Angeles County Fraud Hotline: phone 800-349-9970
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  9. heatberd Member

    There is still the bankruptcy to deal with. Hearing was supposed to be this month according to TBT. Hanan could end up in prison if fraud is discovered by the judge.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Hanan H Islam 52


    Daaiyah K Islam, 31

    Also seen as: Daaiyah Islan

    Nimat Islam, 35

    Abdul Akbar Islam 36

    Andreana C Islam. 34

    Also seen as: Andreana C Romero

    Z Islam. 30

    Also seen as: Zakiyah Iman Islam Vakiyah I Islam Zakyyah I Islam
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Hanan Islam is shy about having her fingerprints on record?

    I wonder how many different names will pop out of the system if law enforcement did a search on her prints?
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  13. BigBeard Member

    I wonder how many arrest warrants will pop out of the system?

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  14. I hope you dont mind but i want to copy and send this what you said to lenore johnson, they really need all the help they can get
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  15. Anonymous Member

    shut these scum bag vultures down
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  16. see? thats what i am saying.... why would someone not want to have thier fingerprints taken if they dont have something to hide???? i am willing to bet if they get her fingerprints, they will link her to something(s) and she will go away...
  17. thats what i am trying to do and it looks like i am getting a lot of help here too :)
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  18. i knew i came to the right place to dig the dirt.... thank you every one of yous that is helping out. i am so glad to see that there are other people following what is going on, now i know there is a possibility of breaking her and mohommad...
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  19. RightOn Member

    be sure to be very careful.
    you are not only dealing with COS , but you are also dealing with the NOI
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    That'd be great, but any previous convictions would be good as well.

    With the stone-stupid stuff Alfraudie and Hanan have done, it's hard to believe that they didn't get tagged early in their careers as criminal master-minds. It wouldn't surprise me if there's some problems hiding behind a name-change or seven, as well as a whole lot of location changes.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, listen. Weird things may happen if you choose to be a whistleblower. Always, ALWAYS be prepared. Anything weird, let us know. Some of us are old hands at dealing with Scientology harassment.

    And another thing. Read the following and learn it. This is important stuff. The types of harassment are often stupid, but don't give them any cracks to work on.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    The father of Hanan's children is 61 year old Yahya Mahir Islam (yahya means "the prophet")
  23. i understand, hence the reason i have kept quiet for so long.

    BUT... i am really not looking for a fight with COS and NOI believe me. It is only that i have seen first hand what this scam has done. my daughter, after going to lifeforce for 3 months was so far behind when i took her out and put her in another school, they were talking about failing her. my daughter has been almost a straight A student up until that point.

    ALL i am looking for is to stop this kind of thing from happening again. It wasnt just the kids but the staff that got screwed. I see this has happened before with the same people. it has happened before mopre than once and why do they allow it to still go on??? i guess they paid off the fuzz to keep them quiet too :(
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  24. Anonymous Member

    theres a treasure trove of dirty deeds done dirt cheap on the pair here

    playing a doctor, might be something that can. put her in hot oil, in Florida.

    she portrays herself as a doctor,
    the cult promotes her in their PR as a doctor.

    using false fake titles and having children employees and peers call you Doctor when you aren't one.
    thats just deceitful as hell

    Shes lucky a child didn't get hurt on the school premises and turn to the FAKE doctor for help.

    the fact that she used that pony $2 title should be raised at every opportunity.

    at some point shes going to have to prove that fake claim
    andi all likely hood She can't.

    same goes with the Fraudulent street hustler Alfreddie Johnson and His Phony PHd
  25. Anonymous Member

    Rizza Islam, 21, is also Hanan's son and runs the WLC with mommy.

    Here's info from the thread above:

    On Hanans LinkedIn page she has this listed first..its actually not associated with the WLC!

    Listed as an Agent U 1ft Financial (after some checking its actually United First Financial) (it is the same program Hanan offers in her description) Financial Services industry August 2007 – Present (3 years 9 months) Fiancial software to assist clients to pay their homes and other debt off in 1/2 to 1/3 the normal time without changing their current life style or any additional funds out of pocket.

    on a quick google search you'll find out its seen as a scam or a pyramid scam on almost half of the links on the first page (bad audio) I quickly saw 20+videos about United First Financial on a video search

    why am I not surprised?


    Anonymous, Apr 3, 2011
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Hanan Islam (Eaton) maiden name
  27. anon walker Moderator

    Unfortunately, you are in one. A lot of people came to battle Scientology-spawned fraud from peripherals like this school, or a drug rehab, or a literacy campaign, or...well, Scientology has busy little tentacles everywhere. Take on the school, you are also taking on this pack of con artists.

    It will happen again. These fraudsters like Alfrauddy Johnson and Islam are already sniffing around Compton, sending out fliers and sniffing for interest in a charter school in LA.

    Do you know that the "Rev." Alfreddy Johnson preyed on his own people by selling them bogus chits for rental units? Why is this man not in prison?
    He's black enough. </snarky cultural observation>

    Seriously, what is it that allows these predators to jump from scam to scam with impunity?
    I bet this is something you'd like to know as well.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    From the free area of, Hanan Islam from Compton, CA, also with 3 of the same listed relatives from an above post, has used the following aliases: Hanan H. Islam, Hannan Islam, Hamam Islam, Haman Islam, Han Islen.
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  30. amaX Member

    i'm not sure how much the cult of scientology or NOI will help hanan islam with the mess she's in this time.

    if all of you disgruntled lifeforce parents want to protest against hanan islam in downtown clearwater you are more than welcome to join us for our April protest. here's the link to the protest planning thread:

    we don't have any lifeforce signs so you'd have to make signs for that subject.

    good luck to all you parents and i hope wwp can help you all get the info you need to go after the crooks who ruined your school.
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  31. DeathHamster Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Anthony Willoughby was the city of Lynwood CA Attorney.

    there was a Recall Election to Remove a corrupt wart named Alfrauddie Johnson from office
    Handjob was his chief of Dummies and Lacky campaign Manager

    Alfrauddie cooked up a shady political business development deal with NOI Minister Tony Muhammad and others
    and IT along with long list of several other shady political deals got him in hot water with the fine citizens of Lynwood.

    Handjob being a dutiful toadie to Alfrauddie set up a phony coalition CCLA to fight the recall vote.

    Anthony Willoughby was targeted by Hanan-it wasn't Lynwood Residents who were up in arms, It was manufactured by Hanan and a few of her friends

    it was Hanan that created the stink to Attack the city Attorney because of the Recall vote.
    the CCLA was created to pull Alfrauddies butt out of the fire

    there were threats made to journalists to remove unfavorable articles.about Alfrauddie

    pickets and name calling and all kinds of Scientology flavored dirty tricks mixed with bad politics were all part of it.

    the fair game and threats got so bad The State of California eventually Had to step in and Enforce the recall election
    the vote was held and Alfrauddie got kicked to the curb by a 70%+ margin

    the Business deal was tied to a failed project a massive sports complex "Angeles field", and the "Inglewood Promenade" Alfrauddie and Tony Muhammad were looking to get rich .and were up to their necks in crooked dealings.

    to top it off Alfrauddie was never a Legal resident of Lynwood to begin with
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  33. Anonymous Member

    for lurkers, ^^ 'Handjob' = Hanan Islam
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  34. They are people of color trying to improve the human race!
  35. Anonymous Member

    its actually Trio of crooked Clams

    Alfreddie Johnson
    Hanan Islam
    Fred Shaw Jr

    want to see a real eye opener

    first google
    Compton NAACP Fred Shaw

    then try
    Compton NAACP Alfreddie Johnson

    and don't forget
    Compton NAACP Hanan Islam

    the Trio used the ruse of a Compton Branch of the NAACP to Promote Scientology
    they even gave Heber Jentsch a phony award with the cults help

    the trio ran the NAACP scam out of Alfreddies Compton WLC orifaces (offices)

    they used the name of the NAACP to promote the CCHR and Scientology

    they Used the phony NAACP ruse to try and keep Alfrauddies Corrupt Butt in Politics

    and they got lots of help from the cult of Scientology in the PR department.

    there isn't really isn't a Compton Branch

    what you will find Is self generated by this tri0 of crooks

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Wow i wish i knew all this stuff before these people had my kids connected in their scam.... but what i dont get is that these 'tards get busted for all these scams but nobody serves any time for it? especially the rent vouchers, these are all federal offenses, am i right? why do i have a slight criminal record because i liked to party a little when i was younger and these people are pulling this shit and they get busted and they are still walking free? where is the justice system? if they did this shit in europe they would get hung, you know????
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  38. Anonymous Member

    AFAIK, there is no Justice System. Where we would expect to find one is found a legal system. Life isn't fair.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    both Hanan and Alfreddie create fake front groups. tons of em
    an example would be Hanan's National Endowment Center Inc in 2006 with her daughter
    it was registered in the State of California
    who really knows what some of these were. cruising for Government grants. perhaps that Is her MO
    theres 20 more like that registered with the state. they often disappear as fast as they appear without filing any 990 Tax returns.
    what ever it was you can bet She uses the Doctor angle. and was working someone for money.

    the pair Alfreddie and Hanan did snag Medical grants they still receive them for their phony Scientology detox several thousand of dollars a year .

    they don't treat many in their little Compton office. the people involved aren't even legally accredited to run a drug rehab program

    its just a sauna and a tread mill in a tiny back room and they hand out vitamins and a quick audit on a e-meter

    Hanan runs all kinds of quacking Medical services out of that dump in Compton.
    she was just as guilty as Alfreddie selling those counterfeit vouchers..

    Fred Shaw JR was a EX LASD and he worked out of that office..Hes a big reason they stayed out of trouble for the counterfeit vouchers

    Fred Shaw Knows cult toadie Sheriff Lee Baca very well he worked with him.

    Fred was also a slimy Politician and has connections

    and the trio ran NAACP from the same dump

    having those connections has allowed them to operate with impunity

    Alfreddies and Fred Jr play Reverend angle calling it the True Faith Christian Ministries.

    where there was never a church
    or hold services
    or have parishioners
    they have got away with that ruse over 2o years

    who would prosecute a holy man of god.

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  40. Anonymous Member

    who would prosecute a holy man of god
    with celebrity friends like Isaac Hayes ,Doug E Fresh,and Tony Muhammad
    a Doctor, be it a fake one..
    and a Well connected Ex County Sheriff
    who are all involved with the NAACP

    its a scam they have all 3 have worked hard on and perfected over many years

    WLC offices has trained several members of the Nation of Islam on Dianetics for the past 6 years..
    most from NOI Minister Tony Muhammad mosque.
    thats really what happens there.

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