Lisa Marie's New Song... Is she out? Ohh, the lyrics...

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by sallysock, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Spinner article:

    Lisa Marie Presley Weathers 'Storm' of Bullying Critics, With Help From T. Bone Burnett and Pulp's Richard Hawley

    Selection below:

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    Originally Posted by fed up viewpost-right.png Greetings, all!

    I've been listening to the previews available on iTunes of Lisa Marie's album for some clues. Some songs definitely strike out as possibly anti-Scientology, especially these two:

    A portion of the song "So Long" contains:

    These roads they don't lead to anything
    These people they talk, they say nothing
    Heartfelt people with no heart
    I'll find a new crowd, make a new start
    farewell those friends
    I can't say I miss you in the end

    And on "Storm of Nails":

    If only I were a fool now
    Dig a hole and I'd lie
    couldn't I
    And on the forecast for the day
    A storm of nails headed your way
    and it's gonna rain

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    ABC Announces May Sweeps Programming

    Album drops May 15.
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    Lisa Marie and the Cult jam?
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  6. failboat Member

    The 1st verse of the song is probably most telling. I'm no literary scholar and she's no Shakespeare. The lyrics read pretty unequivocally of apostasy.
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    I suspect the chances will be slim to zero, as most likely she'll have made it clear ahead of time that they're off limits. The lyrics do seem to speak for themselves however and as she says (in chorus) "say nothing at all if you've nothing nice to say".

    A shame that she's not scheduled with Greta. I'd pay to see that. Awkward!
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    Not convinced yet, she could be talking about other religions.
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    Lisa-Marie is flirting
    to see who gets most bent out of shape
    I still don't know who she's planning to go home with (or if she even knows yet)
  11. Lisa Marie Presley's early attempts at breaking into the family business were overshadowed by the family legacy -she is, after all, the only child of Elvis, ex-wife of both Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage,and survivor of a chemically enhanced childhood. But after taking some seven years out of the limelight to find her footing, Presley returns this week with the excellent T Bone Burnett-produced album "Storm and Grace," a vintage-sounding set of songs that gives her rich, bluesy voice the showcase it deserves. The first single, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," is out now. She talked to us at a playground near her home in Los Angeles.

    Q: Why did it take you seven years to do your third album?

    A: I was exorcising demons. Shedding skin. I went through a lot of things. I got rid of everything I ever knew - people, things, labels. I just went through a whole whitewash and then I woke up and went through a processing period, moved......
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    Removing body thetans?
    Purif Rundown?
    Clearing engrams?
    Mocking up MJ's skin bleaching and surgery?
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    It's enough to convince me she is out.
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    If she's not publicly clearly stating the truth about the cult she's just pissing about to get attention from all sides.
  15. RolandRB Member

    It would cause her mother to Disconnect from her if she did and I am sure she would not want that.
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  17. Either she is out or her songwriter will be fairgamed to hell.
  18. RightOn Member

    celebs are treared much differently. They would never ask Priscilla to disconnect.
    The last thing they need to do now,
    is to lose another cash cow.

    Maybe she can use that line in her next song! lol!!

    Seriously , I hope her Mum follows.
    I am glad that Lisa sounds mad. I hope she goes full tilt out with a big ass public resignation.
    Finally after her ridiculous "marriage" to MJ, even tho it was just a PR stunt, and then getting head into COS, her Daddy can smile once again.
    The list is waitng for you Lisa!

    I wonder about that center she opened through ABLE? Wonder what her part will be with it now?
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    Perhaps she could cover "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."
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    Lisa Marie Presley Removes All Mention of Scientology From Her Official Website
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    "a new direction"... hmm

    I sense a tell-all book in her future... :)
  24. failboat Member

    Bump, that's tomorrow - new music get released on Tuesdays, in America at least.

    Anyone participating in rAIDS this weekend, can I suggest a new album for your playlists?
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  25. The chr link are still on her wwwpage
  26. Anonymous Member

    Yup, on the philanthropy page, this will be found:
    Someone should alert Tony Ortega of this.
    Maybe she got a phone call from mom.
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    Whether Lisa Marie Presley is in or out is none of our business.
    She made it clear that now she wants nothing to do with being fed up with bullshit.
    With that she made a point of now being herself as she is.

    Whether she is still supporting Scientology in some form or not, is NOT our business.

    She grew up. She grew up to being what she REALLY is. - It's worthwhile. Believe me.

    Pls, give her a break!
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    Check out a snippet of So Long (above) from her newest album, which drops on May 15th, and read the lyrics she wrote to say "farewell" to the churches that "don't have a soul" … AFTER THE JUMP!
    So Long
    This here is a city without lights
    Those are all the people without eyes
    Churches, they don't have a soul
    Soup for sale without a bowl
    Religion so corrupt and running lives
    Farewell, fair weathered friends
    I can't say I'll miss you in the end
    So long, seems that I was so wrong
    Seems I wasn't that strong
    Dead wrong, and now I'm long gone
    Wrong side, I've been sleeping on the wrong side
    Stains all over my soul I can't hide
    Nothing's more clear than goodbye
    These roads they don't lead to anything
    These people they talk, they say nothing
    Actors who don't have a part
    Heartfelt people with no heart
    I'll find a new crowd
    Make a new start
    Farewell, fair weathered friends
    I can't say I'll miss you in the end
    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, say nothing at all if you've nothing nice to say
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    If all she does is leave quietly, write some semi-cryptic lyrics and otherwise live a life beyond Scientology, I'm fine with that. Her example will still be noted by some who're still in.

    However, if Scientology does that thing it invariably does and attempts to silence her and she ends up on Piers Morgan explaining just wtf Scientology did to her over the years to make her write lyrics like that, well, I'm pretty much fine with that too.....
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  35. Right on!!!
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    Srs bzns
  37. Anonymous Member

    The publicity is helping her album sales and inviting people to read about the crimes of the cult.

    This is our business.
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