List Brighton Scientologists.

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  1. Helios. Member

    List Brighton Scientologists.

    Here is a list of Brighton scientologists.

    ANY AND ALL extra info that you have on these sci's will be welcomed.

    Any personal info you have should be PMed to me and NOT on the forums.

    Brighton anon forums
    Brighton Anonymous Forums
    Name: Catriona Clark
    Info: Is the Executive director of Scientology Brighton. Wife of Tim Clarke, the Ethics Officer there. She has been in scientology for 20 years+ and is not Clear yet and has had very little auditing and course as she's been on staff almost the whole time. Has severe study problems and is the main person who lies to the scientology public to get them to pay money to the IAS and donate for the new scientology building in Brighton. Very tricky customer and don't be fooled by the smile. Originally a nurse.
    Tim & Catriona Clark - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    Nickname: 'Chicken sci'
    Likes: Chicken impressions and Tarzan.
    Dislikes: Facts.
    Hair/colour: Black
    Other: Speaks in a deep voice
    Warnings: Will try to take pictures of you, and will bait.
    Video:YouTube - Scientologist does chicken impression
    Photos: Look at those teeth.

    Name: Rosemary Dabbs
    Info: Has paid £1000's to Scientology, is a nurse and a bit loopy, even according to Scientologists working at the Org. She is about to be offloaded when her money runs out.
    Rosemary Dabbs - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    Nickname: Rosemary (Said in a high pitched voice)
    Likes: Handing out leaflets
    Dislikes: Facts.
    Hair/colour: White/Grey
    Other: Wears glasses, speaks in a high pitched voice, has a hunch back.
    WARNINGS: Uses Stealth camo, will make a lot of noise to appear vulnerable and will also try to intellectually check mate you by hiding around corners.
    Estimated locations: Brighton Org, leafleting at the corner of the bag shop to the left of Brighton Org. Will also leaflet at the bus stops near the mobile phone shops (near Marks and Spencers).
    Video: YouTube - Meet Rosemary. A Scientologist.

    Here you can see Rosemary, and 'Chicken sci'.

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: 'Wide eyed sci'
    Likes: Jive Aces, bullbaiting, taking photos of anonymous and videotaping anonymous.
    Dislikes: Facts. Pretty much everything that isn't wide eyed.
    Hair/colour: Dark brown.
    Other: Sometimes wears a hat, walks very fast.
    WARNINGS: Uses stealth camo, has a videocamera and has been known to take pictures, is the most aggressive and experienced bullbaiter at Brighton Org.
    Estimated locations: Brighton Org POSSIBLY THE RECEPTIONIST. Has been seen around/near H+M.
    Photos: Here you can see Wide eyed sci on the left.

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: Rainbow/Fail lady.
    Likes: Jive Aces, dancing, and pretending to be apart of crowds, handing out sci fliers. And failing.
    Dislikes: Facts.
    Hair/colour: Blonde
    Other: Walks fast
    WARNINGS: This scientologist remains a mystery. For now.
    Photos: Here she can be found on the right.

    Possible info
    Name: Massimo Angus
    Nickname: Teabag Man
    Info: He is both a director (wtf? he's not even clear)
    and a secretary (moar likley)
    He also lives at Walsh Manor.
    Likes: Hanging outside Brighton Org. Just standing there, occasionally moving. Scientology.
    Dislikes: Anonymous, people speaking out against L. Con. Hubbard.
    Hair/colour: Curly/Grey
    Other: Is Italian, is open for discussion with anonymous. Is ignorant of the crimes of the cult and needs educating. Can be saved.
    WARNINGS: Stares at anonymous, sometimes wears stealth camo, but rarely moves, takes photos.
    Photos: Having a friendly chat.
    Teabag Man likes to watch.

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: SP Girls 1 and 2
    Info: I don't know who the 2 girls are in photo 6 but I know they are children of scientologists for sure because i've seen them around. Again, they only act the way they do because the church has indoctrinated them so heavily since birth. People like them are routinely recruited for the Sea Org.
    Likes: Shopping? Scientology, ripping up anonymous' leaflets.
    Dislikes: SP's/Anonymous.
    Hair colours: Light and dark brown.
    Other: Possible child of staffer. SPECIAL ATTN must be paid to her. It would be epic victory if we could rescue her. Have been snet out to handle SP's.
    Estimated locations: Brighton Org, around Brighton Org area.
    WARNINGS: May turn bitchy in the presence of Anonymous, potentially hostile.
    Photos: The two of them together after turning down a free hug.

    Name: (clipboard guy) Keith Briffett
    Info: A scientology public turned staff - he was the LRH comm last I heard but maybe a different post now or maybe just a public. Notoriously PTS. Has paid lots of money to them over the years and has been around for a good 15 years, maybe more. May fold under questioning. Not a very strong character and has to be kept in line by the church. His wife is quite anti.
    Keith Briffett - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    Photo: Seen on the right of a scientologist, holding a clipboard.

    (From left to right)
    Name: Jez Mcarthur
    Info: Been around 15+ years. Was staff, married to a Chinese scientologist and entirely brainwashed, but I think if he knew the facts could be rescued. He dosen't like some of their practices.
    Jez Mcarthur - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    (center, right of e-meter)
    Name: Maddy Pettitt
    Info: Long time member and also runs Hove Mission and long time Hove mission staff member and OT3. Easily disturbed by contact from ex-scientologists, particularly Brighton ones.
    Maddy Pettitt - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Name: Andy Kemp
    Info: Ex-staff, married to Merry Kemp, a full time staff member there who is a course supervisor and may now be on another post. He has been around for almost 20 years that I know of and has put up with a ton of s+++ from the CoS. He's a good guy but under their thumb because they lie all the time to keep it that way.
    Maddy Pettitt - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    ^ These guise are regularly seen at Brighton Org:

    Name: Tony Hollom
    Info: is OT8 and the ONLY member of Brighton Org to go OT8 ever. He lives in East Grinstead. Been around 20 years plus and has a long history at Brighton Org. On and off staff.
    Tony Hollom - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Name: Tim Clarke
    Info: he's listed with his wife here:
    Tim & Catriona Clark - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    They split up a few years ago and though they didn't divorce she had an affair with Jesus Garcia who had just come back from training at Flag and went to a hell of a lot of trouble to get trained so he could be on staff there as you can see:
    Jesus Garcia - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project


    Nickname: Dr. Evil

    (Far right)
    Name: Alan Stone
    Info: Long time member of Brighton Or, although he doen't live in Brighton. He has a history....most shagging any nice looking totty that passes through but he's been on staff for a while and has seen it all as far as critics go. Been messed about a lot by them and lives with an Iranian girl who's on staff called Arwa who claimed political asylum here a few years ago, got recruited on the street and joined staff. Now they put upon her quite a bit to do all the extra jobs that need doing and she is TOTALLY brainwashed.
    Alan Stone - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: Silent glasses sci
    Info: Need more
    Likes: scientology, walking, wearing glasses.
    Dislikes: truth.
    Hair/colour: Black
    Other: Wears glasses.
    WARNINGS: Walks fast. Won't speak.
    YouTube - Shy Scientologist.

    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: Tripod sci/bucket sci
    Info: Need more
    Likes: Tripods, swinging tripods at protestors.
    Dislikes: Anonymous, chalk, the truth.
    Hair/colour: Grey
    WARNINGS: Cleans up chalk, looks angry, potentially hostile.
    Video: YouTube - Angry scientologist with tripod.
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  2. SweatyJon Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Shit I'd deprogramme the one on the left.
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  3. Moralfag Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.


    She needs to be enturbulated hard.
  4. Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

  5. vegnej Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Hey if this is the Brighton org then i think you have a have a harder job in the "first to close an org" game. I think we at Sunderland have a better chance 1 full timer and 4 part timers LOL
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  6. Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Wow! Impressive! That's all that can be said.
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  7. DamOTclese Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Got to wonder how much money some of these stupid morons have given the crime syndicate over the years. What suckers. What rubes. When the crime syndicate can no longer get any money or work out of these suckers, they'll be dumped out on to the street with no place to live or go to for help.
  8. Enturbonegro Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    I'd grab those cans.
  9. chickpea Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Since the young girls pictured can only afford to shop at Primark, I'd guess they have little money to give, so it looks like a staff contract or SO for those girls soon. Unfortunately they'll be less pretty after a few years of no sleep, crap food and working their arses off all day. And they could be out enjoying the delights of Brighton and making a living in a normal job. What a waste of a life :sad:
  10. SweatyJon Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    A girl I know lives next door to a family of Scientologists just north of Brighton, apparently they used to live in a big seven bedroom place in the country, now the husband is OT6 and they live in a tiny council house.

    Still, at least they've saving the world, I guess. :frustration:
  11. anonBright Member

  12. vegnej Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    The other difficulty in closing the Brighton org is that its only a short drive from there to Saint Hill. Am sure the scifags are sending their slaves to shore it up in times of need !!
  13. pooks Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    Nice work.
  14. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: List Brighton Scientologists.

    the voice of scilon #1 is scary. such an deep voice is only to be reached with OT superpowers.
  15. CarltonBANKS Member

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  16. CarltonBANKS Member


    Mandeep Birdy?
  17. timthephoto Member

    i wonder how many of the idiOTs above have blown with the onslaught of truth?
  18. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ This!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^
  19. CarltonBANKS Member

    all the YouTube videos have been removed by user. put them bag up, fgt!
  20. RolandRB Member

    I like the one in the light blue top. The rest of them are throwbacks and deservedly Scientologists.
  21. SeenTheLight Member

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  22. The soon-to-be-failed actress because she always makes sure people she works with know she's a Scientologist. Actually I haven't seen her take Hollywood or the West End by storm lately since her initial day release from Scientology so she could be in those 2 awful plays she was in, one written by an amateur.
  23. 14:
    Name: Unknown
    Nickname: Tripod sci/bucket sci

    is John Woodhouse, recently went onto OT VII. That means he'll be on that for 10 - 15 years. Meaning a trip to Flag every 6 months at the cost of between £5,000 - £15,000 per trip.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Anyone have information on which of the above scientologsts are still in the cult?
  25. CarltonBANKS Member

    Actually, Shannon Tarbet has been rated as extremely talented. She's doing very well, so credit where credit is due
  26. RolandRB Member

    They can postulate themselves a palace.
  27. Anonymous Member

    And then live happily ever after!
  28. RightOn Member

    crap! I thought this was a new thread of the people who left COS
    names will be coming soon enough
    they have been coming on a daily basis! Woohoo!
  29. And what did I get from this thread?

    I can't believe there's a woman with the name man deep.

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