Lisa McPherson's death: Scientology’s grimmest scandal, by Tony Ortega

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    Countdown to Room 174: Remembering, in real time, Scientology’s grimmest scandal

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 12, 2015


    Right around this day twenty years ago, Dallas resident Fannie McPherson, who was then 70 years old, had her last telephone conversation with her 36-year-old daughter Lisa.

    Two years earlier, Lisa had moved from Dallas to Clearwater, Florida when the company she worked for, AMC Publishing, moved there with all of its employees. AMC catered to the insurance industry and was a WISE company — owned by Scientologists and run on Scientology principles — and the move brought the company to Scientology’s spiritual “mecca” on Florida’s Gulf Cost. Lisa had been a Scientologist since 1982 and had done very well with AMC, making $136,000 in 1993. But after the move to Florida, she began to struggle, not only at her job, but also in her attempts to move up Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

    By the middle of 1995 Lisa was so frustrated she began telling friends that she was through with Scientology. But then she gamely made another attempt to make progress on her case. As the holidays neared, she again talked to a friend in a way that made it sound like she was leaving Scientology. She said she was planning to be back in Dallas in time for Thanksgiving.

    And then, around November 12, she called her mother, sounding distraught. Through tears, Lisa told her mother that she had been having difficulty making sales.

    “Mother, I’ve let my group down,” she said.

    That was the last time Fannie heard from her daughter, who died three weeks later, on December 5.

    The strange circumstances of the death of Lisa McPherson became one of the biggest nightmares for Scientology in the organization’s history, leading to years of criminal and civil litigation, and a new level of public scrutiny that has never really subsided.

    Through December 5, the 20th anniversary of Lisa’s death, we’re going to be remembering the many interesting and distressing parts of her story with the help of Jeff Jacobsen and his excellent website on Lisa, with Janet Reitman’s masterful account of Lisa’s life in her 2011 book Inside Scientology, and by talking with the people who knew Lisa and lived through the complex aftermath of her death.

    We hope, if you have memories of Lisa McPherson and Scientology’s reaction to her death, that you’ll drop us a line — particularly if you have never gone public with your information before.

    Tomorrow: When Lisa went Clear.

    Source, and open comments:
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  2. Random guy Member

    Hit 'em where it hurts, Tony!
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  3. RightOn Member

    Justice is coming Lisa...
    justice is comimg
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    Tweeted with my caption: [ More Horrors about Scientology]
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    Tom DeVocht: Watching David Miscavige watch Lisa McPherson and her faulty ‘needle’

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 15, 2015


    On Friday, we backed up a little in our countdown to the 20th anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death to look at the reasons why Scientology leader David Miscavige had been personally involved in her counseling. In the language of Scientology, Miscavige had “case supervised” or “C/Sed” her “auditing” as she went “Clear,” which was declared on September 7, 1995.

    Marc Headley, who was in Clearwater at the time and heard Miscavige talk about McPherson, explained to us that Miscavige had been at the “Flag Land Base” for several months, involving himself in individual cases as he looked for ways that the complex, the most profitable in all of Scientology, could speed people through and take in even more money.

    Yesterday, we talked to someone else who personally witnessed Miscavige “C/Sing” Lisa’s auditing. Tom DeVocht was a key figure for Scientology in Clearwater before he left the organization in 2005. He was then part of the epic Tampa Bay Times 2009 series, “The Truth Rundown,” that featured numerous former high-ranking Scientology executives revealing what it was like to work with Miscavige. And more recently, he was one of the most effective participants in Alex Gibney’s Emmy-winning documentary, Going Clear. DeVocht’s accounts are so interesting because of how close he worked with Miscavige, who favored DeVocht and socialized with him and their wives, Shelly Miscavige and Tom’s wife of the time, Jenny Linson.

    DeVocht was constantly around Miscavige, and that’s why he can describe in detail what it was like when Miscavige was C/Sing Lisa McPherson.
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    I am glad Tony is exposing more about Lisa and that DM let her go clear. That must make DM nuts.

    Wow! and I was saddened to see that Sarah Ehrlich had another child about a year ago or adopted?
    Does Tony not know who she is? Hello? "Help for Orphans"? scam

    Does he not know of that video of her in the Hamptons when she was fundraising or her Kisii Scientology school in Africa?

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    Our Scientology tech experts review Lisa McPherson’s grim cycle of guilt and self-blame

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 17, 2015

    Here's one of the comments:

    Narapoidan hour ago

    God, what a damned tragedy. Here is the Scilon machine forcing [on] this pair of shoes that doesn't fit Lisa, and she blames herself for not being the correct size.

    "Get into these 12-inch stilettos. Don't believe the wog sizes, you are really a size 7 and not a 10. They look great on you! You were strutting before, the blisters are just your being selfish, but you won't admit it. If you fully admit it, the pain and blisters will go away! And then you can sprint in them like Bennetta! Why are you making a big deal about it! Just make it go right!"

    By God, this woman tried. But, Scientology is a one-size-fits-all society, and the methods of fitment killed that poor soul.
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    ‘Babywatch,’ day one: Lisa McPherson raves out by Scientology’s holiest swimming pool

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 19, 2015

    After spending several hours at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida, Lisa McPherson arrived at the Fort Harrison Hotel late on a Saturday night, and already some questionable decisions were being made about her care.
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    Tragedy in slow motion.
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    Like the piece about the lack of media attention given to Reed Slatkin's demise.
    I wonder if the LA Times even gave him an obituary?
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  16. Don't know if they did.

    However, I did spend some quality time reading Reed Slatkin's testimony before the SEC here

    It's a long read, but loaded to the brim with sheer lulz. You can boggle at him quoting Elron to the Commission about his noble duty (to the folks he was scamming), or at his account of his close scientology buddy and financial mentor - a Mr Robert Duggan - but the whole rambing depo is simply amazing, knowing what came very shortly afterwards.

    There he was, a guy who bilked half a billion dollars from his beloved scilon brethren, thinking he could talk his way out of an SEC investigation with the odd schoolboy evasion and a few transparent lies that would inevitably bury him (legally, that is) with no more than a couple of phone calls.
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    Twenty years ago today: The final hours of Lisa McPherson’s Scientology life

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 5, 2015

    What Laura Arrunada, Lisa McPherson’s final caretaker, saw in Room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel in the last three days of Lisa’s life was so upsetting, Marty Rathbun made her reports disappear.


    ...because of the church’s millions, and because even the state of Florida was so intimidated by Scientology, the people responsible were never charged and never faced justice.

    On this December 5, twenty years after her death, we apologize to Lisa McPherson that she never got the care or the justice she deserved. She was owed better.

    Our series on the twentieth anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death:

    Nov. 12: Countdown to Room 174: Remembering, in real time, Scientology’s grimmest scandal
    Nov. 13: Why it was Scientology leader David Miscavige who declared Lisa McPherson ‘Clear’
    Nov. 15: Tom DeVocht: Watching David Miscavige watch Lisa McPherson and her faulty ‘needle’
    Nov. 16: Lisa McPherson in Orlando: What her hotel roommate witnessed, and the Slaughter rule
    Nov. 17: Our Scientology tech experts review Lisa McPherson’s grim cycle of guilt and self-blame
    Nov. 18: Lisa McPherson’s last opportunity for standard care ended 20 years ago today
    Nov. 19: ‘Babywatch,’ day one: Lisa McPherson raves out by Scientology’s holiest swimming pool
    Nov. 20: Day two
    Nov. 21: Day three
    Nov. 22: Day four
    Nov. 23: Day five
    Nov. 24: Day six
    Nov. 25: Lisa McPherson and the doctors: Hamstrung by the ‘spiritual’ needs of a thetan
    Nov. 26: Day eight
    Nov. 27: Day nine
    Nov. 28: Day ten
    Nov. 29: Day eleven
    Nov. 30: Day twelve
    Dec. 1: Day thirteen
    Dec. 2: Day fourteen
    Dec. 3: Day fifteen
    Dec. 4: How Scientology ‘caretakers’ could stand by and watch Lisa McPherson deteriorate
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  32. RightOn Member

    RIP Lisa
    Justice has been so slow but I believe it is on the upswing.
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    Postscript: How David Miscavige spun the death of Lisa McPherson

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 6, 2015

    We’re very glad to be done with our series about Lisa McPherson, who died 20 years ago yesterday. But after paying such close attention to Scientology’s grimmest of scandals, we thought we owed you a laugh today.

    So, as a postscript to what you’ve just been through, we’re posting something we know some of you have already seen, but is worth a look if you haven’t encountered it before. It’s David Miscavige, at the Maiden Voyage event in 2000, spinning the church’s victory after the criminal prosecution for Lisa’s death was dropped that year.

    This is some vintage Miscavige, but even more so than usual because he’s spinning these conspiracy theories in a speech rather than filtered through a Freedom magazine investigation or a Golden Era video with a voiceover actor.

    Someone has put some very entertaining titles on the videos, which were posted in 2008, when Chanology was new. We’re more interested in your observations, however, especially now that we’ve all had a chance to refresh our memories about what actually happened to Lisa McPherson.

    Continued here:
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  34. RightOn Member

    I haven't watched that COS vid in a long time.
    I have forgotten just how insane the lies and stories were. And to celebrate "a victory" over killing someone just....
    I can't even....
    and :mad:
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  35. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Here's a bit about how Lisa's story came to light:

    There was no obituary when Lisa died. Scientologists went to Lisa's family and persuaded her family to have her cremated, saying that was Lisa's wish. The church had worked hard to keep her death quiet, and told inquiring Scientologists that she died of some fast-acting disease.
    A Clearwater policeman who was the liaison for protesters planning to picket in Clearwater almost a year after Lisa's death told Jeff Jacobsen he might find a page on the police web site of interest. On that page, called homicide.html, was a request for the public to help in finding information about three deaths. One of these was Lisa McPherson. Jeff did not know this name, but knew her last address listed was the same address as Scientology's Ft. Harrison Hotel. Jeff forwarded this information to Cheryl Waldrip of the Tampa Tribune, along with information about the upcoming protest in Clearwater. Cheryl later told Jeff that she did not think the information about Lisa was important, except she thought it strange that there was no obituary.
    Jeff's inquiries did not find anyone who knew Lisa McPherson, and he essentially did not know where else to look. Cheryl, meanwhile, picked up the thread, contacting Lisa's family and other people. Her story published December 15, 1996, "Mystery surrounds Scientologist's death," brought this tragedy to light. Without this thin tenuous thread that moved the story forward, Lisa McPherson's plight might still be lost to history.
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  36. Heber Jentzsch (above), Mike Rinder and Attorney Elliot Abelson respond:
    This Scientology response: Sickening, despicable, unconscionable lies.

    Lisa Mcpherson's abusive death was caused directly by the strict and heavily monitored implementation of L. Ron Hubbard's insane Introspection Rundown requiring the unlawful bound imprisonment and total isolation of Scientology's subject for 17 days while her healthy body withered away and they simply observed, they literally watched her Die.

    Cult Leader David Miscavige's henchmen, Mike Rinder and Heber Jentzsch, as two of the highest ranking officials at the time in Scientology, went to the airwaves to lie and protect the criminal activities of founder L. Ron Hubbard's cult and the Introspection Rundown 'Tech' that killed Lisa. (imho)

    Scientology is operated as a tyrannical Godless theocracy fully controlled by the iron fist of 'Ecclesiastical' Leader David Miscavige to the detriment of any and all who become indoctrinated by Hubbard's bogus, medically dangerous 'Tech'. Miscavige and other upper level Scientologists condone the criminal abuses by this "Church' by claiming to be simply applying LRH policy.

    Godless theocracy is a contradiction in terms, substitute L. Ron Hubbard for God. (Scientology falsely claims to be a Religion) Scientology has set up its very own justice system and internment gulags per LRH policy.

    It's Hubbard's processing and brutally abusive policies within his phony 'Science' of the mind magically transformed into his very own fake 'Religion' that has condoned all of the fraud, deception, mind control, kidnapping (babysitting is the LRH term) and countless other crimes that continue to this very day.
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