LIVE NOW: OccupyOakland General Strike/March to Port

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Orson, Nov 2, 2011.

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  2. 00anon00 Member

    Eventually we will know who the black-clad renegades were. Bets?
  3. barbiluv Member

    y u guys shut port ??
  4. Orson Member

  5. Anonymous Member

  6. 00anon00 Member

    Civilized response
  7. Anonymous Member

    ppl should be ashamed of messing up so much
  8. gotta go, company
    I look forward to reading about it tomorrow
  9. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    black bloc asshole anarchist wannabes
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    asshole black bloc asshole anarchist assholes
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Seems that the protester hit by the car may have died,but it needs to be confirmed.
  15. Anonymous Member
  16. Etain Member

  17. 00anon00 Member

    Makes no sense, we'll get more info. This sounds like a bad crime tv show. American Greed?
  18. Anonymous Member

    what a disaster
  19. 00anon00 Member

    Meanwhile, back to the cyptoanarchisticdumbells
  20. Kilia Member

    The OWS protesters will find out for sure-it may take a bit, but the renegades will be identified.
  21. 00anon00 Member

  22. 00anon00 Member

  23. Orson Member

    Photo of the guy who was hit by the car.

  24. Anonymous Member

    I'm in SF, these folks show up regularly here and in the E. Bay whenever there's something 'cool' and anarchistic-like going on. They must spawn, cause there have been contingents of them around ever since the 80s but they are still foreveryoung.jpg.

    Anyhow, please disengage tinfoil until dox surface.
  25. 00anon00 Member

    It looks like they are letting the trucks out of the port.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Paging disaster girl -- clusterfuck in progress.
  27. 00anon00 Member

  28. Glenn Beck Member

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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police spokesman:

    "No arrests."

    "Not a fatality as has been reported."

    "Roughly 7,000 people at the height of the march."
  31. Anonymous Member

    .@Negiert: RT @OperationLeakS: Confirmed: 2 protestors at #OccupyOakland Oscar Grant Plaza were hit intentionally. / NO ONE IS DEAD!
    10 minutes ago
    blogdiva Liza Sabater

    LejlaOWS Occupy Wall Street!
    #OccupyOakland #OccupyWallStreet RT @occupyoakland: Two occupiers hit by a car earlier at 11th and Broadway are currently in the hospital
    22 seconds ago

    Steve_in_NYC Steve Lane
    OPD Confirms no fatality at #occupyoakland #generalstrike @BylineBeat @abc7newsBayArea @occupyoakland @reclaimuc
    37 seconds ago

    remaerdyaD TehVJ
    33 seconds ago
    Walldo Brandon Wall
  32. Robocat Member

    Now we sit back and tally the loss and expense to the community. Great.
  33. Glenn Beck Member

  34. Glenn Beck Member

    20% of the teachers didn't go to work today, children hardest hit. ('cept those people who got hit by that car)
  35. Anonymous Member

    zomg think of the children

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