List of Independent Scientology Auditors. Some offer a free intro or clean-up session.

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Those Independent Scientology Auditors - Always thinking of Others - just like their Abusive Scumbag 'Hero' L. Ron Hubbard.

    Shame on all of you Frauds! For your own benefit, you're trying to squeeze more money from recent ex-Scientologists when they finally get their first chance to move on from the brutally abusive scam that has controlled all of them for decades. Get a job and some help for yourself, Ron deceived you, Wake UP!

    The very last thing any ex-Scientologist needs is more batshit insane LRH processing. Please stop scamming these very vulnerable victims!

    Are they serious? Who do they think they are, offering a free intro or clean-up session of the abusive monster L. Ron Hubbard's abusive 'Tech' that has damaged all of them including these scammers now that they're finally out?

    Haven't all ex-Scientologists paid enough for this insane 'research' that Hubbard pulled out of his ass after flunking out of college and lying about every single accomplishment he ever had besides being a science fiction writer?

    L. Ron Hubbard: Biography of Lies (No Debate, No Doubt)
    L. Ron Hubbard's Credentials and claims:
    Nuclear Physicist - Lie!
    Civil Engineer - Lie!
    PhD in Philosophy - Lie!
    WWII War Hero with 21 Medals of Honor -Lie!
    (LRH: Actually received 4 routine service medals awarded to all soldiers in the Pacific Theater)
    LRH cured himself of crippling war injuries and blindness with Dianetics - Lie!


    Bigamist - True!
    Convicted Fraud - True!
    Abused Children -True!
    Tax Evasion - True!
    Created Internal Prison - True!
    Paid Children slave Wages - True!
    Created Abusive Security Checks (for Children also) - True!
    Abused Drugs and Alcohol - True!
    Created Medically Dangerous Toxic Rundowns - True!
    Made millions selling false promises of Over 80% 'Success' Rates with Narconon - True!
    LRH: Bad Teeth - Foul Breath - True!

    These scamming Independent Scientology Auditors are selling shit that does not and has not ever worked. There are NO LRH Dianetic Clears (None, Zero, Nata, Not 1, Not Ever) with perfect vision, perfect memory and freedom from the vast majority of human illnesses as promised by the convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard.

    These Frauds shouldn't be offering anything, they should be 'offered' an investigation into their Independent Scientology Scam and indictments for Fraud.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard: Thousands of Scientology Abuses
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  2. I knew one of those independent auditors when he was in the official ''Church'' of Scientology. He was an fanatic and an idiot back then and he is an idiot and fanatic now. He just loves Ron Hubbard so much and it is obvious that he will die never learning the truth. In fact, I think learning the truth would kill him. It would be too much for him to handle after 40 plus years of beating the drum for ''the precious tech''.
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  3. Some will never learn no matter what Scientology takes from them

  4. TrevAnon Member

    I wonder when Karen was added, and if she still offers auditing services.

    IF she does, I'm quite sure it's a means to the end of getting people out.

    We've all seen that for most people it takes time to get out.
  5. If she or any Independent Scientologist is offering LRH processing for sale, they're committing fraud. The intentions, good or bad, do not justify the risks of further LRH indoctrination to recent ex-Scientologists who need time to decompress.

    It does indeed take a long time to overcome decades of constant LRH indoctrination and mind-numbing, controlling processing (some never completely get over it) that all Scientologists are subjected to. Independent processing for sale merely reinforces the indoctrination and although it can be very comforting to recent ex-Scientologists, it also poses a significant risk of impeding their recovery.

    They're at the mercy of the Independent practitioner and their take on which LRH policies to impose or follow.
    Most Scientologists are resilient and will recover in time to varying degrees with or without this dangerous practice.

    Independent LRH processing reinforces the very thing they are trying to get over.
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  6. TrevAnon Member

    ^ Thanks for the explanation!
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  7. The Independent Auditor is treading a very thin line legally and morally. You don't heal the wounds of Scientology with more Scientology, and these stupid auditors lack the training, education, and ability to recognize even the basic symptoms of mental illness.

    Any licensed mental health professional has a standard of care to follow which includes getting an abuse victim proper medical care (and they have a duty to make referrals). These LRH bubbleheaded auditors are trained to discard anyone showing signs of "Type III" and administer practices ('babysitting') that cause further harm.

    What these Indy fools do is a ticking time bomb. A good portion of those fresh out of the cult are mentally ill abuse victims that need specialized care. But the woo is too strong for these people to use reason and logic.
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  8. The Crips and Bloods are very dangerous gangs that destroy lives committing murders, dealing drugs, doing armed robberies, extortions, briberies, blackmailings, torturing and threatening people for profit.

    Now that you're out, it's best for you to pay former Crips and Bloods who don't commit as many murders and other crimes. They use kinder torture techniques on the victims they defraud. It's a soft landing, you can slowly ease your way out of the lifestyle and pay them for the privilege.

    Once you get out of a criminal organization like Scientology, Stay Out!
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