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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. They aren't controlled by the government. There are no state-run media sources in the US.
  2. debarks Wurzburg

    God save me from "american democracy", you don't know what neoliberalism means. Before the "orange revolution" we had free education now we must pay for it, government social subsidies, now we don't have it. And pro western elites are more rich every day. Whole western capitalist economy is one big bubble lie, they are feeding with 3rd world countries.
    European people are raising for socialisam they want to get rid of american capitalism and you want to go there? It's insane.
  3. Then from when? I cannot find this exact video before today.
  4. British embassy now accepting injured: 198, Ferdowsi Avenue, Tehran
  5. DanX Member

    basiji have watch all hospitals and not let bulkhead damaged demonstrator come in. Sorce: On tel
  6. don't try to equate what is going on over there with what goes on here, they are not the same.

    not even in the same league.
  7. searching like hell... saw it 2 days ago(?) but quite unsure which day.
    its surely not from today. hm. even its real harsh.
  8. PK confirms riots in Shiraz
  9. DanX Member

    RT Iran confirmed - riots in Shiraz
  10. No, they are runned by capitalist elites. Do you think that this elites give a shit about democracy? They never attack Saudi Arabia because they have big buissiness with their oil...
    This elites have other interests than american people, they are shadow governments of USA.
  11. DanX Member

    BBC tv showing latest pics shot fr car, reports of tens of thousands of protesters

  12. ok. first posting of that video is not possible for me to see anymore (due some 'copyright infringement' pff. poor youtube)

    its from this topic: about the 17th of june :
  13. RT, unconfirmed: Lolagar Mosque in Azarbaijan st. is set on fire
  14. Basij hunting today

  15. DanX Member

    LAST NEWS: RT:Karegar St S - Tohid sq - Arya Shahr - Azadi Sq - Valli Asr Ave/Sq - Are alive with Sea of Green and fighting
  16. DanX Member

  17. psa Member

    Mousavi Facebook - Google translated

    Mousavi calls for strike if he is arrested

    Please excuse the rough google...

    "Mir-Hossein Mousavi sent last credible fear other people do not escape special unit and Sattarkhan Saadatabad. Mir-Hossein Mousavi Jyhvn the street among the people declared: "I've Ghsl testimony, if I arrested the strike and all work Nrvyd"
  18. Yeah, getting a similar message "not available in your country." Probably why I couldn't find the earlier instance, then.

    thx for the correction.

    Back to current stuff...

    Seeing a bit of traffic that suggests protesters have fought off the police in Tahid Square...

  19. psa Member

    Mousavi Strike Tweet - emphasis added

    RT @persiankiwi Mousavi - confirmed - IF I AM ARRESTED THE NATION IS TO STRIKE INDEFINITELY - #Iranelection #gr88 RT RT RT
  20. Twitters asking if they can bring media (video/pic) storage devices to Embassies.
  21. Mousavi was in the middle of demonstrants in Iran and he said he is ready to become martyr(get killed in people way and become martyr in the people's way- persian expression) ...
  22. Ver Greeneyes Member

    Not a bad idea - don't they have diplomatic immunity? (if that still counts for anything) Question is if they can get through the media blockades though.
    no we can change from socialist improvement to capitalist improvement, depending of actual concern.. at time of vote.. each 5 years , and we dont need to go to street to get our vote respected, but all my thought goes to iranian fellow citizen as of today
  24. Update:

    RT from tehran: the lives of thousands of people at enghelab sq in danger. presence of more people there can help.
  25. Embassies count as land of the embassy country. Police or military of the host country can not enter an embassy without permission.
  26. Oh? Name something bad that the Saudi government has done recently. Then if you have a news site source, post a link, otherwise i'll take it at face value. Preferably a news site outside of iran. I'm not sure if the blackout extends to those working in the iranian government, so i'm not sure how possible this is for you.

    My iranian government friend, everyone has their own interests and everyone is willing to serve them. No one is immune to this fact. There is no such thing as a news organization that reports things completely free of bias, hence why most of the conservatives in america grumble about the "liberal run media". So they made Fox News.
    That does not mean they aren't trustworthy, however. On the contrary, you can rely on them to report the major issues facing the world, and they often times don't inject their own personal opinions into said stories.

    Ah, this has been a bit fun, but i've still got a few things to do today, so I'll have to leave for awhile. I kinda wish the quality of troll was better, but it's unsurprising. See, you don't seem to know anything about america outside of what you've been told by the people in charge. This means you are limited in thinking, and won't be much of a match for people who know what they are really doing. Sun Tzu, the great chinese warrior philosopher once stated "If the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself, but not the enemy. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." Or, simply put: Know who you are going against if you want to win.
    and try to pick a less obvious time for the trolling.

    - A Texan.
  27. I can't think of any instance in Iranian history where pro-government supporters unlawfully stormed an embassy... :rolleyes:
  28. psa Member

    My uninformed, personal prediction...

    Mousavi has just checked Khamenei, offering himself for death and calling for an INDEFINITE general strike should anything, starting with an arrest, happen to him.

    It becomes a checkmate if Rasfanjani can bring down the thunder of the Assembly of Experts, and this ugly affair could be over sooner rather than later.

    Otherwise, Iran has just begun an internal seige, with house to house fighting, and chasing each other around the board as pawns and the lesser pieces fall for the cause.
  29. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: Reports: Rasht on Fire
  30. nildor Member

    video from today
  31. DanX Member

  32. RT Phone call from Iran, confirmed shots fired at Engelab SQ

  33. Do you even know what is political system of Saudi Arabia??????? Either you are crazy or you have CNN, FOX, ABC etc. brainwashed mind?
    Of course there is no information because they don't give it, and they are US ally. If you are US ally you don't have to have democracy.

    Saudi Arabia is one of the most opressive totalitarian regime on the earth. You people are talking about democracy but you don't have idea what democracy is.
  34. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Reporters' log: Iran's upheaval
  35. RT Tehran, asht, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz all still having violent assaults as it gets later. [Currently 9:30 in Iran]
  36. KLA

    "Protesters were inside the mosque in Tehran, Azerbaijan St. which is now in fire"

    This is disgrace! This is not beeing done even in war!!! This hooligans should be shot.
  37. Iranian media deliberately mistranslating Obama's comments:
    The latest from Iran – Saturday niacINsight
    This is definitive proof that Obama's strategy has been the right one.
  38. DanX Member

    Reports from Tehran: Protesters were inside Azarbaijan mosque that caught fire. Some gov. forces left Tohid sq. crowd
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