Listing all the OWS accomplishments.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tuckwell101, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Tuckwell101 Member

    Why do I search page after page of occupy threads, posts, articles, twitter posts... And I still don't get what is the point of this movement?

    Name some, or even 1 specific goal against the corporate elite that is on your agenda?

    Name one thing which the movement has actually achieved to date?
    The movement has been operating for almost a year.
    When you were protesting, what was the specific steps you wanted these corporations to take? What did OWS want them to do? This is the thing you were protesting or lobbying against.
    Did you remember to tell them something you wanted? I hope you did.

    I've been reading for more than 6 hours and I can't even find one clear page where a member is clearly saying some goals you have.

    How do you plan to fight corporate greed? You can't expect to win by just saying corporate greed is bad. Give me some examples where corporations acted in ways which benefitted them but cost the 99%?
    Then this is something you can take to the media and actually proove ways n which the 1% is effecting the 99% negatively.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Maybe because you're a stupid faggot?
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  3. Tuckwell101 Member

    Right so you just put your own personal need to feel good via superiority before the good of the movement. I would think you would want to open up channels of communication with people who are interested enough to give you the time of day? But no, you'd prefer to act like a kid with some name calling. I mean what good did that do you, or me or your movement?
    Someday u may have the opportunity to talk to someone who actually makes a difference through this movement.
    Let's hope at that time, you focus on the needs of the many rather than your own insecure needs to feel good by putting others day because you wished your mummy would have hugged you more as a kid.
    Be a man, and find some other way to tickle your privates than by being offensive and acting supreme over someone.
    Now as for that search response, that backfired brother. Did you read those responses before that suggestion? It seems those people agree with me that you've made a lot of noise but haven't achieved shit.
    The articles whic said that you had achieved were generalizing like the rest of your movement seems to have been about with no specifics, or it presented achievements which did not necessarily point to anything concrete you'd done, but which nonetheless amounted to nothing, no change, no real impact. Or they mentioned very small successes which really shouldn't even be mentioned in comparison to the groups goals.
    Common dude, I'm trying to find out about this thing.
    I think your pigheaded response actually came from you freeing confronted because you literally don't have an answer.
    Why don't you tell me 1 thing which has been achieved. Your obviously super intelligent which is why you feel you are superior and should be condescending to me, so why don't you try to type it up in your own words too.
    Thanks dude for a lovely introduction to your group.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    You should feel honored.... People have gotten way worse and more caustic of responses.

    As for OWS: The whole thing is a hodgepodge of goals, ideas, and movements that vary person to person and protest to protest. If you are trying to find a unified goal or point, well you have a better chance of figuring out the Unification of Quantum Physics than you will finding a valid universally accepted point or goal other than the "Deeerrp! 1%" shit.
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  6. Trufax.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Different anon, but I think you just scuppered your own argument. The LMGTFY displays result after result that answers the very question you are pretending to "interested enough to give you the time of day". Something does not compute. If you were interested, genuinely, then how are you incapable of performing a simple google search? Even after the anon just linked it to you.
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  8. Archer Member

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  9. anon walker Moderator

    You know what they accomplished? If they say the "Move Your Money" campaign, that wasn't OWS. That was one woman with a great idea.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    I think the OWS movement has successfully drawn media attention to the shrinking middle class and the growing gap between the wealthy and poor, thanks to ridiculously low tax rates for the wealthy combined with the ridiculously high salaries and benefits of CEOs.

    This unbalance poses a serious threat to democracy and to the economy and it needs to be addressed.

    That is a worthy accomplishment, regardless of the moonbattery and hyperbole of some OWS protesters.
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  13. cafanon Member

    Well, when I was in Occupy, and someone asked this question, I would respond that we are attempting to change policy (such as the Supreme Court decision Citizens United) which solidify a system that institutionalizes advantages based sheerly on wealth (aka, a plutocracy). Obviously, a goal on that agenda was to get the decision repealed. When Occupy had some clout, some politicians (even Ms. Pelosi lmfao) pretended they gave a fuck enough to repeal it, and gave the previously ignored decision some spotlight.

    Oh, and if you can't find one clear page where someone like you asks the exact same fucking question in the exact same fucking manner, its because the threads start devolving like something out of a StarTrek episode and rightly get trashed.
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  14. cafanon Member

    Let me see if I can address some of the questions you've linked....

    About the "1%" confusion: Obviously, a concise phrase consisting of a percentage is naturally going to be subject to confusion. In fact, even most articles you find on Google seem to confuse the concept of the top 1% of annual gross income and the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

    To answer your question about how much they own, according to an article I found the wealthiest 1% of Americans own 40% of the nations wealth while the bottom 80% owns approximately 7%. Here is the article:

    Awareness of such a class (in my opinion) hasn't increased persay due to Occupy...its always been sort of obvious in known history that there are those with obscene wealth. Hopefully what people are becoming more aware of is the income disparity which has grown greatly since 1980.

    As for what these guys are doing wrong: ... well, I guess you have to be a bit more specific, I mean two weeks ago a collection of banks was discovered to be manipulating key interest rates just to make a quick buck. If you are referring to the recession, I suggest researching credit-default swaps: to perhaps over simplify it...imagine being able to take out a life/car insurance policy on someone else...but doing that with the projected value of bonds.

    Most relevant to Occupy as I understood it (apparently I was wrong) is the fact that wealthy individuals, interest groups, and corporations, are able to pump illegal corporate financial donations into elections through 510(c) "dummy" corporations and "Super" Political Action Committees (PACs) as the Supreme Court (absurdly) ruled that corporate money is equal to speech and is therefore protected by the first amendment. One of my beef's with Occupy was the fact they got stuck on the argument "corporations aren't people" and not the fucking absurd notion that the founding fathers intended money to be protected by the First Amendment. The specific case you are looking for is Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (2010).

    As for Human Rights crimes....that's a different animal to tackle, and I believe the above is more relevant to what you were referring to.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    This thread got to post #15?

    Surprisingly long thread is surprisingly long.
  16. Anonymous Member

    As it happens I agree with you on Citizens United, but you should be aware that using italics, bold and underline all at the same time can make you look a bit mental.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Op, answer to your question is..........nothing.

    Occupy cost the taxpayers more than it helped them.

    It was all the lazy, good for nothing's who were jelly of people with money.
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  18. cafanon Member

    Lol, I AM mental. (Added some caps just for you ;))
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  19. That's exactly what I was looking for man. You have just completely restored my faith in the movement.
    It's mostly those practicing law, economics... Etc who would have an understanding of the systems and processes involved and know where to find ammunition.
    I'm just an uneducated poet. But I guess I can do my own research.
    What qualifications do you have mate? You sound tertiary educated in a related field?

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