List of everything CO$ charges money for.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2013.

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    For tax research reasons, We need a list of every service, class, book, and product Co$ charges money for. Upon doing research into the American Tax code, it has been brought to light that Co$ may in fact have a larger tax burden then what they are reporting. A far larger burden then anyone ever imagined possible.

    We are looking for a few things in particular:
    UBI or unrelated business income(things that do not directly involve dianetics/lrh but bring in money)
    Anything that might be considered a fringe benefit for staff.
    Contractors hired to set up benefit events or anything else that they charged money for attendance.

    Even the most irrelevant information might be damning.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I forgot lobbying.
    We need any and all activities by front groups that talk with politics.
    Also we need information on the OSA office in Washington DC.
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    Although there is a full-blown project working on removing the cult's cyber dissemination posts on Craigslist, it occurs to me that a rather large number of services/courses/seminars/hug boxes and books are promoted in these cult ads on CL.

    Lists of various services and etc., could be gleaned from just a few cursory over flights of CL.
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    This thread is a repository for links, screen grabs and general references for anything Co$ charges money for. It is a one-stop shop to assist research into the Co$ Tax Evasion project. If you have a price list, a link to a price list, a copy of an ad that shows a fee-for-service, or evidence that C0$ paid an outside contractor, please place it here.

    Reference thread:
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  9. Anonymous Member

    The ones in Cleveland were $50 too but I didn't take screen grabs when they were up.
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  20. New Dox never before seen on the interwebz:

    Mission Resources Price List - (A price list of materials a mission would need to run)
    Bridge Publications Full and Staff Price List

    Attached Files:

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  21. rickybobby Member


    We started a separate thread ON PURPOSE. Please do not merge. We wanted to separate the DOX from the DISCUSSION.

    Will the appropriate Mod please PM me so we can figure out what to do? Thx.
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    Useful for tax research: Here is a link to download the brochure that CoS has prepared for donors and their tax accountants explaining what they can and cannot deduct. It is called "Information on Taxes and Your Donations." There are several versions. The latest is dated 2008/2009.
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    This one CANNOT be tax exempt. They are selling an anti-psychiatry book for $15. Ain't nothing religious about that.
    DEAD WRONG!!! 2013-10-19 18-29-17.png
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    I was browsing the "Scientology Help Book" via proxy and came across this list on the site.

    It may be useful in terms of CL search terms for finding items and services priced for sale:

    Scientology Helps With - List.png
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    Bumpity bump bump...
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    Wouldn't it be easier to make a list of what they don't charge for?
  31. Kilia Member

    I'll go along with that. Really...
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    this is a long, tedious process. However, we are finding that this information is carrying over and being useful in other operations. Remember, you only have to do this once, and a little bit each time. This along with black robs thread, is very illuminating.
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    Come on over to the discussion thread, that's where i share the nice things i am finding. I also forgot to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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    Just received this from a source- RE: most recent prices of Freewinds (2 days ago!).
    I should note that the source said these are the lowest prices they have ever seen for Freewinds. Their parents paid as much as 10x what is listed in this e-mail. freewinds cost - Copy.JPG
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    Another leaked e-mail (yesterday) re: Celebrity Centre Manor Hotel Prices.

    Manor hotel Co$ - Copy.jpg
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