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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Storm39, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Storm39 Member

  2. Do not DDoS or LOIC sites hosted inside Iran. There's only one gateway, you'll crash the protesters' internet too. Instead, Slowloris (Slowloris HTTP DoS) those. Slowloris must remain pointed at the target website to keep it down; if you change targets, the site comes back up.

    Site #1 (appears down; as of now, this is the website hosting the images of protesters, so if this is down, other sites that link to those images are useless. Those images may get rehosted sometime soon.)

    Site #2 down, definitely not hosted in the States anymore, still hosted in Iran, but I get a 404 error.

    Site #3
    ???? ???? (according to Project Greenwave - /i/nsurgency w/i/ki it targets protesters - i have not verified and cannot read Farsi, can someone please verify? site is still up)
  3. Site 3 doesnt seem to be all propaganda...somewhat of a neutral stance on most shit...then again, google translation is quite shit, can we get a farsi translator on this please?
  4. RE: #3 - Try THIS
    ( Google translated )
  5. Thank you for not reading the post above yours. We are the same since google translation is SHIT
  6. samefag here. proof of mah point:

    n my opinion this issue is that Mr. Ahmadinejad and the extremism with extremism in the international arena and lectures and Khvdnmayanh Hyjanalvd, phase distortion or Mkhdvshtr Bhshdt Iranians respect and dignity of the Iranian nation will strongly Lkhdar. مساله این نیست که دولت نهم با بیتوجهی به هشدارها و توصیههای کارشناسان، خودمحوری و تصمیمات مطلقاً غلط اقتصادی، درآمدهای بیسابقه کشور و فرصت استثنایی نفت 140 دلاری برای پرواز به سمت توسعه را برباد داد. This problem is not with the ninth government Neglect Privacy and recommendations to experts, Khvdmhvry and absolutely wrong economic decisions, unprecedented revenues of U.S. $ 140 Oil and exceptional opportunity to fly towards the development will evaporate.
  7. You are very welcome as it took a full two minutes to load google translate, load your page, and have it translate, then post the result... Doing the stupid captcha three times.

  8. Storm39 Member

    The list has been updated.

  9. Like a dumb shit, I clicked through to before I saw the above warning. I scanned my computer and found a trojan (C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\Temp\8zM3vZlu.exe.part - a variant of Win32/Kryptik.TN trojan) I cannot be sure that the trojan was from, but be forewarned. It's probably best not to click through to this site until someone has confirmed that this website does not have a trojan.
  10. Thanks for doing this Storm39! I think it's a good idea to compile all of the info in one thread. Let's shut these sites down!
  11. Geraldanthro Member

    for the thousandth time

    "Do not DDoS or LOIC sites hosted inside Iran. There's only one gateway, you'll crash the protesters' internet too. ( NO NO NO, not true. ) Instead, Slowloris (Slowloris HTTP DoS) those. Slowloris must remain pointed at the target website to keep it down; if you change targets, the site comes back up."

    Aggugh that is NOT true, DOS sites doesn't impact thier band with.
    All the dos ing to date hasn't caused any problems, at all,
    the problem stem from the filters.

  12. SanguineRose Member

    The Iran internet is run on 2 pipes to at most 3 pipes. DDoSing greatly diminishes their
    whole entire internet because ALL the connections are routed to a SINGLE place
    runs in this 'central' hub for all traffic.

    DDoSing diminishes this central hub bandwidth and increases load so then
    their internet gets slower. The internet is the only way we can get intel or anything
    else out of the country.

  13. Mods,

    SanguineRose, other mods, could you please put all the "attack these sites" threads into One Thread? there's lots of these on lots of subforums, and lots of idiots saying "let's DDoS lolol" who have no idea wtf they're doing.

    Could we get all this in one thread with:
    1. Instructions to Slowloris any site hosted inside Iran (use tracert to figure that out) and note that Slowloris must continue running to keep a site down ( came back up today...)
    2. Instructions to DDoS or Slowloris any site hosted outside Iran if you want
    3. An updated list of confirmed sites to attack
    4. Sites waiting confirmation that need a Farsi speaker

    pretty please? and thanks for everything you're doing, i'm so glad you gave me a way to get involved. thanks to you, i have a voice too.
  14. Mods,

    Sanguine, other mods, can we please get all the "attack these anti-protester sites" into one meta thread? There's too many over too many subforums to follow. One thread in one forum, with an announcement across the other forums should do it, i think.

    The thread should contain the following:
    1. Instructions to Slowloris sites inside Iran, NOT DDoS them, and note that Slowloris must be kept running for the site to stay down ( came back up today...), since DDoSing sites hosted in Iran *will* slow down protesters' internet. Link to Slowloris, link to Slowloris C Windows client (i'll provide these once you put the thread up)
    2. Instructions to Slowloris or DDoS sites outside of Iran, as one chooses. Link to LOIC (i don't have a copy, someone?)
    3. List of confirmed sites to attack
    4. List of sites awaiting confirmation from Farsi speakers

  15. Geraldanthro Member

    missing the point

    Here are my proofs, here are the facts, and charts.
    ddos does not hurt the Insurgents or pipe line.

    Your post is filled with incomplete generalizations and
    false assumptions.

    READ and know:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: dos attcks DO NOT hurt the resistance

    Please show me your technical proofs for your position. And I'll recant
    if you prove me wrong, we want to be right about this.
    Thank you, for your time, SanguineRose...

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

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