Lindsey Theater Lectures

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by OhSah, May 27, 2011.

  1. OhSah Member


    These are the "Lindsey Theater" lectures or the "London Fall Lectures" of 1955. A lot of you guys have been asking for these and I finally did get them for you. I think I'm missing two - I bought them from Craigslist and they came in a make-shift CD jacket, not the ones you normally buy from the Church so go figure. Anyways, here's more stuff for Carsondude to jack off to.

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  2. rureal Member

    How many times do scientologist buy the same lectures in different sets. So far these lectures were in the Personal Achievement Series, The Classic lectures and now here. DM is sure shearing his flock. Baaaad Flock
  3. OhSah Member

    There's actually a reason for this. When Hubbard would give lectures, often times he gave them no names unless they were something like a congress, an acc or he just felt like it. Generally SETS of lectures were named after the places they were given e.g: London Evening Lectures, London Spring Lectures, etc etc. Initially, these "tapes sets" as you know them didn't exist talks were sold on a lecture-by-lecture basis or special orders were put in to sell a person an entire day/week/months set of courses like for example "Washington Staff Talks on Organization". Sometimes they were named after the topic they covered if it was broad enough like "Self Determinism". As the years went on and his lectures got onto cassette tape they realized some were missing or entire days/weeks were missing and so to keep making money they'd sell just one or two or a few individual talks and as the years progressed and they found the other ones, they'd plug them into sets to fill the gaps.

    Things like "The Western Congress" have been missing for years although I had copies of reels someone recorded from the audience, most people and indeed the Church didn't either and so until they found someone willing to give their copies up "For Science" they had none to sell.

    I hope that makes sense.
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  4. ocean12 Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Horrible use of display Fonts on that packaging.
  6. Anonymous Member

    but the buttifull cover
  7. rureal Member

    Yes I agree the Cover is outstanding.
  8. ScnTO Member

    The lectures that should be included are : “The Goals of Dianetics and Scientology,” “Power of Choice and Self-determinism,” “How Good You Can Get” and “The Dynamics.”
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  9. OhSah Member

    Cool, you're being useful for a change I like this. Keep it up.
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