List of leaked TAPE/R2R sets (w/ download links)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LeakLicker, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Here is my first attempt at a leak
    Lectures 1 to 4 of the first international congress of Dianeticists and Scientologist with more to come.

    Does anyone have a copy of lectures 30 31 35 38 39 44 46 48 62 72 79 84 85 86 93 94 95 96 98 99 103 108 110 111 114 116 117 121 122 221 222 230 287 295 240 241 387 407 412 414 436 from the SHBC

    Next time the international Justice Chief calls to get me back onlines I want to tell her that I leaked the Whole SHBC to the local free zone SPs So I can become an offical SP with the golden rod to prove it :)

    (my one main goalin life is to break evey scientology law in the book so that it will cost every Org $10 just to print off my SP declear to post on their walls)
  2. forget leaking I have a backed up number two and am sitting on a crap load of lectures how can I share them with you??????
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  3. Anonymous Member

    itt: necromacy that could be not sucking
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  4. WHAT???? does that even mean???
  5. mojr11 Member

    Thanks for leaks too cool
    Any chance of getting a hold of 3rd and 4th American ACC
  6. I don't have it, but this guy I know has it, but he wont let me post it.
    I am working on it out of him....
  7. Anonymous Member

    Ask him/her what they would like in return in terms of tech materials. There must be gaps in their collection that could be traded with. Assuming they are into that sort of thing.
  8. Anonymous Member

    In this thread, an old thread was resurrected. While normally, this is highly frowned upon, in this case it was a good thing.

    IOW, ya done good, son, even though you made a faux pas
  9. faux pas??? What does that mean I have a MU and am going to fallow it up with the 2 phenomina a do an overt against the Cof$ (now look what you made me do by using big strange words)
  10. These are the lecture numbers missing from the SHBC: Leak and to my Knoledge these have never been leaked before (I may be wrong, but I don't like to think so)
    So if you have them please piss off the Cof$ by posting them and have them free to own>>>>>>>

    (So you don't get any miss understood words)(Here is how to read the list)
    The first number exp. 44# is the lecture number from the new pack. 6108C16 means Year month copy of original and day (1961 Aug, copy, 16th)
    the next number is from the old master list and is not important then fallowed by the name.
    44# 6108C16 SHSBC-40 Unknown - Cyclic Aspects of Goals
    46# 6108C18 SHSBC-42 Control of Attention
    48# 6108C23 SHSBC-44 Basics of Auditing
    62# 6109C26 SHSBC-58 Teaching the Field - Sec Checks
    72# 6110C18 SHSBC-68 Valences - Circuits
    79# 6111C02 SHSBC-75 How to Security Check
    84# 6111C15 SHSBC-80 Routine 3D Continued
    85# 6111C16 SHSBC-81 Points in Assessing
    86# 6111C21 SHSBC-82 Running 3D
    93# 6112C06 SHSBC-89 Sec Checks Necessary
    94# 6112C07 SHSBC-90 Expectancy of 3D
    95# 6112C12 SHSBC-91 Sec Checks in Processing
    96# 6112C13 SHSBC-92 Assessing 3D
    98# 6112C19 SHSBC-94 Parts of 3D
    99# 6112C20 SHSBC-95 Upgrading of Auditors

    103# 6201C11 SHSBC-99 How to Audit
    108# 6201C24 SHSBC-104 Training - Duplication
    110# 6201C30 SHSBC-106 In-Sessionness
    111# 6201C31 SHSBC-107 Usages of 3DXX
    114# 6202C07 SHSBC-112 Missed Withholds
    116# 6202C13 SHSBC-110 Prep Clearing
    117# 6202C14 SHSBC-117 Directing Attention
    121# 6202C22 SHSBC-119 Prepchecking and Rudiments
    122# 6202C27 SHSBC-115 Prepchecking
    216# Nulling Goals Session (CONFIDENTIAL)
    221# 6210C03 SH TVD-15A Prepchecking a Goal, Part I
    222# 6210C03 SH TVD-15B Prepchecking a Goal, Part II
    287# 6304C20 PAC-1 Clearing and 6304C20 PAC-2 Clearing
    295# 6305C22 SHSBC-267 TVD-21, Engram Running - Helatrobus Implant (Aud: LRH) Goal "To Be Serious" (PC: MSH)

    340# 6309C24 Summary I, (cancelled by HCO B 12 Oct 63) (Not Released)
    372# 6403C17_SHSBC SHSpec11_Road_to_Perfection
    6403C12 SH SPEC-10A Track Analysis (film)
    6403C12 SH SPEC-10B Running GPMs (film)
    382# 6405C19 SH SPEC-20A R6 Remarks 1 Goal End Word Running (CONFIDENTIAL)
    384# 6406C04 SH SPEC-21 R6 auditing skills (CONFIDENTIAL)
    387# 6406C18 SH SPEC-24 Studying, Introduction; also issued as ST-1
    407# 6410C27 SH SPEC-44 The Failed Case
    412# 6411C17 Interview with Mr Phelon (CONFID)
    413# 641222_SHSBC_SHSpec50_(Film)_Mastery_of_GPMs
    414# 641230_SHSBC_SHSpec51_(Film)_Pattern_of_the_Bank
    429# 6509C03 CC-1 Material of the R6 Bank (filmed lecture)
    436# 6608C02 SH SPEC-73 Suppressives and GAEs

    *429 Classification And Gradation (Film) OLD un-edited
    (I have the new on and it has been leaked)
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  11. Mafiawog Member

    Praise be to Xenu, who carries out the wishes of the true master Cthulhu.
    I wonder if these bits and pieces will be polished and re-organized/etc. by someone...Looking at you, TooCool.

    Here is what I have from SHSBC, sorry if it isn't formatted all purty-like, I's just done woken up and aint had me tobaccy yet.


    044 - Unknown-Cyclic Aspect of Goals(#61...rar

    046 - Contol of Attention(#6108c18).rar

    048 - Auditing Basics(#6108c23).rar

    062 - Teaching The Field Sec Checks(#610...rar

    072 - Valences, Circuits(#6110c18).rar

    079 - How to Sec Check(#6111c02).rar

    084 - Routine 3D(continued)(#6111c15).rar

    086 - Running 3D(#6111c21).rar

    085 - Points In Assessing(#6111c16).rar

    093 - Sec Checks Necessary(#6112c06).rar

    094 - Expectancy of 3D(#6112c07).rar

    096 - Assessing 3D(#6112c13).rar

    098 - 3D Packages(#6112c19).rar

    103 - How To Audit(#6201c11).rar

    110 - In-Sessionness(#6201c30).rar

    108 - Training-Duplication(#6201c23B).ra...rar

    111 - Usages of 3D Criss Cross(#6201c31)...rar

    114 - Missed Withholds(#6202c07).rar

    117 - Directing Attention(#6202c14).rar

    116 - Prepclearing(#6202c13).rar

    121 - Prepclearing And Rudiments(#6202c2...rar

    122 - Prepchecking And Basics(#6202c27A)...rar

    287 - Goals(#6304c23).rar

    295 - TV Demo-Engram Running-Helatrobus ...rar <--Featuring MSH as PC

    340 - Summary I(#6309c24).rar

    412 - Communication-A Gradient On Duplic...rar

    436 - Suppressives & GAEs(#6608c02).rar


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  13. Anonymous Member

    I am going to report you to the douche police.
  14. Anonymous Member

    looks like smilie inflation has reached this thread
  15. Mark Cabian Member

  16. Here are most of the SHSBC in real media format
    real media files may need to be convered to play on your computer see my other threads for details
    You can also get the best quality SHSBC Transrips from this page as well
  17. These have been leaked but I want to put them all in one place

    6108C09_SHSBC-040_Q_and_A_Period;_Goals_Search.rm (4.54 MB)

    6112C12_SHSBC-095_Sec_Checks_in_Processing.rm (4.24 MB)

    6112C20_SHSBC-099_Upgrading_Auditing.rm (3.78 MB)

    6406C18_SHSBC-387_Studying;_Introduction.rm (4.08 MB)

    6410C27_SHSBC-407_The_Failed_Case.rm (3.97 MB)
  18. This stuff has been posted in other places but now it is here because it is here
    Scientology a new Slant on life (Audio Book)
    Old Dianetics AudioBook

    Way to happiness audio book

    Fundamentals of thought Audio book

    A few lectures from First international Congress

    Dianetics professional course lectures

    20th American ACC

    puddle of leaks thread
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. alexjorge Member

    Level 4 Auditor course tapes LINKS are dead :(
    and some others
  21. Pique Member

    ^^ spam reported
  22. Bruce D. Member

    I did not find any active links above. I would like to have the material if there is there is someone out there kind enough to post it..
  23. Bruce D. Member

    I did find active links. Thanks to those that share.
  24. scrumpmonkey Member

    Ahhhh i've been looking for another copy of RJ67 lately since my very old backup HDD decided to go kaput. This will do nicely for a little youtube project i've been working on.
  25. Anonymous Member

    where can these be found now?
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  26. BlackSugar Member

    Wow that for that :)
  27. alexjorge Member

    MediaFire is not trusted any more.
  28. Anonymous Member

    old links eventually die.

    why do you say that?
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  29. BlackSugar Member

    open to FBI investigation
  30. Anonymous Member

    dox or gtfo
  31. BlackSugar Member

    That's what I read last time ... :/
  32. Anonymous Member

    or gtfo
  33. Zhent Member

    ITT: Dox and lack of dox.
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  34. Where the "1st American Advanced Clinical Course" can be found now? I mean, completely.
  35. i've got some more lectures, but i see providers blocks downloads, so i prefere to make private torrent before it can be made public on piratebay. and i'm also want to privately download existing CDs to share it later publicly. can you help me with that, guys ?

  36. Are you asking for some people to share some lecures they have with you? It is not clear as you worded it.
    And when you say you have some more lectures..what ones exactly please.
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