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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. DanX Member

    Hi all friends, to not make too many thered here you can write ALL INFO you hear from TV, radio, twitter, internet, etc. .. here ////
  2. DanX Member

    CNNs TJ Holmes says "we're depending on state televisn to keep up with events." CNN has become a tool of the IRan govt.
  3. DanX Member

    Unconfirmed reports of large police and plain clothes presence some violence reported, unconfirmed.
  4. Guardian UK reporting that information is trickling out very slowly. Says that mobile phones are not working in the protest square:
    Iran protests: live - 20 June 2009 | News |
  5. DanX Member

    RT Lost your Twitter or web link? Email pics and video directly to BBC: or text to +44 7725 100 100
  6. DanX Member

    Aides to Karubi confirm to German press that PROTESTS WILL GO AHEAD at 4pm Tehran time in Enkelab Square
  7. From Twitter (treat these comments with caution they may not be true)
  8. DanX Member

  9. 4pm Tehran time was 25 minutes ago
  10. a tweet: violence has broken out, already beating some people by azadi sq (unconfirmed)

    to RT or not? any confirmation?
  11. LastManStand Member

  12. DanX Member

    check in Pictures forum
  13. DanX Member

    CNN is reporting very large number of police and militia in the streets ALL armed with rifles
  14. don't RT. don't RT anything without absolute 100$ confirmation
  15. From Guardian UK
  16. DanX Member

    Police guard are all the streets of Tehran. Streets full of the population
  17. On Al Jazeera now

    They are reporting that phones are being blocked in Tehran both mobile and land lines
  18. DanX Member

    BBC confirm riot police have gathered, the rally goes ahaead.
  19. DanX Member

  20. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: Families of those arrested have protested in front of Enghelab court.
  21. DanX Member

    RT: Iranian internet very slow. Please keep noise to a minimum on this day
  22. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: God. please save my ppl and keep them safe horrible news from Enqelab st. its full of special forces
  23. I am RT ing and trusting this info DanX
  24. DanX Member

    Police guard are all the streets of Tehran. Streets full of the population
  25. From New York Times:
    Breaking News - The Lede Blog -
  26. is the other stopahmandi as reliable as the 1st?
  27. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: they r starting to beat ppl up areound azadi, stick in large groups
  28. won't it be easier to track down iranian tweets if there is less tweet noise?
  29. DanX Member

    RT Iran Iran internet connectivity at core routers drop the last 30 min...degrading traffic qualityagain
  30. Al Jazeera TV reporting heavy police and riot police gathered in large numbers in Tehran
  31. DanX Member

    RT from Iran : 4:40 :Tear Gas, Bird Shot Fired at Protesters .protest goes to the Laleh Park!
  32. DanX Member

  33. DanX Member

    RT Many Basij wait in busses and cars in regular clothing in small streets around Engelab sq.
  34. DanX Member

    BBCPersian in ON
  35. DanX Member

    Watch live support rally-> Sat-info:From Iran Telstar12 15W,Frequency: 12589 MHz,Polarity:Vertical Symbolrate:4503 FEC:1/2
  36. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: Reports of shooting in Azadi ave. near Gharib
  37. DanX Member

    RT Iran Plain clothes with batons/ gas at corner of Kalhor & Jamalzadeh GO AROUND
  38. DanX Member

    RT: NOW / HARD conflict between the people and the Special Guard
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